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  1. Well, it would appear AAL is bringing me on to hack a line number (no pay date). I had a CJO from back in March of 2020 that got COVID'd. I'm still on AD and I signed the 3 year bonus a year back. So pretty pumped they are doing this...and smart on their part since I was planning on shopping around with SWA and UAL when I eventually got out (again), but not anymore. 2 years of seniority on day 1 is pretty appealing.
  2. If it makes you feel better, even the national run airlines pay their pilots pretty well, and I don't see American airlines absolutely disappearing in your scenario. Nearly every country has some sort of domestic/national airline.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9755531/China-prepares-Afghanistan-following-Americas-departure-Belt-Road-program.html Anyone think they will do a better or worse job than us?
  4. B45's been around for what? Over a decade now? It's not "new" to the KC-135 at all. Obviously we've got a lot more B45 tails now, which could be helping to rear the ugly head of some software issue that has always been there, which surfaces during very specific conditions. Very true, there will always be things that the boys and girls at Edwards can't discover until it hits the line.
  5. Same. I was helping at Edwards doing B45 test and don't recall anything like that happening. We were just spending an inordinate amount of time trying to make the Navy stay on the MPRS hose with the B45's roll knob.
  6. Will they even approve a PC from a bonus? Isn't that a SECAF level approval with no delegation lower?
  7. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/40209/a-b-1b-bomber-suffered-significant-engine-damage-while-deployed-to-norway
  8. How important is getting 15 years total active duty time if I want to separate, snag a line number, and then get an AD retirement via AGR/IMA/etc? Dates: ADSC Expires: Sept 2023 15 years TAFMS: Feb 2024 Options: I can get out with just under 4 months of terminal when my ADSC expires in Sep 2023 (so May 2023) with 14 years 7 months AD time or "only" roll over 60 days and get out at 15 years time in Feb 2024 (so Dec 2023). I'd like my cake and to eat it too, so getting out as early as possible with 4 months of leave built up would be preferable to hack a line number anywhere...but I'd also like to guarantee an avenue to the pay check for life club since I'm so dang close. I've heard some airlines (cough Delta) are sticklers on only taking 5 years of SCRA...but most of the others will let you take 6 years off without any issue. Also, not afraid to deploy or snag a job at TACC to get "contingency orders" if needed. Thoughts?
  9. Had a nice 13 hour sleep session the day after my Moderna #2. And a sore arm. Otherwise nothing crazy.
  10. 😁 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z13qnzUQwuI
  11. Glad every Agency Superintendent agreed...but what did the Agency OIC's say? WTF were the Chief of IG (generally a pilot), Chief of Safety (pilot SQ/CC in waiting), Chief of Command Post (pilot), and the DS (a disgruntled pilot who hates their job) doing when this was rolled out?
  12. Bigger question...why can a Russian national be a congressional intern? Wasn't Russia a big bad conspiracy election meddling douche in 2018? So a current Russian citizen (granted...a hot one) can apply to have immediate access to a sitting Federal official? Does that not SCREAM honey pot to anyone else?
  13. I guess I lucked out. We had a 4ish hour chat session going over a couple of modules. Then we all drove to Top Golf where I managed to score a 0/20. But I'm told that a low score is desired in golf. So...good day overall. Sounds like your Sq/CC (or maybe pressure from the OG or WG) is making it more painful than it needs to be.
  14. Army testing showed women failed the ACFT at a consistent 65% rate, while men failed at about a 10% rate, according to Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who sought the pause on the service’s implementation of the ACFT. https://www.stripes.com/news/us/army-considers-change-to-combat-fitness-test-scoring-for-male-female-soldiers-1.662045
  15. And didn't some GO deny medical benefits for majority of the TBI's?
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