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  1. And...I didn't think it was that good. Below average, and/or average for a Zack Snyder film. Paint by the numbers with a cool concept they fail to use in any meaningful way.
  2. Huh, no idea we lived so close! We almost got a house out there, very nice town.
  3. I can't support any of that until there's an accountability process that works to remove and bar the " bad lemons" as @Kiloalpha said. If they want to work it at the same time, fine. But this shit is unacceptable. I would also add that communities need to get more involved with their police, it's not a one-way street. The culture of "civilians vs. thin-blue-line" is not healthy.
  4. Agree very strongly with a lot of this. Defund the police is stupid, they need more training more often and more people. There are cultural issues within the profession that I think are continuing to cause problems with getting the police somewhere the citizens want them to be. There is a very strong appearance of no accountability, and we all know what appearances mean. I have a particular hard time seeing the value that police unions are bringing to solve this problem. I am extremely empathetic to the young man's family and their pain. Resisting shouldn't be a death sentence. I watched that video and my heart sank and aches for the female officer. Yes, what she did was wrong, but it wasn't what she intended and you can hear it in her voice immediately that she knew bad days were coming. I'm also empathetic to what she's going through for reacting poorly in a stressful situation. I can't imagine how she feels. Everyone watched the video with the Army Lt yet? That shit was infuriating.
  5. Ah. I'd legit run it by a lawyer, because I think (not a law-dog) that she could still sue/petition to have it changed and depending on the local rules/laws it could mean various outcomes. My divorce was extremely simple, and I've seen a lot of other healthy dissolutions. However... the bad ones (and no idea if that's what you're in) people snipe at each other for years over the money/kids through the courts for changes to prior agreements. It's never set in stone from my watching experience.
  6. Or, you know...she's the trained one with a weapon and a taser.
  7. He answered it. It's not automatic at that point. The ex's lawyer isn't going to throw up their hands and exclaim, "It's over...he got us." They'll present an argument to the judge about your income and change of jobs.
  8. Remember there used to be an actual hot-chicks thread on here.
  9. 17D_guy

    F1 Thread

    Lots of good videos on the F1 youtube page from testing.
  10. I believe 100% eligible still doesn't mean 100% promoted, unless you're talking specifically about O1-O3. I've known 2 dudes part of the 100% eligible, one DNP and one P and neither made it. Knew another guys who's package (STS) was just shit and somehow made it APZ to Maj. Ready for spears if I'm wrong.
  11. I don't know what a lot of this paragraph means, and I'd really like to. Specifically about the 'turbine' General Aviation turn away from pistons.
  12. I didn't get illness symptoms. Shot 1, Day 2 was a really sore arm and exhaustion. Slept for 16 hours.
  13. If you're asking if I think Obama's RPA policies were bullshit, yes I did and do. I also enjoy pissing on Jane Fonda's face in any bar bathroom that's got the sticker in the pisser. I've never seen the article you listed. I'm sure I could find thousands of bullshit articles from Slate, CNN, OAN, Newsmax, DailyBeast, BuzzFeed, etc. that I deeply disagree with as well. This topic was specifically about the military, hence I thought it was interesting to put it here. The "elite, pandering" is due to Tucker wrapping himself in the guise of a "normal dude" when he grew up, used and enjoys means of advancement he repeatedly "calls out." The constant drone of him "telling it like it is" the myrmidons lap up exactly without critical thought. I know at least Ben Shapiro has examined his arguments every time he gets on mic. I disagree that the senior leaders over-reacted. I've had to deal with the fallout of much lower-level comments not being addressed on a unit, and Wing level (God damn Group CC's, am I right?). We just finished a administration that never addressed anything head on, and the thrash that caused. I personally and professionally did not find it enjoyable. Someone, who a lot of service members watch for news (not opinion) goes loud and proud with some bullshit about how we're fucking up with women in the service, the leadership's supposed to sit back? It's all over social media, the same thing we're all using to get bullshit call-sign non-mission-hacking bums fired. I get on FaceBook rarely, but checked in for this and this was all over, from the hippies to the vets in my life. Was there a response from leadership you found particularly egregious? Most were, "I disagree, women/my daughter/my partner are doing great things in our Services, we'll keep winning."
  14. https://twitter.com/NikkiMcR/status/1369463184978042881?s=20 https://www.newsweek.com/army-personnel-hit-back-tucker-carlson-calling-pregnant-soldiers-mockery-1575320 Fuck this elite, pandering piece of trash.
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