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  1. Based on experience, I'd bet a beer that's not the case in any community.
  2. Sorry, but your cyber-stalking was a bit unsettling.
  3. You know what really sucks about COVID? I miss your daily post of which airports you're flying to and from. #nobodycares
  4. In a related story, I found this image of Huggy pre-flighting his iPhone.
  5. Roughly 1/3 of those hours/sorties are trips to and from OshKosh.
  6. All good stuff, but the former Wg/CC also made some questionable civilian hiring decisions. Huggy, care to comment?
  7. Beale is HPCON B+. Sorry, I've always been a bit of a one-upper.
  8. Pro-tip: Avoid referencing the screen name "LoveDumpster" in your application packet.
  9. "The Air Force says it will not divest its fleet of U-2 Dragon Lady planes in fiscal 2025, despite language to the contrary in the service’s 2021 budget request."
  10. We'll be updating our currency soon, one Driver picked up on this year's TPS board.
  11. Merry Christmas from Recce Town!
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