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  1. I wonder if the AF is ballsy enough to pay planted propaganda individuals to try and defend their bullshit. Oh who am I kidding, there are enough PCL Mid - Range individuals in my former squadron that were already drinking that stuff. And they got year longs ;).
  2. I do agree the sky is not falling, that all of us who have left and will continue to leave will usher no change in this Air Force. I accept that now, even though it doesn't make me happy to. The Air Force will chug on, it will find new bodies to fill its "slots" because either thankfully or not our nation so far has been blessed with those willing to step forward and take on that sacrifice. However; there is a cost for being so accepting of the sheer lunacy at the top. Those thinking for an instance that our endeavors in Afghanistan or Iraq/Syria will have any real positive effect on this world are either lying to themselves or simpletons. Or thinking that if we produce more pilots quicker with more VR and "innovation" that we will some how stem the flow of experience leaving the door, or that somehow that inexperience will reverse the trend of ever increasing fatal accidents is insane. So no the sky isn't falling but our service has been lowered that much more as a result of this inability to accept these truths. More will die needlessly flying aircraft that are maintained by ever increasingly stressed out mx shops, inexperienced pilots, aircraft that are vastly beyond their shelf life, and more. So while I accept that reality, I refuse to defend those reinforcing it as defensible or correct.
  3. Me thinks tac airlifter's blue kool aid has stained his forehead in phallic shape. And this assessment "First, Afghan aviation will not fall apart as soon as we leave. It’ll be super unsafe, but they will find a way." That entire country already is fallen apart soooo ya.
  4. I would have taken any deployment over the Died. My time in Asscrackistan was by far more enjoyable and productive than that hell hole. I've never had better accommodations deployed than at the Died, but I hated every second of it there. Mostly because of the people.
  5. Our T-6 Reservist are getting tagged for 179s as well, I believe they have broken up a few into 90s but there is no guarantee. Getting a Reserve gig may be a nice hold over until your established in Airlines but long term I'm not sure they will be able to retain very soon. Too much AD bullshit seeping into Reserves from what I am seeing.
  6. Side note, 5 of my squadron mates a few year groups ahead of me have all done 365's so I don't get your magical Unicorn bullshit. The threat is real, and high. So you can suck that rational.
  7. Now, yes. Because all faith has been lost long ago. Their chance to make a "pivot" was lost years ago. Now we are just bitter they ignored an easy fix long ago and have to deal with the stress of jumping ship. I couldn't be happier with how my separation / airline employment timing worked for me but it was far from a joyful event setting myself up for it.
  8. Only issue I have with this is more people volunteering for worthless deployments means less people to full other deployments. All worthless deployments must end. Mine was my deciding factor in dropping separation the second I RTB'd.
  9. F#$% it continue to go overdue, no skin off your back.
  10. Give them an inch and they will take a mile... This attitude is how we get to where we are today. 1 week left on AD.....
  11. PIT is backed up because we only cut 8 sorties from the syllabus. So if you could hurry up and PA already and suck less maybe you would all graduate on time. Never mind the record weather attrition. Jump in on our new VR simulators, you should be ready to graduate in a couple of hours. Innovate harder for f#$% sake. Sorry I gota go clean my pant's now, as a blue kool aid drinking guy I am any time any one says innovate I climax immediately now.
  12. You and people like you are why I'm out in 30 days. Enjoy your exactly what the AF is looking to promote. You will go far in this Air Force with that douche attitude. If you ever complain about good deal police, slap yourself because you are they. My spouse has put up with much in following me in my AF career, but that is nothing compared to what most mil to mil have to deal with. I had it far easier than just about any of them, minus perhaps my finances. I'd still take my position over theirs any day.
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