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  1. She’s a huge social justice warrior and nonner; of course the dude was obviously the bad guy in this divorce mess. Good lord does she have anything better to do?
  2. What OSS is that? OSS ADO is nothing but queep..
  3. It is an entitlement and most CCs will not get in the business of denying leave especially for life events. CCs also get scrutinized when their members have a ton of leave especially ‘use or lose’. 10% rule applies but like everything else can be flexible with good proactive leadership. Only seen leave cancel for a short notice deployment.
  4. They’ll be Covid tested though right? Asking for a friend
  5. It’s a waste of time and reiterates why 90% of Congress is worthless; and one of the frustrations that influenced the Trump movement in the first place. Maybe if Congress actually did their job it would help regain some trust in the very institutions we need to rebuild the political unity in this country. After recent events, I wouldn’t worry about Trump even thinking about reelection. “Formal condemnation”, who cares? There has been plenty of condemnation from both sides, maybe focus on why Capitol police officers just let the rioters waltz in, or unfuck the NDAA that you passed several months late, literally anything having to do with their jobs.
  6. We spent the last month removing metric tons of equipment and personnel out of an unnamed third world wonder...only to be told we have to prepare to undo that and put everything back in a few weeks..
  7. I’m impressed you took the time to find that. Except I don’t consider the idiots storming the Capitol conservatives. True conservatives value rule of law and order, neither of which was embodied today. Goes back to my previous point that that the extremes don’t define the majority. So I fail to see your point.
  8. No one on this forum claimed that the right doesn’t / can’t riot. Most of us hate these idiots on the far right as they delegitimize our values. I would bet every Trump supporter in this forum, myself included, condemns this violence and hopes for a peaceful transition. Likewise we don’t claim that the actions of antifa are representative of the mainstream democrats. Groups should not be characterized by their worst people.
  9. While I don’t think it was Trump’s “inflammatory words” that cost the right the senate (at least one senate seat in Georgia, fingers crossed to keep the other for the sake of this country), I do find Ted Cruz’s grand standing counter productive. I’m obviously a huge MAGA fan and not ashamed about it but Trump lost. It’s time for Republicans to deal with it, thank him for his service (sincerely), and focus on their fight against the Green New Deal and its radical supporters the next few years. Or worse, court packing and going after the electoral college. Buckle in, hope sticking it to Trump was worth it.
  10. A lot of tough talk on “Accelerate Change or Lose,” to Russia and China yet waste time on this PC BS. AF leadership is probably just trying to preemptively toe the line with one of the many “priorities” of the incoming administration.
  11. Sure dude, if it weren’t for those asshole fighter pilots hurting everyone’s feelings, they would be able to process PCS vouchers in time, or ensure the DFAC was open for those night lines and mid shift maintainers, or not screw up PCS orders so bad, or screw up people’s pay, or volunteer at the CGOC while their flight can’t manifest cargo worth their lives. There is a reason for Brabus’s scorn, and while much much more than 10% of our non-ops brethren are worth their weight in gold, the nonner mindset is a thing, and it has nothing to do with AFSC or how close to the flightline you work.
  12. They could get rid of SOS and the service’s capabilities wouldn’t change nor would anyone worth their salt blink an eye. The only positive things I hear about it are trivia night downtown, stellar BBQ and drinking games, all of which I can do at my Squadron bar anytime. SOS DG was also a self licking ice cream cone of HPO production, many of whom didn’t have to do jack all to remain on said golden path. If they actually want to teach doctrine, keep it virtual with some reading material and essays. There were some good lessons like the promotion board exercise (which made many of us even more jaded when some of the nonners ranked the CGOC president who hooked numerous checkrides over the Weapons Officer.)
  13. I’m saying as long as you don’t look like Santa Clause who gives a shit about your waist size? Make it part of the PHA.
  14. That logic falls flat when you consider that Trump gave up an insane amount of money to be President. The dude loves the fame, no doubt about it, but he didn’t become POTUS to get rich, no one does.
  15. Come on man some of the most in shape people I know can barely pass the waist measurement. It is archaic and in no way shape or form is a measure of physical health.
  16. Perhaps Loyalty? They can thank Trump and his relentless exposure of lunatics like AOC and Sanders for bringing in more conservative votes. Trump is not dead orange weight whether you like him or not. He’s inspired a new wave of conservatism that goes for the throat of neocons like the toxic Bush family. First president to not get us in a new foreign conflict; in fact he is ending many of them (granted I get to miss Christmas for one of them but that’s neither here nor there). Trump isn’t going anywhere, whether that means he starts his own cable news network to rival Fox News or runs again in 2024 (I hope the latter because I love seeing the left so triggered about him.) Also, generally speaking, Biden is irrelevant in this conversation much like he is as a person, he will be shoved aside for Kamala and sit and watch like a dolt as the radical left starts to take over.
  17. Democrats don’t like math, most of their voting base is not proficient past 3rd grade math. Look at how AOC still sticks around. Biden’s voting base won’t care about the math either. Orange man bad, socialism good!
  18. Yeah, that’s all on the wishlist for Biden’s puppet masters. Hopefully the Republican Party will find their sack again and prevent most of those radical proposals from going through. I think the Green New Deal is virtually impossible considering the fact that the infamous hated AOC keeps parroting it...Paris climate accord and Iran deal may return and neither is in the best interest of this country.
  19. Her district is deep blue and has a handful of Somali refugees from the 90s. The squad and her aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
  20. That’s putting it lightly, it will be 2012-2014 all over again. I bet she will take great selfies like selfie Deb. Hope sticking it to Trump was worth it
  21. Depends where you live? South Chicago that sounds like just another Tuesday afternoon.
  22. What were some of his notable legislative achievements in either Illinois or US senate..??
  23. Whatever the outcome, Trump will go peacefully, but he isn’t disappearing. He is still a powerful voice in politics on the right with almost half the country who loves him (let us not kid ourselves in thinking this election was not extremely close.) Two outcomes if Biden does indeed win: 1. Rumor has it Trump starts his own news company to rival Fox News. If successful, he will make the Democrat’s lives and jobs a living hell. They’ll miss when he was President and could be somewhat restrained. Now..precedent was that you don’t bash your successor but thanks to Bush Obama and Clinton all railing against Trump for four years, I’d say that Trump couldn’t care less about that precedent. 2. Trump runs in 2024, 100% legal. Who knows, he might win. Joe Biden can’t put a sentence together and Kamala received less than 4% of the vote in her primary. Kamala herself will inspire a red wave in 2022 and 2024..she is just not likable and her policies are pretty unpopular as indicated by the other elections we just had. This outcome would be entertaining if only to see the utter meltdown on the left. I think many of them are also delusional in thinking Biden will actually be the President if he wins and don’t see the giant elephant in the room that are Biden’s faculties and mental health. I think his eventual ousting under the 25th amendment will upset a lot of moderate democrats...heck I don’t even think Biden sees the snake in the room. Final point, I think the left will miss Trump as President. He was their scapegoat, their punching bag, what will they do now? One thing is for sure, the polling industry is dead.
  24. It’s not about you, quit being dramatic. There is clearly widespread cheating but don’t ever piss and moan about democracy and turn a blind eye to the clear fraud from the Democratic Party. Biden might indeed be the winner (in which case god help you all..) but you’re going to have a very angry and non trusting electorate amongst half the country if that fraud is not addressed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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