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  1. Sheesh -- I used to look at this discussion to see all the cool footage of Russians getting blasted. Now it's just a whining, political buzz kill. Why don't you tools take the boring crap offline already. Here's a photo of dead Russians to help get this thread back on track.
  2. Earl (guy Bob pushed) was a family friend, and I was fortunate to sip a few and hear the inside story. Also, I was in a training class with an F-4G bubba at Nellis back in the day and mentioned the Pardo Push. He said he'd never heard it and claimed I was an idiot because I was making it up. Not sure how you fly the Phantom and not know about it. Anyhoo, I think the guy went to Eagles after that... Cheers Bob -- see you on the other side.
  3. Well, as long as it's based on feelings then I guess it's all good! Who really cares about wins anyway? I mean, a great team can't win a national championship with a back-up QB, so thinking and feeling is the right choice. Oops, I forget that four of the last nine college championships were won by teams who had to field their back-up QB.
  4. Texas AND Alabama in -- complete joke.
  5. I can just image the investigations that would ensure were I still a Wing Commander. I actually kept booze on my side table and frequently had my commanders sit in lawn chairs outside my office on Friday to drink and smoke cigars. I even had big parties at this secret place we called...shhh, don't tell the USA Today...the "Officer's Club".
  6. Yeah, I don't know. I've been around a while and am not sure the good ol' days were any better. About 20 years ago I recall the Command SNCOs were telling be I couldn't eat at the chow hall because my shorts had pockets. I can think of a few more examples that date back even further.
  7. Yeah, but it's modified so you can turn the heat off fro the back seat.
  8. I trust YouTube more because it has more titties...I trust titties.
  9. Terrible experience. Couldn't even get drunk after the game because some Karen and a bunch of cops made us dump our BBQ and leave. Giving up a home game for TV money is BS.
  10. That's normally a guard/reserve thing. The DO, OG/CV and OG/CC are normally the full time positions while the Sq/CC is normally a traditional.
  11. Your hearing can get pretty bad before it affects your flight status. It's better for your VA benefits to just go with it.
  12. I was at an AFA convention a few years ago and had to wear my class-As (don't ask). The other convention going on at the same location was an abortion convention (not the medical people but the 20-somethings girls who had an abortion and now need to make it their cause so they don't stop and think about the fact they killed their babies). As I was walking through the lobby, a big group of these women (can we still call people that or is it a micro-aggression?) started shouting/chanting "military kills children" at me. I just laughed until I cried.
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