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  1. Provide location & general -- or is that “too political.”
  2. Is your wife hot? You brought her up, so...
  3. Saw her naked as an Lt -- I've nothing but good things to say.
  4. Just to clear up the constitutional misunderstanding here...innocent until proven guilty (6th amendment guarantee of a fair trial) applies in a court of law. The police, local populous, person's neighbors, wing commander, random people on baseops.net, etc. are not holding a criminal trial. We are free to use risk mitigation and reasonable logic.
  5. I 7-day opted out of SOS. Big Blue wouldn't let me go, but I got "orders" to SOS and it had the 7-day op at the bottom. I checked the box, and it somehow sailed through.
  6. skibum


    I drove 1000+ miles in one day in my gas-powered truck and was able to pick up my kid at school when the flights cancelled. A Tesla did pass me once...
  7. skibum


    Navy Federal new car rates are over 1% less than USAA right now so hoped you considered more than just the awesome .5% off whatever bad rate they offered in your sweet deal. You might also compare insurance rates as you can certainly do better than USAA. I pay less than you for all of my cars combined (about $125K worth of vehicles) and bet I got better coverage ($50 deductible, etc.) Every loan/insurance sales person makes it sound like they have a great deal but you need to make direct comparisons.
  8. skibum


    Wait...what? Maybe I shouldn't close my last account.
  9. skibum


    Switch to Liberty Mutual for auto and Nationwide for home. I found it doe snot save to bundle as every ad says. I've been very happy with each. Only minor claims (windshield for auto and hail for home), but both were WAY better than USAA for customer service. I have substantially better coverage at about 40% less overall than USAA. I find it hard to believe USAA is better at rates/coverage than anybody. I did a cost comparison for all major insurance companies and found USAA was by far the highest rate on everything. For finances, I switch all my managed investments to Schwab and Fidelity. I used these to get a one-year comparison. So far I like Schwab best. I have not yet switched my regular accounts out of USAA but likely getting ready to go to Navy Feb after doing my research.
  10. Also not "latest", but I like Red Flag: The Ultimate Game (1981). My dad was was flying F-4s there at the time so maybe I'm biased.
  11. They don't. The clueless become generals. I never had a non-flying job in my career. When selected for O-7 (and got a similar speech), I said I had two requirements to accept; 1) must be a flying gig and 2) of course it can't be in D.C. (duh). Hence I'm not a general.
  12. Wait -- what? Are the hookers and blow not legit either? This is ridiculous! Why even have a clearance?
  13. My bad! Left the switch in "chem" again.
  14. You gotta ask yourself what you REALLY want. You need to be completely honest. With an M7 & a mil background there are plenty of high career trajectories. It won't be the same as if you were 20 something, but it will still get you the high dollar, high paced career. On the other hand, you can make a little less in the airlines, doing meaningless work but get half your life back. Again, be honest with yourself. What you you want?
  15. When did we move past the binary system? Let's not get complicated - she's a 1.
  16. AFSOC's been f'd for a lot longer than that. I think we have short memories...
  17. Speaking from experience (I've actually shot somebody), I do not think I would have shot the kid but it's quite possible I'd have shot the skateboard dude and almost certain I would have shot the dude pointing the pistol at the kid. The image that always comes to my mind is Reginald Denny.
  18. The Dog Stars by Peter Heller, 2012 Written pre-COVID and even more interesting post COVID. The story is post-apocalyptic with a main character who lives at a small airport and flies a private aircraft around. This is not one of the many self-published and poorly edited post-apocalyptic books. Nearly everyone who has read it with my recommendation says it's one of the best books they've ever read.
  19. It's not about how much you make -- it's about how much you spend. My best friend was one of the top five earners at SWA for three years in a row, never divorced, and is in debt up to his neck. He says he'll never take the shot, but I got money on the table that says he will.
  20. My point is that I believe the U-2 is active component only. Palace Chase = guard or reserve. Perhaps it happens, but I'm not familiar with people jumping back on AD to fly the U-2 after leaving AD. Anyone else care to chime in?
  21. I'm assuming you owe time or you wouldn't be asking. Have you thought of Palace Chase? I used the competing FAM notices in my favor in the past. I had one email saying we were overmanned, so I didn't qualify for the bonus (wouldn't have taken it anyway). I had another one (literally from the same O-6 at HQ) about four weeks later saying they denied my Palace Chase because they were critically manned. I scooped up both, forwarded them to the IG and magically had my Palace Chase approved three weeks later. I doubt that will get you to the U-2, but it could get you your desired location for family reasons. It also opens up the wide-wide world of many other options.
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