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  1. You won’t from Biden nor Kamala, sorry to break it to you. But yes, even as a hard Trump fan I do miss the civility in politics and sometimes cringe when Trump goes off on Twitter or whatever else.
  2. Yeah... Kamala will be your President by February, then this country will have real problems. Will be entertaining to see Nikki Haley wipe the floor with her in 2024.
  3. Word on the street is he might start a news company to rival Fox News. He’s not going anywhere and will make the democrats’ lives a living hell as they did to him.
  4. No one cares dude. You poke the lion enough times you’re not going to like the outcome.
  5. Have you ever been to New York? Spend some time there and you’ll realize why occasional cortex is their darling comrade.
  6. That’s the elephant in the room isn’t it? If Biden wins he will be 25th amendment’d out in place of Kamala. She’s probably laughing like a Hyena right now. Not over yet though.
  7. Huh? I happen to be a minority and will give you multiple female minorities I would love to have for POTUS (Rice, Haley, etc); I just don’t find someone appealing who whores herself out to married men while attacking her opponents about decency, brags about smoking MJ while putting thousands of blacks in prison while screeching about racism. Try again. Yes..sequestration led to a rise in incidents that cost lives why is that so triggering to some people?
  8. I don’t see how he was questioning anyone’s military service- giving him the benefit of the doubt it sounds like he’s just perplexed why military members would vote for Biden; especially since Biden was the VP during the gutting of the military during sequestration which cost many fellow aviator lives. Trump’s bone spurs? Don’t care..what conflict did Biden and Harris serve in? What conflict did Obama serve in? Trump’s policies have been very positive for the national defense of this country. Also most Biden supporters do realize he’s just filler right? His handlers will move him aside ASAP for Kamala who had 4% in the primary in terms of popularity.
  9. The only downside to a Trump victory is the insane rioting from the jobless left / Antifa / BLM that is about to go down. Thankfully I live in a small Texas town that understands civility despite which side you are on, but man, I don’t envy those in a big city right now. Also, the media wants Trump to win. He is their punching bag and scapegoat. Who else will cover their news cycle? He’s probably the source of most of their profits! They should thank him one day.
  10. His handlers believe him coming to Texas and making an ass of himself would do more damage to him than just staying away and letting Bloomberg’s corrupt $$ doing the trick!
  11. Good question on the DOD. Yes it would get a funding cut; but not on the backs of our troops or training (ie sequestration 2013). Those cuts should come from eliminating proxy wars and conflicts such as Afghanistan where we drained resources for almost 20 years without a coherent strategy. However, just because we are asking for a smaller government doesn’t mean less funding for the DOD. Those asking for a small government are simply wishing the scope, power and overreach of the government was limited as the constitution intended. This is mostly towards domestic policy; foreign policy and the DOD are very much one of the few functions of the federal government.
  12. He is at least right about one thing : as little government as possible. Push power down to the states and local governments. One seriously must be living in a bubble if they believe the answer to their problems is “more government.” The government couldn’t run a convenience store without running it into the ground. Seriously what is wrong with people?
  13. No one is talking about it because the media is complicit in the plan to destroy this country from the left. Where have you been the last 5-6 years? If this was Don Jr or Eric with the same degree of evidence it would be on 24/7 coverage, tell me I am wrong? I do agree that this won’t sway many undecided voters. The question is how many will enthusiastically get off their behind and vote for their candidate. Look at the enthusiasm at their rallies, and I think you’ll get your answer. Side note: the economy was booming under Trump prior to China infecting then world with Covid...and all things considered the economy is making a strong rebound (unless you live in states like Michigan or New York.) Trump has already proven he can make the right decisions for a strong economy amongst other things.
  14. She’s a typical arrogant, smug California liberal. Hasn’t accomplished anything besides blow married men to get hired and put black people behind bars for drug offenses she herself bragged about. However, that fake laughter ? Not sure anyone sane could deal with that for 4-8 years. Yikes.
  15. McCain I guess? The Rep from Illinois that flies ISR in the guard who visits this forum. George W flew in the Texas ANG.
  16. Agreed...including your 44th President: Barack Hussein Obama, until Summer 2012, right before his re election. Who was his VP? So please liberals ...spare us the self righteous BS.
  17. He also illegally detained thousands of innocent Japanese Americans behind bars ..weird, the self righteous liberals always forget that little detail when they praise him.
  18. Define ‘quality of life’? Paying >60% taxes doesn’t constitute quality of life for me and many Americans. However many in those countries are happy so like the old saying goes “one man’s trash..”. That’s the beauty of America for the most part; freedom and liberty to make your own choices and spend your own money ...because god help you if you think our government can spend it more effectively.
  19. Private investment and then let the private sector handle it as was intended with the way our country runs; with limited and reasonable oversight. Why do (both sides) always run to the government for their problems? I don’t want crackpots like Bernie/Biden or illiterates like Occasional Cortex responsible for any more of my money than I already give for them to mishandle. Also, as much as I love Trump, I don’t want him having too much power and have not appreciated many of his executive orders.
  20. I’m not sure how it is possible to spin imbeciles licking toilets... but okay!
  21. This was very true especially at Whiting before big AF robbed people of that opportunity. Worked 3 hours a day in flip flops and the squadron tee shirt (navy always wear sq colored shirts) cooking burgers on the flight line, then going to the beach and chasing women. Life didn’t suck then.
  22. I guess you don’t want us out of Afghanistan and Syria?
  23. Let’s make a separate climate change thread. Back to Doe Biden and Orange Man please.
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