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  1. They're more getting rid of the one of the Navs and making a DSO/OSO construct. The EWO functions will still exist but move downstairs.
  2. A few years ago when they were having probe issues with the HH-60 I tried to preflight the probe when one wasn't installed. "Hey chief, I'm not getting an unlock light"...."Uh, sir there is no probe installed"
  3. Just do the Yankee system that the A-1 had.
  4. Were you at Columbus in 2009? If not, they got the same guy to do a bunch of road shows. I also heard a joke that some ground forces referred themselves to the 319th of the ground.
  5. https://gab.com/Michael_Yon/posts/107749616929588209 Video of the ramp strike.
  6. It's really no different than the mountain of enlisted EPRs that support squadrons have. Some MX and security forces squadrons have 300+ individuals.
  7. Would have been great if Jill has said the “I agree” part.
  8. Probably in part because they can't fill the airtime with views of the courtroom theatrics. Courtroom sketches and transcripts don't make for exciting 24-hr news coverage.
  9. The quote was in relation to the Arbery case. Glynn County, GA is 70% white and 26% black so the proportionally there should have been 3-4 black people on the jury.
  10. Legitimate question: how many people do “we” have left? US nationals? Helped us? NGO personnel?
  11. Which won't interface at all with the bombing computer because of the nuclear certification so the navs still need to hand jam the atmospheric data.
  12. Nobody cares that the PT-6 (which powers nearly ever turboprop it seems) is from Canada. The engines are designed and built in Indy as was previously stated. I don't see how a "foreign-source" protest argument would hold water. In addition to the C-130 engines, the V-22 engines are also sole-sourced from RR.
  13. Rolls-Royce is the supplier of the C-130 engines so I think not.
  14. Then you're going to have the look-down and clutter issues against the faint IR signature of a single exhaust stack of a GA aircraft. A problem that can be worked but it will definitely decrease the Pk. Not that the 9X doesn't have those issues either (*cough FM33*).
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