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  1. Some Russian companies fire Ukrainian IT experts: Russian news outlet RBC is reporting that Russian companies have begun to fire or demote IT experts of Ukrainian nationality or descent. In addition, sources from Russian cybersecurity firms have also told the publication that they have been instructed to closely monitor employees of Ukrainian descent or those who have relatives in Ukraine. Moves to fire or demote IT workers with access to critical systems have been observed in companies with government contracts, and sources have described it as an "unspoken requirement" for continuing to work with government agencies. Sounds like a solid plan.
  2. This was not my experience in 99-06 when I saw people get paperwork for not getting those shots. I tried to dodge as well, but as a lowly E1-E3 at the time...I didn't have that privilege.
  3. I often think about the child mortality around vaccines since I'm an older Dad now. I could not imagine losing swaths of kids to polio, *pox, or the long-term health effects they imposed.
  4. I'll never forget the MXG/CC exec getting a DUI and the MXG/CC attempting to not reflect it in the OPR at all. Dude still tried to strat the guy. Like, I get it. Might have been an awesome bro, but the timing sucked and the system built around us is 1-mistake even if they say it isn't.
  5. So, giant global NGO conspiracy to kill people is your hypothesis?
  6. Wait...did someone in the news take an exercise as an actual event? LOL.
  7. All right, so I'm obviously not on the inside anymore but I can tell you what's going on "in the real world." Ransomware. It's a significant problem, and there is a strong and diversified ecosystem supporting this exploitation. No one gives a shit about the med/small businesses that are getting hit by it. I'm talking law firms, local docs offices, gen contractors, schools, town governments, etc. They'll sometimes have insurance that'll pay ($25K to start, and we're cheap) for my crew to come in and figure out what went wrong and fix it...and sometimes the owners won't. The Trump administration did a lot to remove what I considered unnecessary hurdles for defense against these items, and it seems the Biden administration is moving those along as well but more forcefully in some instances (setting a line for 16 key critical infrastructure), though there has been some reporting (can't find it now) about rescinding a Trump EO that moved cyber ops from a NSC discussion to just a DoD discussion. I don't think that would be good. Looks like the old CNMF/CC is getting the shot at CYBERCOM deputy (https://news.yahoo.com/biden-nominates-haugh-cybercom-deputy-140318162.html). I was in a meeting with Haugh where a Capt. said, to his face, "This is the stupidest idea I've ever heard." Thank God we were on VTC. I've never seen a general get shit on so much in my life. Seemed like a good dude, we were all in a shit sandwich with all services wanting cyber-money but not really giving a shit and the NSA actively hating "DoD cyberops."
  8. This exactly. Like almost everything it's about attitude and aptitude. Need a little ADHD to be able to look at lines of logs and find the "1" that's hiding as a "l"
  9. Was just arguing on the only remaining AF Facebook page I'm on about some new TASKORD that dropped and how "it's the real one guys" is just nails on a board to me. I hope they can figure it out. "Nerd magic" ain't cheap, easy or fast...just like aircraft. I'll be dropping off that page soon I think, can't do the rah-rah shit anymore. Was offered a GS12 position when I dropped papers. Not bragging, but everyone here is smart so if you're interested (and not wanting to fly) there's starting positions in cyber for $100K. I started a mil-contract (puke) at $135K in 2020, now clearing $170K in a private sector small business, work from home in clothes...usually. I'm happy to share training resources and all that.
  10. 17D_guy

    F1 Thread

    Interesting. We paid for Lot 4 parking, huge mistake. Got refunded afterward though. We're looking at transport to the track now, though we are staying in Austin. I'll bring up the limo...it's gotta be cheaper than the helo we were looking at.
  11. 17D_guy

    F1 Thread

    Fair, fair...we're paying for that their as well. Last year was turn 9 seats which were really good for cheap ones.
  12. 17D_guy

    F1 Thread

    Anyone doing Austin this year? I went last year and had some complaints, but the race was awesome. Going again this year.
  13. Went to see it in the theater and the beginning was all fucked up due to the projector being broke. So I gotta watch it again. I did enjoy the more "emo" bit of it and more detective focused. But I liked those comics and stories more. I'd rate it slightly higher. Just watched Dune again (3rd time) at home. I fee like I was finally able to get past whatever hangups I had trying to pick apart how it deviated from the book and just enjoy the film.
  14. Hey gents, thanks for keeping this one alive. I retired, got a contract job, got blackballed, filed a FWA complaint and am now 100% doing they cybers on the outside. Somehow lost the password to here and didn't really have time to get it going again (writing a book, starting a business, beekeeping, etc.). Nice to be back and I do have some thoughts on what was posted. I'll write those out and give an update on the commercial side and what the bros are still saying in. PS - edibles are great.
  15. And...I didn't think it was that good. Below average, and/or average for a Zack Snyder film. Paint by the numbers with a cool concept they fail to use in any meaningful way.
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