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  1. I got an email from the registrar at the IQT schoolhouse in regards to TDY reporting instructions. I have been directed to stay at a hotel outside the base for two weeks and then move on base when on base lodging become available. I appreciate their initiative on taking care of me but the on base lodging looks fairly similar to a detention facility I toured overseas (not being sarcastic), only the roaches look slightly smaller here. I secured housing off base a month before I received the email from them. I read through this thread to get some info and then referred to the JTR to see if what I am doing (getting off base lodging on a TDY training course) is in fact allowed. Its alright if I don't get reimbursed for off base lodging, I just want to be able to sleep at night. Can anyone refer me to a paragraph or page number on the JTR because I am unable to find any guidance. Thanks for the help!
  2. Ulysses is correct. They were both non-recs. Alright, I am gonna bitch. Despite what the bigwigs say, both of those 17s were taken from the T-1 pool of assignments. The outcome: those two T-38 students were "saved" from a bomber and in return two of the T-1 students that wanted C-17s got hosed. Is this fair? I don't know. I will say that if you are going to play ball with the T-38s and want to compete for fighters, you must be ready to face the outcome if you don't perform well. Getting "rewarded" with C-17s (that T-1 students were competing for) is not justified after going to multiple 89s. You know what, lets just take the guy at the bottom of his T-1 class and give him a fifth gen fighter..... Sorry for the rant guys.
  3. Vance 17-06 T-38s (fighters rained like candy on carnival) F-35 F-22 F-16 X 4 F-16 Iraq C-17 Travis C-17 Charleston T-1s C-5M Dover CV-22 Hurlburt field EC-130 DM C-17 Charleston KC-135 MacDill KC-135 X 2 Fairchilds KC-135 Scott C-21 Scott KC-10 Mcguire HC-130J Moody T-1 FAIP
  4. Is anyone familiar with the current C-130J ops tempo at Dyess vs Little Rock? Thanks!
  5. Techsan, Is the above info common for all staff assignment locations? What are some of the more preferred locations or type of staff billets where dental appointments are not necessary haha ? How long are typical staff assignments? Thanks for your feedback!
  6. Tunes,

    Thanks for commenting on my AC upgrade post.

    Do you currently fly the C5?

    If so, have you enjoyed flying in the community? What is the ops tempo like? 



  7. Mcbush, Champ and hispeed: Thanks for the replies. Did you guys have to meet and be nominated on Training Review Boards to get started on training?
  8. It seems that AC upgrade takes different amounts of time depending on the airframe you are in. Can heavy drivers give input on how long (on average) it took for guys in their specific aircraft to upgrade to Aircraft Commander?
  9. Questions for drivers at Davis Monthan AFB: The 55th ECG houses the EC-130H. Are there are any other C-130 variants based out of that base?
  10. Iowa, Thanks for the reply. For the ops tempo and deployments, what locations are the "good" and "bad times" based on? How long are typical assignments at places like Dyess? Thanks again.
  11. Thanks Longhorn! Do you guys still do 6months at ADAB?
  12. Why did they wait so long to fix this issue?
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