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  1. To reiterate, it's not that it can be done but why the need? Many airlines practice a pilot incapacitation scenario as part of simulator training (heart attacks in the cockpit are not uncommon in the airlines) and no doubt the KC-46 is capable of fully coupled RNAV RNP type approaches (when I was still in, we only did RNP enroute due to the ARINC database issue but that is another story) so yes it can be done. However if the AF is serious about this there's a ton of Flight Ops regs that will have to be changed i.e. duty time, pax, hazardous cargo, ICAO restrictions, etc. Would this apply just to the KC-46 or all multi-engine transport? What about the B-1 and B-52? I suspect that none of these questions have been thought of in the big puzzle palace and this demo amounted to nothing more than a stunt!
  2. We have not even discussed flying IMC either, are we going to allow single pilot to shoot an ILS down to minimums in the WX or more likely restrict single pilots ops to VMC. What about Ocenanic crossings? Some sort of ETOPS like restrictions for single pilot ops?
  3. Well I started a new thread about single pilot ops not realizing it’s being discussed here on this thread. Is this exclusive to the KC-46 or being tried on other aircraft? I would think some platforms like the C-17 would be more difficult due to the width of the cockpit and trying to reach the gear handle, etc. If it’s exclusive to the KC-46, the obvious question is why? Is there really that much of a need for this? I’m sure restrictions for crew duty day, flying with pax, etc. will all have to be rewritten. And just ask the pilots of United 328, United 1175, and Southwest 1380 just how busy it gets when you shell out an engine at cruise let alone at V1!
  4. All I can say to this is….has the AF gone nuts! https://www.amc.af.mil/News/Article/3203884/mcconnell-completes-kc-46-flight-with-limited-crew/
  5. Apparently Rotax engines are a target of organized crime (at least in Europe for now). They are showing up in Iranian drones purchased by Russia and being used in Ukraine. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/bizarre-theft-wave-targets-same-rotax-engines-used-in-iranian-drones?fbclid=IwAR2BeFr1ribbpa62UkTrl4klDu-wzhr_O867JfQmLCzbN3EcM0OeTQ7D9mk
  6. From a purely analytical perspective, the choice of location is interesting. It’s points to a sophisticated underwater special operation under the noses of various NATO anti-submarine defenses, and makes any future repair difficult. If I were Putin, I would have staged an operation on land and then blame it on Ukrainians, Refuseniks, Ursula Von Der Leyen, Pu**y Riot, or any of Putin’s enemy of the week.
  7. NATO is saying it was (no surprise) sabotage! https://youtu.be/z5rRZdiu1UE
  8. They said that the pipeline was not active so I wonder what’s bubbling out, maybe pressurized with inert gas or something to keep any seawater out?
  9. Apparently some Danish F-16s recorded this damage to the Nordstream pipeline after three underwater explosions were detected: https://www.forsvaret.dk/da/nyheder/2022/gaslakage-i-ostersoen/?fbclid=IwAR3c3zuQW7yg8FfkE4sq4HMsOT1DW-CZec4zGmOTA4ba0LCa9YAlYVKQOuE
  10. Apparently there was a crash of a Cessna Citation into the Baltic due to what looks like a loss of pressurization. Fighters were scrambled when there was no response to ATC as it flew on autopilot until it ran out of fuel: https://youtu.be/ZDFHOW6DxdA
  11. Part of me says… punish him for missing out on CBT training, reflective belts, DTS, the Sandbox, General Order #1, PT uniform, ABU’s, white then green then black then brown then sand T-shirts! I’m probably missing a few things!
  12. I doubt this is the first time this has happened: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/08/05/did-airman-offer-bribe-pass-fitness-test-ramstein-officials-investigating.html
  13. The AF needs to subscribe to VASAVIATION on YouTube! There’s hundreds of videos of just how busy it gets when a single engine goes out and ATC is bugging you while you are trying to run checklists to get configured to land heavyweight!
  14. This is an interesting video, in a nutshell the video claims that airlines have essentially become banks (due to things like loyalty programs) and actuall flying passengers around is a secondary business.
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