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    So the draft outline for the script for Top Gun 2 has leaked (probably Trump and/or Russians. Same thing, right?): "TOP GUN 2: This Time It's Non-Gender Specific" Having been caught up in the 'Fat Leonard' supply scandal, former Rear Admiral, now Captain Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell is given his final assignment as the Commanding Officer, Naval Fighter Weapons School, Miramar Naval Air Station, California. Having been the number two graduate of his class in 1986, 'Maverick's' has unique insight into what the daring young aviators have to face in flying their high-performance, stomach-churning aerial chargers in modern air combat. SCENE 1: 'Maverick' is shown being given a ticket by the Shore Patrol after he was caught driving his Lexus on the flight line road trying to keep up with an F-18 doing touch-and-goes, exceeding the station's 25 mph speed limit by nearly 8 mph. SCENE 2: 'Maverick' puts the auditorium at ease to welcome the Class of 2017B. The roster includes three women, a two-dude married couple, one undeclared person, and four heterosexual men; one black, one Hispanic, one Asian, one White. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Top Gun. I am Captain Maverick Mitchell and I want...yes? What is it, lieutenant?" "Sir, you only welcomed the ladies - which is a very patriarchacal thing to do - and the men - which just demonstrates their historic privilege. But you didn't include the zir. I am offended and have uploaded your comments to youtube. I assume I will be receiving an apology from the Department of the Navy and you after the press conference with Gloria Allred?" SCENE 3: Operations Officer Holly 'Diaper' Nowak briefing the class for a mission: "Today, you are scheduled for a 4v4 DACT - Hornets against the 3rd generation contract air. Unfortunately, the MC rate won't support it, so "Snowflake" and "Cis-G" you two will go fly a BFM. The rest of you can knock out some of your CBTs." SCENE 4: Having sweated their way through the CBTs, the 2017B class makes its way over to the Miramar All-Ranks Club where the SARC and Alcohol Prevention offices check their IDs at the door, carefully noting their data, and placing their CAC cards in the file to be retrieved on the way out, after the mandatory breathalyzer and room sweep checking for sexual assault victims. Finally making their way to the near-empty bar, as the Isley Brothers "You've lost that lovin' feelin'" begins to blare from the speakers, the four heterosexual men are accosted by the irate school instructor that looks remarkably like Kelly McGillis. But not the hot, wild-haired Kelly. No this the haggish, yet with an Adam's apple, Kelly who instantly begins to berate them for building the modern world. SCENE 5: Meanwhile, in an unnamed Middle Eastern country, the despot that rules that arid, worthless land gases and kills his citizens. Despite it having absolutely no strategic value to the United States, the President, fully backed by the hawks in Congress dependent upon the defense contractors in their districts, sends a short-manned carrier battle group to the region. Why it's short-manned, especially in pilots, is never questioned. Class 2017B receives its orders to man, er, person-up the carrier's flight department despite not having worked up or being current in carrier operations. Stepping into their F-35Cs, they find out that "this helmet is too heavy." This ejection seat is "too tall." But this all-seeing, all-knowing fighter is "just right." Flying an Alpha strike (not your father's Vietnam Alpha strike of 50 jets), this one has four F-35s and two UCAVs, our class of heroes flies into the double-digit SAM rings where they all synch their Blueteeth to some Starbuck's selected folk-rock tunes and proceed to ISR the hell out of the dirt. They return to the boat, all take the three wire, shut down. And hand in their separation papers since they each got a call from major airline. AND CUT...
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    C for effort. I'm just not convinced 0.8 bodies per squadron will do much.
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    After almost 17 years active, I mostly drink in my house. But still flip flop on the questionnaire from flight medicine on whether I drink or not. I don't drink at any squadron functions. If I drink out with my old lady, her teen comes to pick us up.
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    Guys guess what we fixed the problem... in several years... no seriously we mean it... please don't go...
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    Goldfien is an idiot. And so is the AF if MX, MSG, SF, etc get any of the top 15% of the wing king strats. What is the AF thinking? Break 11x's into their own promotion category. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    My old boss made it. I'm sure he was really concerned as he was in the middle of Southwest 737 training...
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    Yet again more evidence promotions should be separated by AFSC types.
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    For the love of......don't take it!
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    I'm kind of in the same boat and my spouse will be staying at our current home. I need to try and save as much money as possible so I really don't want to use my whole BAH to live in a dorm... Does anyone have any recent experience on what is allowed or not? My current plan is to buy an RV and find an RV park close to base.
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    For any reasonably intelligent aviator sitting on the fence this should tell you ALL you need to know. Get. Out. NOW!
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    Data point: 11M, patch, 11 years in ops squadrons, 1000+ combat hours, clean record, highly effective instructor, NATO staff.....not selected. Any doubts on what the USAF values?
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    Just to give you an idea how much the Air Force values pilots: In 1990, a Captain reaching 6 years rated duty received $650 a month in ACIP. This represented a 25.6% premium over basic pay (BAH/BAS would drive this percentage down, of course). In 2017, a Captain reaching 6 years rated duty receives $650 a month in ACIP. This represents only a 11.5% premium over basic pay (BAH/BAS would drive this percentage down, of course). Couple this with our average (compared to LAF) recognition on promotion boards, and I begin to feel really appreciated and critical to the success of the AF. The Air Force is going to have a really tough time fighting and winning once we run out of qualified individuals wanting to fly.
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    Tom Cruise confirms ‘Top Gun 2’ is happening https://www.google.com/amp/nypost.com/2017/05/23/tom-cruise-confirms-top-gun-2-is-happening/amp/ If it wasn't for Top Gun, Wings on the History Channel, and the Janes Combat Simulations - ATF video game, I would not be here.
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    Sir/Ma'am, Thank you for your concern. AFI 13-6969 only directs us to look at x, y, and z when determining continuation. The AFI doesn't direct us to look at AFSC when determining continuation, therefore we do not. Given the complex nature of continuation, it would be unrealistic to expect perfection. May I suggest you refer your concerns about the AFI to it's OPR? You can find that information on the cover page of AFI 13-6969. R/S, SrA Shoeclerk McDilligaf
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    I miss that guy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ah, the dreaded 24 wheel landing.
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    Hell no. Just speaking in general terms that I take care of everyone. This is why the AF is in trouble.
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    The 15 year retirement for pilots won't happen, for one reason. The shoes would lose their minds. There would be mass whining. The Air Force is committed to treating to valuing us all the same, which is why folks are leaving where they are valued more.
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    That actually isn't a terrible idea. Its the first time I've said to myself "yeah, I'd consider staying in for that" in a while
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    Cross posted... I think they should get rid of the bonus at the end of UPT ADSC. Instead they should enact a rule that allows pilots to fully retire after 15 years (basically 3 years after UPT ADSC expires) I'd give 3 more years to get a full retirement. 8 no, but 3 would make people think. Puts a typical dude at age 38 when they get out with a full retirement. Bet the "take rate" doubles... It would at least buy them some time.
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    Some people in AF are biased as hell. There will always be a cool kids club in the AF. Bros taking care of bros. I take care of everyone, especially the dudes people tend to kick to the curb because they might be strange. Don't beat yourself up when people claiming to be leaders, ultimately failed you.
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    I wouldn't stipulate only volunteering gets you CGO strats and awards. You are misleading some of the younger guys here. I've seen people who do not volunteer but have received those awards and strats as SOFs. You are are making decisions on the behalf of the OG/CC as a SOF. Does volunteering at a soup kitchen sound better on a package? Or landing all the aircraft in the pattern and clearing the runway for the arrival of an IFE aircraft with the OG/CC on board?
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    17-11 4 x B-52 WSO 1 x B-52 EWO 2 x RC-135 Nav 4 x RC-135 EWO 1 x AC-130W CSO Cannon 1 x AC-130J CSO (only the second time this has dropped, other was 17-01) 4 x F-15E WSO 1 x B-1 WSO 2 x LC-130 Nav NY Guard 1 x MC-12 CSO OK Guard 1 x HC-130J CSO AK Guard
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    Hasn't happened in a while and probably won't again for the foreseeable future.