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  1. That's like a 1,000% VA disability - yeah?! PTSD, tinnitus, belly flop trauma...the list would be huge!
  2. The FF team is SO responsive to change, it's delightful. I asked for the Hazard Advisor corridors to be selected by typical MSA/ESA/MRAA widths, as well as by custom-number. It was done in like ~2 months and it is magnificent. There were a few other requests fulfilled too. In my experience ask and they will deliver. https://support.foreflight.com/hc/en-us/articles/6478756539159-ForeFlight-Military-Flight-Bag-Guide
  3. Crazy part is DoD, before BRS, had and has TSP matching which could compliment the Defined Benefit for Retired Reserve...and they choose not to use it...imagine the immediate retention bump for those members stuck under High 36/Final Pay/CSP-REDUX. That's some extra 'green'. BRS already gets this... Break, break: Demand 11 I like
  4. What!?? Know the difference between political support of a bill and Presidential veto. A veto is of a bill that sit in front of THE President, as in current one, after both houses of Congress, not one. Define Presidential veto in your universe. In ours, simply: OR 'veto allows the President to “check” the legislature by reviewing acts passed by Congress and blocking measures he finds unconstitutional, unjust, or unwise. Congress's power to override the President's veto forms a “balance” between the branches on the lawmaking power.' https://www.archives.gov/legislative/resources/education/veto
  5. Those with retirement orders got the email, at least near me.
  6. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/joe-biden/gop-lawmaker-asks-merrick-garland-invoke-25th-amendment-remove-biden-o-rcna138112
  7. The paradox is there can be no service without self. People are advocating for balance between service and self. It's a value proposition. And obviously the Services' haven't found an equilibrium with volunteers. The individual, the self, is the basis upon which service made. So, @General Chang @BashiChuni how do define yourselves? What do you value? Especially if what you value and what you do defines yourself, please answer. Is it family? Self autonomy? Ameanable living conditions? What balance, if any, do you require for their to be a self to serve?
  8. Guess my understanding is off by a few years, because wasn't the patch chiseled in stone? Like 865 B.C. (and not back course)!?😝 But seriously: mad respect @HuggyU2
  9. I mis-drilled the wrong hole once, it cost a lot. Don't recommend it.
  10. The most airline profit/$ is in the mileage programs. Colors of 'money' and a means to seperate operations risk from $....points/SkyMiles/Avios/whatever. Pretty clever litigation and profit management risk-serverance if you ask me. Pts = $ with mostly data management risk, not operations. They sit on your points (aka $) for you, collecting interest as well as deflate their value.
  11. Reminds me of something like this seen a LONG time ago as a patch...
  12. But did she, really? The crown will come with unforseen, royal baggage regardless of who she is as a person, for starters lots of TDY/PTDY for AF Recruiting Service. Time will tell.
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