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  1. The car driven by #24 William Byron in today’s NASCAR race is dedicated to Cole. He’s been in the lead for the last few laps, and doing outstanding throughout he race. Fitting tribute.
  2. Once cnn picked up the story, his book rocketed to #6 on Amazon.
  3. 20 Commissioned. We just retired a passed over prior-e major out of my office with 29 TAFMS.
  4. To him. True hero. I also knew him from OTS and had nothing but utmost respect.
  5. In other words, voting should be less regulated than purchasing firearms...because the results are less consequential?
  6. Has anyone done the JROTC instructor gig? I’m hearing good things, but it’s through one of those friend of a friend linkages. Love some firsthand gouge. Pros/cons?
  7. AFPC addressed this question in their last officer retirements webinar. It’ll be high 36 for pay, major printed on your ID card, and Lt Col printed on your dd214. If you’ve done at least two years as a Lt Col, you can apply for a secaf waiver to have it printed on your ID card.
  8. Looks like the far left propagandists of the media WANT this to be their Reichstag moment. They’re just as dangerous as the rioters from both fringes of the political spectrum who protest through violence. I sincerely hope there are enough moderates left, who don’t buy into the identity politics lie, to save us from continuing down the script of history. We are on a dark path. Edit to add: the propaganda I’m seeing out of the ‘conservative’ media is also idiotic and is furthering the identity politic divide.
  9. Well, there’s this language in the NDAA. “The committee believes that the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) should make every effort to fully utilize the total force to meet aircrew training and operational requirements in platforms like the AC–130J, CV–22, MC–12W, and A–29 in order to meet the requirements of the National Defense Strategy (NDS).”
  10. Guardian basic...guardian...guardian first class...senior guardian...?
  11. Call me simple, but I see the utility of a functional pt test. 100m sprint (can I get away from a burning airplane/building) 800m weighted carry (can I do work without causing a burden to someone else) Record the times of each, but set the standard by career field.
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