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  1. And then begging for rec's from all the airline guys...
  2. I could at least believe, or stomach, that it's a 10 year ADSC because of the "cost" of training us...or so I was told. Has the cost gone up? I'd argue it's gone down with all the cuts in flying training. Allegedly, the ADSC used to be part of a financial investment calculus...if they increase it any it's just a retention tool, IMO. Also, all those other contracts you mentioned (except school loans), you can bail on in some way or another (and Biden gave the school loan people $10k anyway). Imagine if marriage really was until death...how many Kings created new branches of Christianity just because they changed their mind?
  3. Budweiser making the best out of a shitty situation: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/world-cup-2022-budweiser-finds-alternative-idea-beer-surplus-alcohol-ban
  4. I could also see the AF pitching 20 year pilot ADSC's. Which should be considered a predatory loan or some sort of indentured servitude, though. There needs to be some sort of mechanism to protect enthusiastic, misguided, brainwashed 21 year-old's from an exploitative and unfair contract. I could totally see enthusiastic, ROTC cadet, past me signing that. And, in that scenario, current me would 100% hate and loath my former ROTC Cadre for basically being willing to knowingly sell me into an unfair, biased, and unconscionable contract. Let's hope that COA (and stop loss) are never seriously considered by the geniuses at the ARTF & AFPC.
  5. Getting this warning:
  6. Even Peidmont is crushing the AF's bonus offer. Food for thought.
  7. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/2022/11/12/plane-crash-reported-during-air-show-at-dallas-executive-airport/ Doesn't look good, but holding out hope some people got out. Edit: P-63 Kingcobra looked to have hit the B-17 in the aft fuselage.
  8. Anecdotally: Just met up with my buddy who had a heart attack right after getting the shot. He got 30% disability...which he is fighting. Happy ending: Escaped his ADSC by a couple years and is almost done with probation with a major.
  9. Same thing happened to Joe Rogan. The second he questioned some of the left's crazy policies he was quickly labeled alt right.
  10. Fairly accurate, but the AAL NC should be portrayed as somehow locking themselves in the van and are busy licking the window (and flying premium) instead of actually being included in these adult negotiations.
  11. Based on that quote, I really thought there were going to be racism accusations that rocked the organized professional world of cornholing. Not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved...
  12. Same. Well, at least, I've never seen a fighter even crush the ice shield on the -135. I can't fathom how an F-15 could cause that. My best guess would be the boom operator applied full up elevation and violently flew it up into the ass of the jet. Can't wait to read the AIB/SIB from this.
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