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16 minutes ago, brabus said:

Let it be known, if you were “young” 30 years ago, you’re a geezer. Fuck it, when do I get my AARP discounts!

No $hit!

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14 hours ago, Standby said:

I don’t see any bread stocks in the Pelosi Index…is this an insider trading tip regarding the impending boom in rustic Italian breads?

She gets a heads up from her yeast.  

Yeah, that's gross.



30 minutes ago, brabus said:

Fuck it, when do I get my AARP discounts!

As soon as I get a cold frosty case of diabetes. 



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Spelling bee failure
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19 hours ago, TreeA10 said:

Big difference between "when I was young" geezer tales from 3 decades ago vs 3 years ago and everyone who has been buying groceries knows that difference.  

Not really. The difference is that it's your turn now.


Political incompetence has led to hyperinflationary spikes many times. They are usually brutal then followed by decades of stability. We are not unique. 

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Listened to an episode of Honestly today going over the NY Trump verdict.  In the discussion was a comparison of the NY prosecutor's zeal and the prosecution of Capone, an alleged murderous mobster convicted of whatever investigators could grasp onto at the time--tax evasion.  

This seems to fall into the same broad metaphorical bucket but at the other end of the spectrum; given what is known via Hunter's laptop and witness statements, the gun charges are token at best; more realistically just a distraction from the reality that no meaningful justice will be pursued.

Move along, people.

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8 hours ago, disgruntledemployee said:

Biff ain't the 1st to dibs that, nor will he be the last.

I will have a huge amount of Eskimo brothers.....just like Rucker. 

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