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  1. Just in case some of you youngsters don't know what a KC-97 is (four turning, two burning):
  2. Great summation. Back in the day my wife was a MEM based NWA/DAL CSA that gave priority and took really good care of the FE pilots commuting and flying off line.
  3. Keep in mind that there are two Delta's.....North and South.
  4. Come on guys I am older than most of you; lets get it right: Throttles – Idle Rudder and Ailerons – Neutral Stick – Abruptly full aft and hold Rudder – Abruptly apply full rudder opposite spin direction (opposite turn needle) and hold Stick – Abruptly full forward one turn after applying rudder Controls – Neutral after spinning stops and recover from dive
  5. They were built from the ground up with J-85's although I believe the prototype (YAT-37D) was a T-37 with J-85's replacing the original J-69 engines. Note the screen below the intake. It would come up on engine start to protect the engine from FOD and retract on TO. Yes, one engine could be shut down when loitering. Configured (normal) as it is in the photo, it carried more external fuel than it did internally. Huggy is a very lucky guy as the plane is fun to fly and has no bad flt characteristics.
  6. Don't forget to add two more wing tanks and wear your scarf.
  7. Now that was impressive! I sent my bride a heart via FlightAware so she wouldn't complain about my $150+ fill ups:
  8. Glad to see the lists are still out there Huggy. Hard to believe there are UAL scabs still flying. They had to be in early twenties when hired....scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Clay Lacy was a scab. The '85 strike at UAL was short lived and eventually the "570" were called back and their May 17, 1985 hire date restored. My commuter pad roommate at NWA and I got several telegrams from UAL to come back. We were in the middle of DC-10 FE school and it was so bad that we considered it. Thank god we didn't as UAL later went through some kind of failed pilot buyout and NWA was the only airline that preserved their Defined Benefit Plan when merged with the DAL Professional Pilots. Like everyone says, you never know if you made the right choice until you retire.
  9. I was a UAL "570." May 17, 1985, Day of Infamy. Didn't cross and went elsewhere.
  10. Great stories that I can relate, porn in the cockpit and an idiot going to max altitude in a 727. I thought you flew for FEDEX?
  11. Hard to believe Huggy. Lots of "50th's" this year. Not to take away from the Eagle but it is also the 50th for Van's Aircraft. 11,114 built and flown! It's the 50th for me after soloing on Ford Island, Hawaii.
  12. I'd love to know how many FO's there had my now retired bro-in-law on their list. He never knows when to STFU and wears me out every time wife makes me visit them.
  13. A few that stuck around for 20 did get fighters as the Recce sqds were closing down. That one low level ride we received in the -38 turned me on to the RF-4C and made a career killing move taking it over the F-4. Only regret was not having a chance to fly the F-5E. LL is still in my blood as I flew a 1.5 hr "sortie" this morning and never got above 1000' agl.
  14. No reflection on you but when I've relinquish ownership and sat in the back while mechanics do engine runs or taxied a plane you would think they were teenagers that had just gotten their license. We had one guy drive a A320 into the gate and terminal at LGA and almost took out the 757 sitting at the next gate. The 320 was out of commission at least 6 mths if it was ever repaired.
  15. Same here. Served my time but AF would not release me. (Base had the highest DOS rate in the AF) Contacted congressman. Was in the middle of Maple Flag when I got the call. "When you land back at home base you are out."
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