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  1. I went through UPT as a capt, but still single. I'm *really* glad I was single for that year.. you have exactly 0 spare time to entertain a bored gf. I don't know your situation at all, but I'd have to be deadset convinced she was the one to bring her along. If there's any question... there's your answer. But that's me, and you're you. YMMV.
  2. Can anyone point to a specific audio cable to record ics/radios for GoPro video? Specifically looking for the C17. I’ve found a few “military/helo” cables, but not sure if those are synonymous with high impedance of the C17. Cheers
  3. Haven't been in this thread since I was passed over IPZ last year, but I got picked up 1 above (O5). The O6 who made it happen (I think) moved so I haven't had a chance to ask him how he did it, but I'm convinced he went to our 2 star SR and made a case for me.. my record definitely didn't change 😄. Oh well, more money I suppose.
  4. Damn shame. Wg/cc was/is a great individual. Sad to see things end on this note for him.
  5. GD dave ramsey. Best and worst thing to happen to personal finance talking points in recent memory. Like dude.. we get it, dave said debt is bad.. you don't need to continue berating the entire room with what you heard dave say on his sunday morning talk show. JFC. Whoever asked about best rates - Navy Fed, Pen Fed, nearest CU, or ask the dealer what their best rate is. Personally, I hope we're nearing the horizon of the next slowdown.. it may not be for a while yet, but the 10+ year bull market has kept prices of some luxury items I want artificially high. A good recession would clobber some people who shouldn't have bought them and prices will come down.
  6. Pretty sure no issue with posting this.. let me know if there is.
  7. How big a deal is that waiver? I'm guessing if a unit really wants you it makes the waiver less of an issue..
  8. All true, and I agree. I mention some of that queep for context, not because i thought combat time was going to get me picked up for anything. I got senior rater (Gp/CC and wg/cc) strats, as either #1 or #2 joint officer the last 3 years leading up to my IPZ PRF. Apparently something else on my PRF read like a steaming pile of dogsh1t, though. Anyhow, no one GAF. just throwing it out there for anyone curious.
  9. Sounds like lots of us are in the same boat. I've had consistent strats since my 2nd OPR, several yearly's, 3 FGOQs up to the 2-star level, 2x DG , was an evaluator, 1500 combat hrs, never bought a checkride downgrade and no PFT busts. I honestly thought I was squarely in the middle of the bell curve. I guess I can GTFO, though.. which I will gladly do.
  10. Well I just got the call from my O6.. that reserve job is looking even better for the home team.
  11. second the the motion. must be a side effect of sitting within earshot of a civilian who stutters badly and tries to talk over people. his voice will forever haunt me.
  12. Also, motion to ban anyone and and any names that share the same IP who give out false info.
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