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  1. Once upon a time, over the Atlantic Ocean, just offshore from the Outer Banks, an air-to-air kill was logged, a balloon. The end…or was/is it?
  2. Hey guys, don’t blow-up the issue here…
  3. Deploy, TDY, upgrade, slow-to-stop regularly flying, then be offered 'white jets' to Del Rio by the Sea...or get out like the majority have, perhaps milk a reserve gig with/in them post-AD
  4. Great question therein: for Reserves and ANG, are they getting full time/credit regardless of what they would’ve normally completed. In others words, full/AD time/pay for a TR who typically min-runs his time? If so, what a deal…
  5. https://www.iranwatch.org/our-publications/articles-reports/irans-nuclear-timetable-weapon-potential I wonder what a mapped out Iran nuclear sites versus earthquake epicenter would show? Someone has to be putting them on the same map... ...or it's ordinary quakes along their fault lines crisscrossing Iran
  6. Threshold to that intersection is what, like 3/4 nm? With Delta stopping 1k ft short, seems like their reject was based on Tower’s radio shou-out, and not seeing the AA
  7. How do you define, actualize, the power grab? Is the power grab you speak of more defined as: pandemic enabling more mail in voting, thus leaning a certain way? More dependency on gov't by saving a person from paying their student loans? Forbearance of home loans/financial choice(s)? To experiment with the boundaries or gov't control/power of our American system of governance? ....how, or how else is actualized?
  8. But did they make Major? /s (It is a promotion thread)
  9. Will ACSC/AWC degrees be MORE valued? Will the cone lick it’s AU/AFIT-self?
  10. Agreed. Saw a large flight attendant in corporate refresher training get stuck in the hatch, pulled through by two other FAs.
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