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  1. As they should be, that’s the worst idea ever. Who is going to train these T-1 wonders at the FTUs and ops squadrons? When Rona dies the mass exodus of IPs will continue.
  2. You completely missed the point. Trump didn’t mishandle Covid. My point was that Covid is an international pandemic and blaming Trump for its’ effects is next level stupid. Further, besides Covid, the country has been doing extremely well during his tenure. So I fail to see why that should change besides your feelings.
  3. Anyone remember sequestration in 2013? Flying hours cut, mishaps skyrocketed down range. I 100% blame Obama for that. Yeah..I’ll take Trump any day of the year.
  4. Has your life worsened between 2016 and now? Apart from Covid, which is a global pandemic, how has Trump hurt your life? A lot of good changes between his election and now. Lower taxes, ISIS eliminated, strong economy. Not bad things at all. Biden? He won’t make it more than a few months past the election. Which means Kamala Harris as your POTUS. A radical California politician who stands against everything American. Higher taxes, open borders, gun grabber...you name it. Trump’s “dumpster fire” is much more palatable. Questions?
  5. It used to be funny but now it’s not. Those same idiots running away bring their politics with them. Hence why there is a growing liberal enclave in Austin TX and Houston.
  6. So the real question; they are obviously trying to increase throughout on the input side (UPT). What the hell are they doing to decrease output and increase retention of your 12 year Majors? People will eventually chill out about Covid (most likely after the election,) and all indicators show that the airlines will recover. Is the Air Force doing anything to address retention?
  7. There will be more mishaps if they go this route. We will then get a fancy CSAF flight discipline video and the cycle will continue.
  8. Tankers are your best bet if you don’t want to spend much time in the vault. Virtually every aircraft in the inventory requires time in the vault; that is if you want to operate the mission well.
  9. “Previously vetted.” You sure about that? By whom? What’s to say the Trump campaign doesn’t have a surprise skeleton to reveal about her come October? Sure would be karma after the Kavanaugh debacle.
  10. This! Ultimately the O is in charge. While a good O will listen to their senior enlisted, they are by no means obligated to take their recommendation. Take any toxic SNCO, specifically Chiefs..the buck stops with their commander. Toxic SNCOs? That is 100% the fault of the commander for allowing such buffoonery to go unchecked. Chiefs being chiefs and turning people away at a deployed DFAC for sweaty flight suits? Blame the Wing King. The buck stops with us.
  11. Weird because the nonners are always taking off work at 1430 to go “PT.”
  12. I do. Some of my good friends are Mx Os. MX is a tough career field, and they tend to eat their own. At Yokota, multiple suicides in the AMXS that got MAJCOM level attention. Here at Dyess, the MX morale can’t be better nor can the OPS/MX relationship, but that may be a product of having a Wing with only OPS and MX. I think part of the problem was separating MX from the flying squadrons into its own Group. When MX was part of the flying squadron, there was more of a sense of belonging and pride in the mission. Also, I can see a flying squadron commander applying the “debrief culture” to maintainers...ie, it’s okay to make mistakes. That is how we learn, instead of crushing a dude for a minor mistake which is a cultural issue in many MX groups. Anyways, I always try to converse with my maintainers on locals and loop them into the mission, and I treat my flying crew chiefs as part of the crew. Most of the maintainers I know love their jobs. They love turning wrenches and get great pleasure out of seeing the mission happen. Seeing the 33 ship (largest C-130J formation) takeoff out of Dyess last month put a smile on every maintainer’s face. Totally worth the weeks of planning we put into it.
  13. I tried reading your post with an open mind... but you lost me at “all racists are Trump supporters.” Most ignorant and naive comment for the month goes to you. (Albeit it was your “friend” who said it but you clearly support such a notion.) Congratulations. As a brown/south Asian guy, I went to HS post 9/11. I faced my fair share of racism. I don’t hate them, they were ignorant teenagers. But when I look back at many of them, they turned out to be some of the most staunch/vocal SJW democrats. So I know your “all racists are Trump supporters” is utter BS. Trump is a polarizing figure, but it is dudes like you that create more Trump supporters. I didn’t like the guy at the beginning of his campaign but it is pompous folks like you that actually drew me too him. So keep it up!!
  14. How has a Trump presidency hurt you or anyone you know? How has your life changed from 2008-2016? I ask these questions to most Trump haters and I usually get something alone the lines or “He said mean things.” This is a President who has been attacked for crazy talk such as pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan (STS.). I thought liberals were anti war? Or was that only a fad to make Bush look bad in the 2000s?
  15. Tell that to the various member states (ie Germany) that pay ZERO for the treaty, all while our tax payers foot the bill for our allies to ride on. No one is advocating for abolishing NATO, just asking a little more of our allies.
  16. Democrats are acknowledging that Biden will get destroyed in a one to one debate with Trump? Regardless, it would be a huge mistake for the democratic nominee to not engage in one of the most basic election traditions and customs. As it is, most democrats aren’t excited about Biden. Pussying away from a debate won’t be a good look.
  17. Two reasons: 1- The academy has prioritized social justice initiatives such as racial/gender diversity, feelings and wokeness over actually building intellectual warriors capable of leading this Air Force. Any grad knows exactly what I’m talking about. Heck, you’re not even allowed to make a freshman do more than 6-9 pushups and recognition is a thing of the past. 2- Not properly pushing the value of being a Pilot. Now I believe they have realized their mistake but a few years ago; they did everything that they could to prop up the RPA and cyber career fields. I heard permanent party would actively discount being a Pilot and as a result, they have had trouble even filling every pilot slot. The academy has so much potential but it has been ridden with shoe clerks and social justice warriors. Now, imagine if the academy used the full potential of its flying programs. You could essentially have more effective UPT students in PTN/2.5 whatever they are calling it as some of the airmanship required of an Air Force Pilot could already be instilled.
  18. Dude Biden ‘won’ because he was the last man standing in a field of some of the worst candidates in history. Even many democrats I know were shocked and disappointed. Got it, Trump is abrasive, but there is zero comparison to Biden who I think there is something seriously wrong with. Whether it is dementia, sniffing women, or making actual racist remarks. The guy has been around politics for 30+ years. We don’t need more of the same. Most of my democrat friends (albeit I don’t have a lot of them) are actually terrified and see the writing on the wall.
  19. For the love of god, PLEASE keep touting the ‘polls’ that have Biden ‘ahead.’ Please make the same mistake you did in 2016 to include insulting Trump voters; gosh you Dems never learn! Also please pick Harris as your VP, the hag who slept with the mayor of SFO to get ahead, not women privilege at all. Now, trump is no saint, but between Biden who can’t put a sentence together and Harris, you no longer get to bash Trump for being ‘unpresidential.’
  20. Close tie between the Germans and the aholes in Qatar. We should move assets to Poland. Poles have a strong love for Americans and would let us do whatever we want so long as we are protecting them.
  21. She has been around since Nam I’m sure
  22. Tax policy, foreign policy, America first, military revitalization, freedom, smaller government, less EPA like regulations But if nothing else, just listen to Joe Biden attempt to talk for 6-9 seconds....
  23. The cherry on top is when the SJWs in these countries criticize our military spending. Like, really?
  24. We can all agree medical costs are high, and that’s a problem. Part of the reason is that innovation and new medicines / technology (90% of which comes from the US) requires money. Another reason is that pharma is anything but capitalist. Heavy subsidies, large monopolies. If we were a true free market then they would compete for a more competitive price. Our healthcare issues aren’t due to capitalism, and no one who advocates for universal healthcare addresses the heavy costs transferred to the tax payer.
  25. It truly is amazing, lots of people join the military who would be fired from McDonalds. You can be a sack of shit and still get above minimum wage.
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