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  1. The jet is channeling it's inner Mel Gibson and taking a page from the playbook of revolutionary war hero Francis "The Swamp Fox" Marion hiding in the swamps...."Come and find me bitches!"
  2. Mr. Sanctuary City Adams has an additional 20K students due to illegals. NY spends north of $24k per student so NY taxpayers are on the hook for something around $500 million. I'm sure they will be whining for federal dollars shortly. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2023/09/09/nyc-schools-illegal-immigrants-n2628152
  3. There's crazy and then there is batshit crazy. And about those online dating apps....... https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-woman-who-stabbed-online-date-sin-city-revenge-plot-blames-hollywood-actress
  4. You keep up this nonsense about superior California Mexican food and we are going to have a serious conversation. Why are people leaving California for Texas? Jobs? Maybe. Taxes? Possibly. Better cost of living? Probably. Better TexMex food? (And BBQ). Absofuckingloutely.
  5. Fear, sarcasm, and ridicule is more than just a catch phrase. It's a valuable teaching technique!
  6. Makes you wonder what the numbers look like comparing others accused of similar crimes of tax evasion or illegal gun possession given generous plea deals. I've seen one unverified number of 0, zero, nada "diversion programs" for gun crimes. DOJ playing favorites? Say it isn't so!
  7. If goes both ways. Nothing like a chick boomer that gives good radio to start a politically incorrect conversation on the inter-flight freq. I fly the flag on my boat while I'm contemplating whatever -ist or -ism I might be accused of by those without a better argument. The flag generates questions and explaining the history of Yankee Air Pirate is a good time.
  8. Well, you offered up plenty of titles to attach to my pronouns but left out my personal favorite!
  9. Looks like some creative financing going on but nothing to see here according to some. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/rebeccadowns/2023/07/28/suspicious-bank-reports-n2626334
  10. I invest most of my money in strippers and booze then go crazy with what's left.
  11. Talk less, listen more. Get in the vault. Time in the market beats timing the market.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mann_Act This would be a start for felonies not enforced.
  13. The damage that is being done by the current and prior administrations and is going to have very long lasting effects. The "is the sacrifice worth it?" question is being answered by those currently in the military and will be taught to their children. Some will say "yes" but far too many will say "no" or even "hell no." Both my sons asked me about the military and my recommendation was other options are out there unless you really have a burning desire to do something military related.
  14. At least he's keeping us updated along with anyone we may have a conflict with. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-lets-american-military-info-slip-during-live-interview-sparking-backlash
  15. Article describing the self-induced chaos in Europe. Opening the immigration flood gates has not served their citizens very well and too many here in the U.S. are impervious to the hard lessons taught by history. https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fthespectator.com%2Ftopic%2Feurope-riots-migration-france-sweden-gangs%2F
  16. My understanding of the Frankentanker is it has a -200 fuselage, a -300 wing/motors and a -400 cockpit. The 200 was a pig, the 300 was nice and never flew the 400.
  17. Just make sure your fireworks release parameters ensure safe separation and don't frag the release platform.
  18. An example was given of 2 Turkish brothers that immigrated into Denmark. They became Danish citizens. They sent back to Turkey for wives who became Danish citizens. They had children who were Danish citizens. The kids were sent back to Turkey to attend the madrassa then returned to Holland then sent back to Turkey for a wife. Rinse and repeat. There was no assimilation.
  19. "While Europe Slept" is an interesting book on the European immigration situation. Written in 2005 by a dude that fled to Europe with his partner in the wake of W getting elected because Europe would be better for gay people than W's America. Well, maybe not. The book documents the problems created by the lack of assimilation of immigrants into European cultures and that it would come unglued in 15 years. His forecast might be accurate.
  20. For starters, get involved in the primaries and donate to the candidate you want to win. Unfortunately, there are bigger pockets with more cash than you and if they want a senile dementia addled octogenarian"Weekend At Bernies" style puppet or Super Ego Centric Orange Man in charge, you've got a huge uphill fight.
  21. The Texas freeze (hit -2 at my house) and power loss was also a problem due to environmental improvement. The gas transportation system in the past used natural gas powered pumps to move gas. Well, we couldn't have that because gas is a fossil fuel and therefore evil. Electric pumps would be environmentally friendly so the gas pumps are replaced. When the electric grid froze up, the gas power plants went offline. Genius.
  22. "State of Fear" written by Michael Crichton sums up the environmental doomsday screeching quite well, keep people scared by preaching doom and gloom so that those preaching gain power and/or wealth. Despite the 3 or 4 dozen grim predictions since the 1970s of global warming, global cooling, mass starvation, overpopulation, extinction of animal species, seas rising, acid rain, melting polar ice caps, ozone depletion, etc., humans are still here doing better than ever and the planet continues to spin through space. But 100% failure doesn't deter these people. I might admire that determination if they weren't so annoying.
  23. 50 years of bad doomsday climate predictions and the planet remains undefeated in proving those predictions wrong. Throwing an enthusiastic but completely wrong 15 year old into the loss column continues the Earth's perfect record.
  24. I'm all for capitalism. Its the worst form of good and services management except for all the others Still, sometime you have to see it to appreciate it. Spent a week in St. Thomas enjoying my ill gotten lifestyle due to my Christian male white privilege and was headed out on a sailing charter to do some snorkeling. Also parked at the pier was the Yacht Infinity. Break out the Google and this $300 million boat is owned by Eric Smidt, former Google guy. And this isn't his only boat the picture. See the boat behind the yacht? That's the $40 million toy hauler. It's got speed boats, jet skis, helicopter, etc. and a crane on the deck and follows the yacht around to supply entertainment. And yes, I still had a great time snorkeling despite rough sailing conditions and a rather large whiskey front blowing through the night before. Google people give most of their political money to democrats. Don't think Eric is going to go along with wealth equalizing as long as he can buy influence. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ex-google-chief-built-oligarch-style-empire-influence-ai-biden-white-house-public-policy-report
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