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  1. So, do you get to earn your red wings as well?
  2. Let's not talk about low SA on her part during ground ops after saving Jon's a** as he was about to be overrun.
  3. AIB is out. It was uploaded on the C-130 Hercules Aircrew facebook page. Just wow and disbelief.
  4. Damn! Was is a binding of the #2 throttle, i.e. jammed or unresponsive engine?
  5. Well, it IS a herk, although the norm is one shutdown. But two is something. The AMP birds didn't fly for quite some time at LRF.
  6. This is the type of innovation we need. I want to be optimistic that this will become the new AERPS, but I'll be a realist. Although it's been quite some time since I last wore AERPS, this looks much more comfortable and practical. https://www.stripes.com/news/yokota-airmen-improve-gas-mask-with-3d-printer-potentially-saving-air-force-8-million-or-more-1.531504
  7. Perhaps it depends on the location. Fortunately I've been deployed to some locations where nobody gives a flying f$%k, but that's what happens when the Navy runs the base and USAF is in the minority.
  8. Great, now it's not only Chiefing from the USAF, but from the Army as well. Ha
  9. How long until some Chiefs call out aircrew for not blousing their pants? Overall, it's about time and good riddance to green boots!
  10. That's what I figured. I looked at the regs and JTR and came to the same conclusion. Oh well. At least the weather is nice up here! It's a good problem to have, since my C-130J requal is driving the early July PDD.
  11. Has anyone departed OCONUS back to the States prior to their PDD and DEROS month? My PDD is 2 July and has us travelling during the Canada and U.S. holidays (their version is called Canada Day, original, right?). I talked to my assignments counselor, but didn't get a warm fuzzy. Depending on TMO dates, I expect that we can leave Canada on 29 Jun. It'll take too long to change my DEROS month. Can I take leave prior to my PDD so I can depart earlier and will this affect per diem and other associated PCS costs if we accomplish all of our travel while on leave? Has anyone heard from FinanceGuy lately?
  12. Nope nope nope. We have to be different some way. What about blue boots?
  13. Wouldn't that be something if we went back to black boots. What's old is new again. If/when we go to OCPs, I bet it will be tan boots with flightsuits.
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