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  1. Still, doesn’t matter. It’s common etiquette for leadership to notify non selects, usually via 1-on-1 meeting, another failure of basic leadership in 14N Guy’s world.
  2. Typically non-selects, it would suck to hear about not being promoted after your peers who do find out, or to find out when the list comes out. Sometimes the Air Force has a heart.. Sorry to those of you who didn’t make it. You just never know what the current crop of 0-6/0-7s grading your record care about nor what the board as a whole is asked to place emphasis in. It’s the largest smoke and mirrors game. A mentor told me that a few years ago, they valued combat time above all else, then a couple years later they valued special programs/exec work above all else. I know it
  3. You must work pretty deep in the JCS to predict what the construct of the next war will look like? What are the odds of us seeing a B-2 employ a nuke in our lifetime? Does that mean that B-2 dudes don’t train for the worst case, high end fight nor ensure they have the best equipment to deliver that effect? To other posters talking about the current ops tempo, I got it - but I’m tired of that being an excuse. What we do in CENTCOM and other commandant commands as MAF dudes is not hard, at all. You have got to be an average aircraft commander at best to succeed in most operation
  4. It’s not just fighter guys, it’s the rest of the Air Force flying community that understands MAF is a laughing stock because of attitudes exhibited in your post. Look, no offense, I’m sure you’re a great dude and pilot but we will never advance as a community if we don’t be honest brokers and push back against some of the queep in place of real training and readiness. If you are nearing retirement, I can understand it is not your battle anymore and thanks for your service. To the young guys, it’s not okay to just be box checkers, build airline hours and roll over and say “well nothing I can
  5. Haha, the Army in AFRICOM saw the SECDEF waiver for DIPS and just said F it, crisis response? = no DIPS needed. The AOC played along. Idiots.
  6. Valid question, for 130s absolutely. Not saying you need to be a patch to foster valid training but generally a couple motivated WOs who seek out the training, users, range times etc can really make a difference. The problem, and my beef is with AMC as a whole. AMC preaches agile combat employment and full spectrum readiness yet still maintains their risk averse construct. ACE will never be successful if the AMC 0-6s / GOs (AOC airlift directors) don’t delegate that authority. I can make my copilots as ready as possible for LFE type scenarios or ACE, but I can’t tell the 0-6 to delegate h
  7. I had the “pleasure” of working in the MPC for the inaugural one in TCM, the one where the only VUL with actual blue air escort / SEAD planned, the MAF planners told them the wrong takeoff time so there was no CAF blue air. This was after the A3 (now the sitting AMC/CV) rightfully chastised all the 130 and 17 flight leads for flying through multiple briefed threats for the “JFE”. Then I heard datalink was a complete disaster in 2019. Similar shenanigans this year?
  8. This POS and his cohorts will have blood on their hands when we get our asses kicked by the Russians or Chinese. But by god at least we don’t have mean tweets anymore!
  9. I never said what Lohmeier did was sound, nor that he shouldn’t be held liable for the consequences ; although I feel that he was willing to fall on his sword for this one. I did say he is 100% correct that Marxist ideology is a threat to the military and that critical race theory is a bunch of BS. I do think Biden hiring a partisan hack to spy on military members social media accounts is a step too far and has a high likelihood of going south.
  10. Yet my former squadron commander can send out Trump bashing articles to their squadron for “mentorship”..with zero consequences. Edit: This was while Trump was still POTUS.
  11. That’s quite the slippery slope. Yes we fall under a different set of rules but let’s not pretend the current administration isn’t actively rooting out members of a particular political leaning in the name of “extremism.” Of course we aren’t talking about Black Lives Matter or Antifa, both of which have representation in our ranks and have done more to destroy society than a few idiots with confederate flags. “Rooting our extremism” is largely hypocritical and not without political bias . Many individuals on this forum voted for Trump but I would bet none of them would come close to active
  12. We all know what they are defined as.. go woke or go broke
  13. The same could be said about many career fields..
  14. Why is she in MN? Shouldn’t she be addressing her failing district in LA? Oh wait, she doesn’t even live in her slum of a district.
  15. There are currently many senior leaders who do that, affirmative action at its’ finest. I would hate to be hired for a job I believe I earned due to my skin color. Kind of goes against the whole MLK vision for not seeing people based on their skin color but character, you know the rest.
  16. These “diversity chiefs” and MEO types are the worst kind of people. They are an infection to the military. I am sure the PRC has diversity chiefs in its’ higher echelons...It’s going to get worse before it ever gets better - that or we will go the way of the Romans.
  17. God wouldn’t one command be enough to lose all your hair? The Dyess situation is toxic, not to mention the IG is under the scope as well. Not surprised.
  18. $10 says iPhones will now become racist next
  19. “I hope these riots continue” Now sitting Vice President Kamala Harris.
  20. Slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese internment, losing the Vietnam war, the Iraq war...and this is what you chose as the most shameful?
  21. Probably auto deleting nonner BS emails like this.
  22. Yeah they are both wrong and constitute extremism, why is that such a difficult concept to some people?
  23. This day and age a liberal president is more likely to engage us in conflict that a conservative one. How the tables have turned.
  24. Not seeing anyone butt hurt? Just making fun of the wokeism that has plagued our academy and the military. Do we even care about winning wars anymore?
  25. What are we doing about it? So far this current administration seems to only care about inclusion, uniform changes and feelings.
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