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  1. #1: You're still in the goldilocks zone IMO. Similar to you, I started this process and took all my tests at 25, and got picked up for fighters of the street at age 26. Age is very unit dependent, some prefer young guys out of college, while others see value in someone with more life/professional experience. Through this process I've seen several people get picked up for fighters at 28, 29, and 30. Furthermore, this may vary by year as units decide to hire young one year and balance it out with an older hire the next. Overall, If you are competitive in every other way, I do not see age as something that will negatively impact you until maybe 28. That gives you a solid 2-3 years to apply/rush as hard as you can. Come interview time, you may very well be asked why you didn't start earlier or pursue an AD commission. Have a real and honest answer ready and it should be a non-issue. On that note though, why wait until spring to do your tests? Definitely give yourself 2-3 months to study, but you should want to get them done ASAP, as the last thing you want to be doing is trying to harass a recruiter to schedule you in time for the spring "batch" of boards. I made this mistake peak-COVID and wished I had started it earlier. #2: Echoing above, but this is again very unit dependent. IMO, the general rule of thumb is that local ties can always help you but the lack thereof won't necessarily hurt you. I've been at several rush events and interviews where it felt like there was only one or two guys from the opposite coast, but they were still invited out the same as the local guys. If the unit really likes you, they're not going to care where you live, as long as you can convince them that you're willing to drop everything and move there when that time comes. Sometimes though, with all other things even, they will go with a local guy as a tiebreaker. You can't control the board's selection process and there's really no way around that except to be yourself and show why you'd be the best fit for the squadron, both on paper and in person. I can only speak from my own experiences, but this is what I've found through the process thus far. Long story short, I think just about everybody in the "circuit" has had these same concerns at some point, it's only natural. Though I wouldn't let either of them prevent you from pursuing this with your full effort, and given your current situation I certainly don't think either would preclude you from getting a slot. Good luck!
  2. Applicants were invited out for April and May drill weekends but they are trying to bring in different people for each rush event so I would expect there are pending invites for June/July weekends.
  3. Anyone in the know regarding Tulsa Vipers? Their 2020 board was cancelled but I heard through the grapevine that they are just planning to re-invite those selected to interview last year rather than having a new board altogether.
  4. Can anyone technically go to MEPS or get an FC1 without having already been hired or having some type of commitment? I was under the impression that you had to sign on the dotted line somewhere prior to these getting stamped.
  5. That weekend was cancelled 24 hours prior due to a COVID outbreak in the unit. As far as I'm aware there were no in-person visitations this year.
  6. Was wondering if this applied only to Reserve units or ANG units as well. Additionally I thought unsponsored candidates only ever go to heavy units so could we assume this clause doesn't apply to fighter units?
  7. Nice. Was also in the dark regarding this one. Was the board recent?
  8. Looks like Tuscon interview notifications went out today. I'll be there in November and I'm hoping to see some of you all there as well!
  9. Has anyone heard a definitive no from Hawaii? Based on what others on here and the lead recruiter have said, we should've heard back either way, though only crickets for me. Definitely not holding out at this point but just curious.
  10. Go Frogs! Scores are solid for sure. Definitely so if you're looking at heavies. If you just graduated, do you have a job lined up? It's obviously still early but the sooner you can add some professional experience to your resume the better. Shame the Flying Frogs wasn't around when I was undergrad, sounds cool.
  11. Haha, forgot to add /s at the end. Bad attempt at a joke.
  12. Looks like they prefer guys just coming out of college. Starting to feel real old at 25 👴.
  13. I took those as being the average numbers of those selected for an interview, not the entire applicant pool. I’m sure the average flight time is skewed high if they invited one or two high hour ATP guys. I bet (hope) the median is much lower.
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