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  1. No, def not toxic. I’ve been in shoes similar to you in a deployed environment. At a certain point we are appointed with executing the mission. I’d look at any of my ACs sideways if they cancelled due to WX being 300-3/4 when mins are 200-1/2. Just go out there and get er done dude. However, like you, I was sensitive about having my AC’s backs if they did make the tough call even if I disagreed with said decision. Tinker, different story. Crews were not safe to fly and got their butts chewed for ORM. Not to mention it was a training environment. That’s a huge foul on part of said OG. Let’s cultivate a climate where ACs are empowered but at the same time are willing to lean forward and get the mission done in the grey zone.
  2. No, Hacker was making the point that if you lead a squadron tasked with going into combat, or a wing, etc. you better be qualified in the primary mission otherwise you lack credibility. WSO leading a strike Eagle unit, absolutely. SOC douche leading a unit that constantly needs IP supervision? That’s what Hacker is talking about.
  3. Said feedback probably reviewed by MG Wills, the sales pitch guy for this disaster. Love the guy, he’s one of the few GOs willing to engage with peons like us; but he’s a company man in this race to the bottom. I’ll go out on a limb and say China doesn’t shortchange it’s training for expediency. Standing by spears.
  4. Congrats, I may or may not know the challenges you faced first hand, especially with leadership. You were always willing to mentor the younger guys and shoot the shit with us. You’re one of the good ones.
  5. Just out of curiosity, are you currently in an ops squadron directly seeing the current UPT product ?
  6. I knew it!! Fuck that guy!! Remember how a social media campaign torched that 2 star who called those supporting the A-10 traitors and subsequently got fired? Let’s hope the same heat gets brought on this DB. Don’t cave, if you are not rested to fly for a BS ex, don’t! If you get persecuted, go to your IG. Worst case, your senator Tom Cotton has your back. Combat?..different story. Either way, LTs start the corn machine because I can’t wait to see this unfold.
  7. Hope this blows up on social media and this OG/CC gets publicly raked across the coals and fired by ACC leadership backed up by the CSAF. No offense to my ABM bros but is this OG/CC an ABM that has zero concept of aviation hazards and fatigue? Unless you’re in combat, an ABM not being able to do their job doesn’t kill lives.
  8. Understood! Ultimately you got to do what’s best for you and your family. However with that little time till your ADSC expires I’d ride it out. Airline hiring will continue for several years. On the other hand, multiple dudes were primed to get out pre COVID then got screwed when the job they expected wasn’t there. Those that asked not to be promoted (APZ) were forced out. Too much risk there. You could consider palace chase, if a guard unit really wants you then the paperwork on the other side works itself out (promotion waiver), of course big blue has to let you go. Just some things to consider that’s all.
  9. Covid hit, and their job on the outside no longer existed..bit a few folks in the ass who did what you are suggesting. Just my opinion, I wouldn’t turn down promotion. There are other avenues to still get out. What does your commitment look like?
  10. No we haven’t moved to socialism, yet. That’s what we are trying to prevent. Let’s not pretend the two clowns sitting in the White House don’t have said ambitions (okay one probably doesn’t but he’s too stupid to realize his handlers pushing him that direction until he serves his purpose.) Let’s not pretend that the “Squad” and their wonderful entourage don’t espouse said views with a significant amount of youth popularity. How many young ignorant Bernie supporters were there? So yes, we will continue to call the fringe left out on their BS. This country is too precious for social experimentation with a poli-economic system that has killed thousands of people. They only need to succeed once, there is no saving our country after that.
  11. On the surface I agree with your notion that we need to move past Trump in order to regain credibility as a party let alone defeat whichever lunatic the Dems put up (probably Kamala). While there are many nut jobs on the right, we have to ask “why” said old people cling to Trump. Maybe it’s because he was one of the only politicians that connected with boring, maybe rural, everyday Americans? Many of these hard right folk are decent Americans that just want to be left alone and have someone that will fight for them. Whoever the Republican nominee is, must be able to connect with these everyday normal Americans. They aren’t going away.
  12. He’s not wrong you know- but more strategically danger alludes to the fact that young kids today care more about woke crap than actual science and the advancement of technology and man kind, the things you and I probably cared about growing up.
  13. Absolutely..Died to BAF runs are still happening in the MAF. Dude we are still going into Somalia every couple weeks even though “we pulled out” post Trump tweet. The military industrial complex will never let us leave those shitholes.
  14. https://dailycaller.com/2021/07/08/mark-green-critical-race-theory-air-force-academy-mark-milley/ Hopefully this isn’t just a PR stunt and they mean business. The Air Force’s Marxist and racist teachings have congressional visibility and not in a good way. Enough of this racist and hypocritical nonsense!!
  15. I was at KAF from Feb 13 to Aug 13..I can attest to everything you said. Unfortunately said shitty training cost us 4 lives, amongst many others. Like others have alluded to..for what? Good riddance, fuck that place.
  16. “CRT has no place in our public schools” “The radical conservative agenda has no place in our public schools” Both statements can be simultaneously true you know.
  17. You very well could be right, maybe this is a big nothing burger that passes as the flavor of the year. I wouldn’t want to take that chance though. Our military and this country are too important for freedom to risk it with social experimentation. So, if CRT is common place in the military (Lt Col Lohmeier’s accounts lead us to believe it is), then it should be stomped out immediately.
  18. Crenshaw has teamed up with him as well. While it is surely political posturing by Cotton, it is a nice display of checks and balances. CRT has no place in our military. Basic treating all people with respect might do.
  19. True to the time window, but if you are a good dude and are willing to learn, your leadership will get you there. 96.69% of getting to the WIC is passing the bro check. I know many FAIPs who are now patches. They were all humble and held their own.
  20. I’m being 100% serious, I’d be curious to see the demographics of the 5 APZ Ps v you 3 APZ DPs. Wouldn’t surprise me in our current environment.
  21. Yeah BS, we have 40+ copilots and less than 5 Instructors. I wouldn’t expect a nonner bean counter at AFPC to know the difference though.
  22. Still, doesn’t matter. It’s common etiquette for leadership to notify non selects, usually via 1-on-1 meeting, another failure of basic leadership in 14N Guy’s world.
  23. Typically non-selects, it would suck to hear about not being promoted after your peers who do find out, or to find out when the list comes out. Sometimes the Air Force has a heart.. Sorry to those of you who didn’t make it. You just never know what the current crop of 0-6/0-7s grading your record care about nor what the board as a whole is asked to place emphasis in. It’s the largest smoke and mirrors game. A mentor told me that a few years ago, they valued combat time above all else, then a couple years later they valued special programs/exec work above all else. I know it stings, but your rank doesn’t define you. Your lack of promotion was not a reflection of you, but how a handful of 0-6/0-7s perceived your records. The dudes I respected the most as an LT were often passed over majors. They didn’t have to play the game, they just excelled at their primary duty and spent their time at work smiling and happy, instead of playing the game.
  24. You must work pretty deep in the JCS to predict what the construct of the next war will look like? What are the odds of us seeing a B-2 employ a nuke in our lifetime? Does that mean that B-2 dudes don’t train for the worst case, high end fight nor ensure they have the best equipment to deliver that effect? To other posters talking about the current ops tempo, I got it - but I’m tired of that being an excuse. What we do in CENTCOM and other commandant commands as MAF dudes is not hard, at all. You have got to be an average aircraft commander at best to succeed in most operational missions currently. Don’t tell me there isn’t time back home during the workday to get a little smarter on near peer threats or attempt to be more tactically oriented. Maybe less Christmas party/CGOC planning and more time in the vault might help. Circling back to the MAF JFR/GRF construct passingtime69 aludes to: it was option B to invade Iraq in 2003, it was almost used in Haiti with 130s/17s enroute with 82nd troopers on board until they were recalled. Unlikely? Probably, but not out of the realm of possibility if we decide to kick the doors down of a country.
  25. It’s not just fighter guys, it’s the rest of the Air Force flying community that understands MAF is a laughing stock because of attitudes exhibited in your post. Look, no offense, I’m sure you’re a great dude and pilot but we will never advance as a community if we don’t be honest brokers and push back against some of the queep in place of real training and readiness. If you are nearing retirement, I can understand it is not your battle anymore and thanks for your service. To the young guys, it’s not okay to just be box checkers, build airline hours and roll over and say “well nothing I can do about it.” What are you doing within your shop, organization, unit etc to make us more effective as a MAF and by extension the shooters more lethal?
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