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    Mobile app inop

    I've got the same problem.
  2. 1-2 per a million is a small enough sample size to be statistically insignificant. Given the sample sizes for the testing it is unlikely they would have caught it even if it wasn't EUA.
  3. But the UH-1, mostly stationed in the northern tier and without any anti-icing equipment is LPV capable. For those three months out of the year when they can go in the clouds.
  4. So...the plot to The Rock?
  5. The vertical stabilizer was shortened in the G/H BUFFs to decrease structural loads during low-level flight. The tactics change was to increase survivability and drove other modifications like the EVS.
  6. Correct, that's why all of the proposals from GE, P&W, and Rolls-Royce are all low bypass turbofans from business/regional jets. It also keeps the ground clearance issues relatively simple.
  7. That's fair. How would you then go about prioritizing those with the socioeconomic risk factors for COVID? Prioritize those on Medicaid or SNAP benefited?
  8. I think the difference is that studies have shown that people of color have worse health outcomes due to COVID than whites. As of 7 March, blacks have COVID death rate of 178 per 100k, compared to 124 for whites. Indigenous, hispanic, and pacific islander all have higher rates than whites as well. While this policy is raced-based, I don't see it as being racist. They have also prioritized groups that are at higher risk like the elderly, immuno-compromised, and health care workers. Is everybody who is black going to be worse off? No, but you make public health policy off of the masses, not t
  9. In the specific case you mentioned parents of high-risk children are also prioritized on the same schedule as people of color. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.burlingtonfreepress.com/amp/4818171001
  10. As far as I know most states already prioritized the elderly and many added the obese or otherwise health impaired are already eligible or further up on vaccine schedule than healthy individuals. A quick search indicates that Vermont has done this as well.
  11. It couldn't possibly be that people of color have a higher incidence of COVID in the state and that this is a way to reduce the numbers much like other populations... COVID-19 among BIPOC (healthvermont.gov)
  12. Left and right on the political compass relate to economic policy rather than what we consider traditional "left and right". Left is 100% government driven and right is 100% free market. More info is found here.
  13. Plus they may not need a RQ because they're not 6 months out of the aircraft. Doing a couple recurrency flights is a whole lot easier than a CC directed RQ.
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