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  1. As a CC, I would never let a guy like this skip an FEB. All it takes is a slight of hand and the dude will resurface somewhere else and kill someone. You can get FEB'd and still finish out in a non-flying job.
  2. Oh great -- now I'll have to wear a mask and show my non-dissident card to eat at a restaurant in Moscow.
  3. Love the mini bike. I think this is actually the same location.
  4. Not sure I fully agree based on research. Got my PhD with a dissertation in predicting pilot training performance. Lot's of research, including my own findings, revealed use of computer-based simulation had a correlation with improved UPT performance. It's a similar correlation (although not as strong) as overall flight hours entering UPT. Can there be negative transfer? Sure, but generally it was beneficial. If you want to turn over every rock to make your dream come true, it is likely to help. Personally, I'd spend the cash on strippers and whiskey but that's just how I roll...
  5. Wait -- can we still say that? Or, is that something we are supposed to celebrate?
  6. I actually asked if I could decline the funds for my base and eliminate the GTC mandate for my wing (also tried to close the BX...another story). I got a call from my 2-star boss who said "Really?! Are we going to have a conversation like this every week?" Got no traction.
  7. Where's all my bitches at?
  8. Also, having sat on lots of promotion boards, I can tell you that uniform wear and facial hair was not what we spent our 6.9 minutes on when deciding your career.
  9. After watching Office Space in 1999, I just wore what I wanted and grew my porn stache out. I got promoted along with everyone else so never did understand the debate.
  10. Meh - I've got a dozen stories just like that with regular dudes. Your sample size is a bit low. I've had more issues with some pussy AC/DO/CC types who couldn't make a decision to sit a low-performing idiot just because. This was long before we celebrated people for cutting off a penis.
  11. Funny -- I had my JAG try to tell me as a Wg/CC that I couldn't have "Christmas" party or or other Christmas stuff. I made him take out his official government calendar read to me what it said on the December 25 box. That made him set his scotch down and slink out of my big fat office.
  12. Uh oh -- what's the first rule again?
  13. How about no voting either
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