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  1. I 100% guarantee you everything will go back to normal after the election. French Revolution? America is doing just fine. Yeah socialist views are on the rise and racial tensions/riots are an issue but America will survive it. It was built to survive this kind of crap. I’d like to think we live in a country where the outcome of the President should not matter. I don’t want one individual having that much power.
  2. Did we watch the same debate? Biden looked like he was about to have a stroke the whole night. My only wish is that Trump interrupted less which would’ve highlighted Joe Biden for how troubled he is. Biden also said some nasty things during the debate but no one is interested in that, just Orange man and the Charlottesville lie being perpetuated by Biden. I can understand people’s aversion to Trump, I prefer his policies and don’t really pay attention to his personality which at the end of the day is more or less harmless tough talk. But if anyone can honestly watch Biden and believe he is capable of leading on the world stage after pissing and moaning about Trump’s personality for 4 years, then that is the height of hypocrisy.
  3. Sorry guys, picked up for what? Haha
  4. Hey man, I’m not going to sit here and say that Trump is a saint. But you can’t sit there and criticize the morality of Trump while claiming Biden is a “decent man.” Most intelligent Trump supporters would never try to convince you that Trump is some kind of saint, but in a government where most politicians are scumbags, we will take his policies which even his most ardent opponents would agree have been beneficial for the country.
  5. Do you respect him constantly sniffing women and making racist remarks?
  6. When the Democratic Vp nominee Harris proclaims that the riots should continue, then I think we have our answer on which party represents the rioters and looters best.
  7. Dems should be careful what they wish for. News to me being stationed in PACAF, Guam and American Samoa lean significantly right of center in terms of politics.
  8. What’s your fucking point? This was already posted a while back in reference to mortuary affairs, the original source of the patch. Classic PA mixup but in true leftist media fashion blow it up into some Trump conspiracy.
  9. There have already been programs to get sharp enlisted dudes through pilot training. It is called commissioning.
  10. PTN is not real pilot training. Nothing stopping Ops Sq/CCs from keeping PTN wonders in MR training till they prove themselves to standards. Sucks for the graduates as many probably didn’t ask for this but this business shouldn’t GAF about feelings.
  11. BPZ is like top 1-2%. I’m sure there are many 06ers in the 3-10% cut line that they are career monitoring.
  12. I’m sure these guys truly believe in the cause and want to make a difference; it has nothing to do with toeing the line with the diversity & inclusion narrative of the brass at the top. Not at all. Curious to see how rapidly these talks dissipate when Trump’s memo makes its way down.
  13. Thank god. About time when you have a sitting squadron commander forcing her squadron to read “White Fragility” and openly posting Atlantic articles bashing the sitting CINC.
  14. The democrats were probably stroking each other in glee as they thought they hit gold with this hit piece. Perhaps another “grab her by the pxxxx” October surprise which Trump has apologized for many times (cmon gents.. you have said worse and don’t BS me into claiming you haven’t, right or wrong.) Unfortunately, this is just that, a hit piece devoid of any evidence, logic or fact. Much like the hit piece with Russia or Kavanaugh. It will fall flat...and add it to the reasons why I will laugh so hard when the mass tears flow from the leftists 3 November. You reap what you sow.
  15. You speak a lot of truth. This is why Trump is so hated amongst the establishment, and so revered by many. He’s not a politician. He’s not a RINO. He’s not a puppet. I don’t care about his personality; his policies are exactly what America needs. I’d rather take a loud mouth New Yorker than an empty suit who can read a teleprompter. Heck, Biden can’t even do that.
  16. You have nothing to lose. Give it all you got, just don’t be an ass about it. I know academy grads with a GPA less than yours that are squadron commanders now.
  17. I was a minority in a UPT class, I had zero issues. I know many minorities in UPT classes, they all did just fine to include 5th gen fighters. What invented issue is the Air Force trying to solve now?
  18. Going to stop you right their. Aerial Delivery, or rather “Air Drop,” cannot be taught to proficiency in a sim. Add in RF threats and other real world factors...forget it. Anyone who advocates for such is asking for numerous mishaps. AMC at large is not fucking airline training. It is no wonder most of the CAF scoffs at us.
  19. Because we all trust big Air Force to be 100% objective and act with integrity and not undermine the standards for metrics or “diversity.” Nope, not at all.
  20. Wouldn’t surprise me. Our priorities as a service and DOD is putting us on a clear tragedy our to lose the next major war. I wish I was saying that jokingly but I’m genuinely concerned about our time honored capabilities to fly, fight and win.
  21. Federalism, 10th Amendment, these are all good problems to have! I don’t want Trump or anyone in the federal government have that much power. You guys give him and the position way too much credit. I’ll take decentralized federalism over the false security of centralized control found in other countries any day. This is bigger than Covid with a less than 0.1% mortality rate.
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