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  1. A quick answer, there is a clear difference between the responsibilities of a "commissioned" officer and a warrant. Secondly, there isn't much difference in pay; at least not enough to put up with the extra bullshit of being a "commissioned" officer. Having spent a lot of time around the Army, most Warrants don't want to be "commissioned" officers!
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/will-covid-19-plague-us-forever-here-s-what-the-experts-say/ar-AASAC0Z Of course, it's more "experts!"
  3. Again, my suspicion is COVID will go the way of the Spanish Flu. The question is when...
  4. Odd, as in less than two months ago, the AFSC was still being touted as the gold(fein) child (pardon the horrible pun)... https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2848978/multi-domain-warfare-officer-students-dive-deep-into-cyber-global-operations/ Does that mean 13O class 22A--scheduled to start 4 Jan 2022--was canx'd? Nothing about it on the 13O Intelshare page (CAC required)...but there is nothing listed for 22A either! https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/C2/13O/SitePages/Home.aspx Nor is there anything on the 13O MilSuite site (again, CAC enabled)... https://www.milsuite.mil/book/groups/13O Anyone here at 16AF?
  5. ADMIN NOTE: I am getting tired of removing offending posts in this thread. If your post is missing, it either violated the rules or quoted a post that did (sorry about that!). A few more spirited individuals will also find their posting abilities restricted for blatant violations, which everyone was warned about. A couple also got friendly warnings to KIO as they were pushing it. The next step is outright bans, I hope it doesn't get to that but if the personal attacks don't stop, we won't have any choice.
  6. It's funny that some think this is the first time such a thing has happened! And some quick Googling will show the captain in question is a golden child, which again makes it less surprising! In 1849, French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!" Still holds true today...
  7. A little levity...(and yes, I am aware of the misspelling. Not my meme!)
  8. "Headed?!?" And no, that's not a 'STS' question, nor is it a grammatical one. I am surprised at your claim we are "becoming" a military that allows zero thinking. Many will argue we reached that point years ago!
  9. Some great vintage footage!
  10. M2

    Gun Talk

    You can only have too much ammo if you're swimming or on fire! A buddy of mine told me about a guy he knows who has a shipping container full of ammo buried on his property south of San Antonio. Of course, that's all he told me! 😉
  11. M2

    Gun Talk

    HeloDude Honestly, like you unless something interesting shows up in my feed, there's not many I watch or actually follow on YouTube. Garand Thumb does some interesting videos, and I know his background so there's some validity to his comments. Hickok45 is always entertaining. He's like many older Texas gentlemen I've met over the years that can talk your ears off about guns, and it's always an education. Nutnfancy is irritating. As if telling people to stock up on ammo is some kind of epiphany! Worse of all, he's not even entertaining! Other than Garand Thumb and Hickok45, I watch more Doug Demuro than anything else...
  12. Same circus, different clowns! Although I will admit when it comes down to actually being a productive president, I think the last clown did a better job of it!
  13. M2

    Gun Talk

    Sorry, HeloDude, but Nutnfancy is a complete fucking idiot who I quit watching years ago! I get your point, and it's a valid one; but using him as an "expert" on the topic negates your otherwise sensible argument. There are so many things wrong in that 45 minute video (TL:DW) that even when I tried skipping through it, I still had to endure stupidity at a level no one should put on U-Tube. Plus, anyone who hasn't learned to "buy it cheap and stack it deep" by know deserves to be in an ammo panic. I do agree prices and availability will get better; but we've already had too many of these "scares" to not have learned the lesson by now. Anyone who failed to do so will simply be weeded out if the real need ever arises. Tough for them.
  14. I guess our hope is that COVID will magically disappear like the Spanish Flu... https://www.healthline.com/health-news/what-we-can-learn-from-the-1918-flu-pandemic-as-the-omicron-variant-spreads
  15. From Mike Rowe (one of the few celebrities I actually trust!)...
  16. Was it in poor taste? Yes. Should Biden be spared the same attacks Trump had to endure? Hell no!
  17. From a year ago... Electric scooters to be distributed at Edwards Air Force Base on Friday $1 to unlock, and 15¢ per minute to ride. I guess suggesting riding a bicycle instead is just being too much of a dinosaur again!
  18. Yeah, this is progress towards a more effective fighting force! 🙄
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