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  1. Having the “first African American SECDEF” resign is not good optics for the democrats and woke crowd, so it will not happen. That alone is everything wrong with the left today and a contributing factor to why we are in this mess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I agree with you to a degree, Trump was absolutely correct to get us out…the incompetence that plagues the DOD sat on their arses and never discussed a NEO strategy until it was too late. Biden is too decrepit to understand nuances but the CJCS and the DOD should’ve seen this coming and had a branch plan ready to execute. While Afghanistan was always doomed to be a disaster, we didn’t have to leave thousands of Americans behind with no exit plan.
  3. This is getting ridiculous, if you’re going to mandate the vaccine then lead by example. Time to drain the swamp, oh wait…that triggered the establishment and their useful idiots. My comment applies to both sides of the aisle.
  4. Navy Offensive Coordinator’s mind right now: “I lost a stupid football game to Air Force and I’m out of a job, Biden, Miley and their incompetent defense staff lost one of the most embarrassing conflicts in modern history and they still have in a job”
  5. Story time. I had the privilege (or curse?) of being a deployed commander when the vaccine rolled out. I stood first in line with my SEL to get it along with a handful others (I’m very right of center yet pro vaccine, weird I know... At first contact, only about 32% of our Sq (mostly pilots - just a datapoint), got it. We did legitimately try to educate folks and got that number up to 50+. The turning point however, was discussion of our trip home. In order to stay off base in our foreign country fuel stop, we had to get MAJCOM A3 approval, and getting to that would mean only the vaccinated would be able to enjoy said privilege. So we decided to send those who chose not the be vaccinated home via rotator. When this became public knowledge; dudes were standing in line to be vaccinated. All but 3/90+ folks got the vaccine - mostly so they could party after a long deployment. Morale of the story? Non vaccinated folks are not necessarily driven by the convictions they preach, one could argue? Maybe, maybe not. At the end of the day, we didn’t call them non vaccers or science deniers or demean them. They saw the inherent advantage and got the shot. At the same time, the DOD smartly removed the mask mandate for those vaccinated and more people got the shot. Walking back on that was arguably the stupidest thing the DOD and POTUS have done apart from recent events in Afghanistan. You want more people vaccinated? Don’t insult them, incentivize it. Appeal to human nature. No one falls in line when you demean and insult them.
  6. This is what the CRG and STS career fields are for. Bonus, both carry with them organic security capes. If CENTCOM and DOD aren’t run by a bunch of idiots we would’ve figured this out before the withdrawal went south.
  7. The two agencies do not work well together. I’ve spent a lot of time supporting the East Africa Response Force, it’s a giant joint planning circle jerk while waiting for the DOS, the actual lead agency, to do anything. Look at how Benghazi transpired. You had alert birds asking to takeoff from the Med while the state department sat on their vaginas. Afghanistan, however, is incompetence that is unprecedented. Anyone that calls this a success beyond the COCOM/strategic level needs a mental examination.
  8. 9 years ago? That’s when then POTUS and congress started gutting the military budget while surging in Afghanistan. That didn’t age well..
  9. Carter was always honorable and tried to do the right thing. Joe Biden is and has always been a thug. Look at any number of videos insulting people, losing his temper, lying or just talking like he is out of the slums of Philly. Joe will resign at a time and place dictated by his handlers. I am more disappointed that Austin and Miley haven’t resigned yet. Perhaps they are being pulled by the same puppet strings.
  10. Yeah, almost every third world country with an Air Force has herks, they are one of the cheapest yet versatile airplanes on the planet. I know for a fact Pakistan has them and would train them; they aren’t very good though . They were not allowed to Airdrop at Mobility Guardian after they dropped off the range (not just the DZ) the first day.
  11. Another douche nozzle with stars who makes it about himself and “being a fighter pilot” instead of the actual message.
  12. Not with the current imbecile in chief, maybe Austin will have the balls to do what is necessary!
  13. Valid questions. He will step aside “for health reasons” at a time and place chosen by his handlers and puppet masters. The problem for them is they are realizing how unpopular Kamala is…my sister is a hardcore leftist that lives in Berkeley and even her and all her friends hate her (Bernie is more popular in that sect). I think Dems played the short game in just focusing on ousting Trump with no viable strategy beyond 2022-2024. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I was waiting for “actually it’s Trump’s fault”…no, this mess is 100% Biden’s mess. Trump had an exist strategy…woke Miley sat on it until Biden finally made a decision in April and now we have one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent history - and because the guy in the office can’t put a sentence together let alone make a strategic decision, it might get much worse.
  15. So in theory, I agree with you. I got vaccinated as soon as it was available and I support making it mandatory at least within the DOD. That being said, the left has made such a mess of Covid policies with their self righteous plight in ruining the economy that I can’t blame many people for being skeptical with anything regarding Covid and government mandates. Yes, Trump and many republicans have also adamantly denied Covid’s existence but they aren’t the ones that ruined the economy over Covid. Covid is real, the vaccines work and have less than a 1% side effect rate - but the left has left many people across party lines with a bitter taste in their mouth and complete distrust of the federal government to preach to them. I’m glad more republicans are actually encouraging the vaccine.
  16. I too am flabbergasted by the amount of military officers and peers that openly support Marxism. Maybe this is why we haven’t won a war since 1991?
  17. You’re probably right, impeachment would do then. Kamala is hated enough we could probably survive her for 2 years.
  18. Fuck that guy. Maybe less time pushing Marxist ideology on the military and acting like you are the HMFIC/CJCS.
  19. Exactly. What the fuck were we doing besides training them the last 20 years?
  20. Optimism… and to be fair we did take them off between 14 May** and last week for those vaccinated.
  21. While the fall out for Biden will be hilarious to watch, I am in huge support of this. Maybe we can take off our masks for good, at least on base. Nothing is more BS than being vaccinated yet having to wear a mask again.
  22. No, def not toxic. I’ve been in shoes similar to you in a deployed environment. At a certain point we are appointed with executing the mission. I’d look at any of my ACs sideways if they cancelled due to WX being 300-3/4 when mins are 200-1/2. Just go out there and get er done dude. However, like you, I was sensitive about having my AC’s backs if they did make the tough call even if I disagreed with said decision. Tinker, different story. Crews were not safe to fly and got their butts chewed for ORM. Not to mention it was a training environment. That’s a huge foul on part of said OG. Let’s cultivate a climate where ACs are empowered but at the same time are willing to lean forward and get the mission done in the grey zone.
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