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  1. On a side note, how do you have rational discussion about origination of a virus when you’re spending the majority of your time convincing 50% of Americans that the virus is even real or is killing people? Misinformation hurts productive discourse, that much we can agree on.
  2. There’s a lot of complaining here about liberal media not putting credence to potential lab leak theories. I agree with that assessment, but it’s not even close to a pure liberal media issue. You guys lose your credibility when you fail to point out that Fox/OAN did the exact same thing by blindly supporting bogus claims. How many times was the virus a hoax on Fox? How many times was it going to be no worse than the flu on Fox? How many times was hydroxychloriquine touted as a miracle cure on Fox? Unfortunately, there comes a point where you have to place credibility in one source an
  3. You have to understand that, for many voters, that is productive. You don’t have to like it, but that’s the honest truth.
  4. Just like the economy of 16-19 was something that Obama did, but Trump gets credit for? Aside from the failed tariffs, I suppose.
  5. CH, you can try to sit on your moral high horse and say Democrats are destroying the country. But you’re being super two faced about it, which I guess isn’t to be unexpected in today’s society. Where were you two months ago when republicans tried to put regulations on Twitter into the Covid relief bill? Oh yeah, you support that. Where were you last month when $1.375B of spending on the border wall was put into the Covid relief bill? Totally applicable, right? Anyways, if you haven’t watched it yet, recommend everyone checks out the Social Dilemma. Explains how technol
  6. It’s short sighted. You can push the timeline back indefinitely and say that the science isn’t good enough or we need more research. When is science good enough? I don’t believe that’s a policy. We have already likely caused irreversible grievous harm to the long term climate. We likely had by 1990. How much more do we accept before we start doing something? What is your stance when you realize that virtually all scientists agree that renewables will never be more economically feasible than fossil fuels? No amount of science can come up with a perfect solution for the problem that we’re f
  7. Long term, the pipeline would definitely be worse for the environment just due to economic incentives to keep using oil once a pipeline like that existed. Ill say it bluntly. If we want to do something about climate change, we have to stop developing oil and coal infrastructure in 2020. Put another way, the F-16 was great, but putting an AESA in its nose isn’t going to help us win against China nearly as much as 5th/6th Gen solutions. But, sure, the F-16 solution would be a helluva lot quicker and easier. I get the feeling that doing something about climate change really isn’t near t
  8. Hopefully this isn't pedantic, but it's 2.5 x monthly base pay, not annual. Amounts to a ballpark 20k.
  9. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/martin-gugino-buffalo-police-charges-dismissed_n_60269ba1c5b6d667582c4804 This is absurd and part of why aspects of the BLM protests were totally legitimate. I mean. It's on video for god's sake. Police should not be allowed to inflict grievous bodily harm whenever they want to without being held accountable. Cases like these show that reform is absolutely warranted and needed. And what should people do when the system doesn't change and protects itself?
  10. Yeah, so it’s a 20% loss straight up, and market matching makes up part of it to result in closer to 5-10% assuming all goes well.
  11. I mean, in reality, BRS is only a loss of 5-10% if you get the match (and the market works as per normal).
  12. Yeah, I get where you’re coming from but count me as a skeptic. Where some see security and beauty, I see an imperfect technology that didn’t fulfill its original vision with significantly better alternatives (personally, for example, I believe eth will eclipse BTC in market cap in the next few years). It will be interesting to see if they can actually make second layer things like lightning network make sense or complete their rebranding to digital gold.
  13. Entirely untrue. ADA, BCH, BNB, XRP, LTC, LINK, XLM. All have fixed max supplies, and those are just the top 10. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies with similar structures to BTC. BTC is actually still in the process of inflation, by the way, with 18.6M currently mined and 2.4M still to be produced in the future. On a side note, tons of people - myself included - hate BTC when compared to many other cryptos. Originally envisioned as “peer to peer cash” that wouldn’t require a bank, it now takes at least 10 minutes to send most transactions and costs $20 regardless of how much you
  14. I think we’re being baited. Masterfully.
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