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  1. Might as well move the board location to Nellis.
  2. A glowing review, complete with a prediction of a fast changing automotive industry, 6 outta 10. This man EPRs.
  3. My popcorn is getting cold. 🙂
  4. Private insurance nearly broke me, it was equivalent to BC/BS, when I got seriously ill as an ART. Get the TRICARE for life, worry less. Oh yeah, you should also have $1M on your cranium in life insurance, unless you can self insure that. And only use term.
  5. I want regular updates from UPT from this kid.
  6. Do ya? I'm OK if true but there is so much back and forth. As soon as I heard a politician say, "The science is settled" I was immediately suspect.
  7. It’s a bunch of bullshit, they put her up because you’re not “supposed” to criticize her due to her age/gender/disability, oldest trick in the book. It’s slimy, even worse when you look her parents up, she is being played like a puppet. Play adult games get adult results.
  8. I had it blow up 1 time, it took OG approval. The SQ/DO was sitting top 3 and cancelled us at step.
  9. Uh......... Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. You’ve confused me and I congratulate you for it, I thought I’ve heard it all. Are you AFROTC or searching for a reserve slot? Is this a program inside ROTC where you can cross commission if picked up by a unit? Or are you trying to hedge your bets with both?
  11. I’ll feed the troll, it’s both. From a CAF perspective we have already seen what cutting the F-16 B course syllabus does to the CAF units, they call and bitch about the new graduates ability, some even FEB’d. When these students hit the non-UPT world, they are going to be thrown to the wolves. Lacking proficiency in the basics? Wash out of IFF or the B course. Somehow get to a CAF unit and do something dangerous? Have fun in your FEB. It isn’t these students fault they are part of this “experiment” but the bro’s aren’t going to let them kill anybody much less themselves. It simply isn’t the CAF’s (or any combat unit) responsibility to teach what UPTN is skipping or leaving out. There will be some success stories I’m sure, but some students will be a joke. I give this another few years before the USAF is on to some other “good” idea. The CAF isn’t going to lower their standards because AETC did, the whole thing is a bad idea.
  12. I don’t think you’re hearing me.
  13. There are no ANG white jet instructors. An ANG member can transfer to the reserves to fly trainers, I’ve seen dudes do it.
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