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  1. Translation: "Air Force fan website says brit private pilots make image of Queen, which is better than US Navy cock and balls." And in semi-related news - airforcetimes is clearly hitting on all cylinders today, with this headline, "5 military movies that would be better with Velociraptors." Not sure if that's a good thing or not (might be).
  2. This is a perfect example of drama driving the news. In Virginia, we must have at least 1,500 cases of this thing, out of seven million - that's really scary! Okay, not so much, butt you get the idea.
  3. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Yep, it sure seems like Ferrari has shot themselves in both feet at this point. The championship is out for them, they can only hope to beat Merc. Is there a trend here?
  4. Headlights on and mouth open - rarely looked better.
  5. Thanks, I was tempted to do that.
  6. That bottom graph is definitely showing the drama... Courtesy, The Wall Street Journal (Supposedly free link)
  7. Yup, you just have to spend .02 seconds thinking about why we don't give clearances to people like this.
  8. Careful, you might be putting transitory oriented people in danger. 🧔?👩‍🦰
  9. Maybe not that big a stretch, I was thinking this myself. I think what we see in the video speaks volumes about lack of training and leadership. They have no idea what to do, and the person-in-charge doesn't know what to do either (or is a straight-up coward). Why is that police chief still there, they should run him out of town on a rail.
  10. Top list shows what folks care about, bottom list shows what the media is focusing on. All to create drama and views folks...
  11. So my post, from so long ago (previous page) in referring to another Covid variant, was not that Democrats would release the new variant, but that one would magically appear - which is the way some of these things seem to happen. It was also driven by POTUS, who said there would be another one (22 June). We'll just have to be prepared: So, I'm cheap, I'll throw down $5. that a new one will appear after the elections. Do you want me to guess the exact date (I won't be able to, but what the hay).
  12. Going to happen, so why not take bets? Interesting factor(s) include: November elections. Gentlemen place your bets now.
  13. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Zhou's incident was pretty scary for me. Like most of us, I watched his car in the initial shot, inverted and scudding across the gravel. I was very surprised his car didn't lose more energy than it did. Glad all are okay.
  14. Switzerland - Sweden almost the same... https://nypost.com/2022/06/30/biden-mixes-up-switzerland-sweden-in-nato-speech/
  15. OMG! - is that what one does when they attack?
  16. I agree, there should be footnotes or something.
  17. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Is that #44 or #63, or both? George does seem to be doing okay with it. On the other hand, there's Lewis' spine (due to the water mammal).
  18. Yeah, they were frustrated enough to go looking for the Monkey Pox.
  19. And we also know there won't be any debates. No surprise, Joe doesn't do contemporaneous.
  20. Yes, but instead of a conundrum, it is Shenanigans. I prefer shenanigans, it reminds me of drinking.
  21. Huh, Pres says high gas prices are just the things are going to be from now on. I think his signing person says it all in this pic... https://nypost.com/2022/05/23/biden-praises-gas-prices-as-part-of-incredible-transition/
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