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  1. Schweet. Don't happen to have a source/memo for that though? Nobody on my end has heard it.
  2. https://www.iranintl.com/en/202305275606 The CIA and State Department right now:
  3. Summary of AAL's AIP is out. Some good, some meh...not industry leading, IMO. Doesn't even meet DAL's pay rate for another 2 years. Unless there is some magical language in the actual/full contract when it gets released:
  4. True, freight gets to fly around literal boxes of dildos. Not this onesie twosie weak sauce...
  5. Yes...and the current one is a legit bad ass: https://www.jcs.mil/Leadership/Article-View/Article/2039792/seac-ramn-cz-coln-lpez/
  6. Maybe this is their version of the Doolittle Raid.
  7. Don't forget they like to PCS O-6's right at 2 years so there is another 2 year ADSC. Hard to cut it to less than 4 years unless you can snag the first assignment overseas then it's only a 1 year commitment to come back stateside.
  8. Yesterday Sudanese Mig-29's attacking the Rapid Intervention Forces: Also yesterday:
  9. A dramatic depiction of the Air Force in literally any deal/program/agreement they put out:
  10. Has anyone had their base finance push back on the 20 days of PTDY if you are separating? Mine is saying that is a benefit only for people who are retiring. The DAFI 36-3003 states: "pre-separation or retirement relocation activity such as job or residence search and is eligible under as a: (1) Voluntary separation incentive separatee." I can't find the definition of "incentive separatee" anywhere.
  11. DO's need incentive pay, IMO. The CC at least has a chance at promotion and is their because they want to be (most of the time). The DO is probably in that position against their will, has limited promotion potential, and is getting the same amount of crap as the CC...just one is ops and the other is people. Edit: And I am not even a DO. 😇
  12. Let's see which ones apply: Yeap, definitely in an abusive relationship.
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