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  1. So what kind of fuel can it carry/offload.
  2. You missed out on a few years of a interest free loan until someone in finance realizes they paid you too much.
  3. Anyone flying into Oshkosh this year?
  4. Sometimes I get bored and just monitor 13927 and hear some interesting stuff. But yea always appreciate the help with info/phone patches.
  5. The EAA article talks about it a towards the end of the article. Previously only CFIs who used their own experimental to instruct in (and charged for instruction) needed a LODA. Hopefully the EAA and AOPA can get this changed the FAA is starting to act like the ATF now.
  6. If someone goes from AD to a TR position the only way is to take terminal leave or sell the leave back before separating?
  7. Not sure about Vance but the other 3 bases all have good places to hit the water. We were on the lake every nice weekend during UPT.
  8. We should do what Nigeria did and build a fleet of Van's RV-6 airplanes to put at bases. Cheap maintenance costs, aerobatic, cruises the same speed as a SR-20 burning almost half as much fuel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van%27s_Aircraft_RV-6
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