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  1. Sir/Ma'am, Thank you for your concern. AFI 13-6969 only directs us to look at x, y, and z when determining continuation. The AFI doesn't direct us to look at AFSC when determining continuation, therefore we do not. Given the complex nature of continuation, it would be unrealistic to expect perfection. May I suggest you refer your concerns about the AFI to it's OPR? You can find that information on the cover page of AFI 13-6969. R/S, SrA Shoeclerk McDilligaf
  2. The low passes at 17:00 and 18:30 must have been awesome to see from the ARO.
  3. BOOOOOO!!!! Sorry, had to be done.
  4. - It should be a place where, when the 4-star-wearing HMFIC of the entire goddamn Air Force says "We are no longer doing xxxxx, because we no longer have the time/budget/manning to continue doing that", xxxxx fucking STOPS. Not the current model of *xxxxx stops for some, but continues for others because reasons* bullshit. - It should be a place where, when someone with "CC" in his/her job title says "I know CSAF said we don't ____________ anymore, but this SQ/WG/MAJCOM will continue to ____________, because I said so", that person is fucking FIRED. Immediately. - It should be a place where trainees, whether E or O, aren't force-fed the "You MUST aspire to be the CSAF/CMSAF or you're a worthless piece of shit!" mentality. - It should be a place where Command E-9s wouldn't dream of saying something as fucking ludicrous as "If you're in this room, and you aren't maneuvering to take my job, you're wrong".
  5. There's at least one, possibly two, USAF pilots working the Kuwait C-17 program right now.
  6. I don't know any details of the 777 freighter's fuel system, or any of it's loading "gotchas" WRT wing fuel qty. vs. cargo load/gross weight. It might require some creative fuel scheduling, and possible software revision to the fuel management computer software. I can't see a wing redesign, just to accommodate this niche market, being financially feasible.
  7. One other way this might be profitable is with cargo, rather than pax. If there are enough cargo flights that aren't utilizing their full ACL due to required fuel loads, they could increase their cargo loads to the max ACL/ZFW of the aircraft, potentially get off smaller runways at less than MGTOW (or use more derated takeoffs, and get more hours out of the engines), and still make a profit off the flights due to the increased cargo revenue. I have no idea if there are cargo flights could benefit from this to make it profitable; I know there's a fair number of flights that cube out their cabins long before they hit their ACL/ZFW. I would also imagine the cargo carriers would have a similar potential to pax carriers to incur losses on flights, due to the financial consequences of an AR canx.
  8. Dunno what your background is (fighter/bomber/heavy), but I have had good luck internationally with T-Mobile. Never had a problem in Western Europe or Asia, and had pretty good coverage in the Middle East. Verizon absolutely sucked internationally, since their network and most of their phones are CDMA-only - the vast majority of the rest of the world uses GSM, and has no CDMA support. I dumped V after a year, and went back to T-M. They offer Wifi calling (at least on the iPhone), which can help in areas where their cell coverage is weak. They also have a .mil discount, and a pretty good device unlock policy for long-term international use. I'm working in the ME as a civilian now; if my employer wasn't supplying a company-paid SIM from a local provider, I'd be fine using my personal T-M service here for phone service. Offered as a data point; I'm not a T-Mobile shill, despite how this post ended up sounding.
  9. Two booms in my former AFRC SQ are .civ business owners. One (still a TR) has a very successful corporate catering business, the other (retired TR) is a majority partner in a sewage sludge remediation business, and is a patent holder for his processes. Catering boom has his wife & BIL as business partners; they take care of things while he's flying or TDY. Sewage boom did a lot via email and phone legwork for the networking/contracting side of his business; his partner was the hardware guy. Both are/were able to do quite a bit of flying/TDY above & beyond the minimum for currency, but only because they worked hard at the beginning to ensure their businesses wouldn't go dead in the water in their temporary absence. We also had a pilot who ran a successful medical equipment development and sales business, but he was a minimum participant for several years due to the demands of his business, and eventually elected to retire before his number came up in the deployment lottery. BL: it can be done, but it takes work up-front to ensure you can take the .mil time off and not have it come crashing down around you.
  10. Doesn't appear to have contacted the flap, which is good. I'd hate to be a Minot BUFF maintainer with my name on anything engine-related in the forms...
  11. Relevant (and always good for a chuckle):
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