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  2. So you get butt @$$ naked in the $hitter just to go #2? Red is that you? Millennials need their @$$es wiped for them since an app isn't readily available yet. Thus, we need new flight suits.
  3. I’ve worn literally every flavor of flight suit from the original Army two piece of early Iraq, high speed Crye two-pieces, and even an orange one piece that was a ‘SAR helo’ suit. I’ve recently gone back to wearing the one piece bag because nothing is as comfortable as a properly broken in one piece bag. And it’s really not that hard to take off a one piece to take a dump, and I’m a pretty big dude.
  4. Okay. That's a bummer. Thanks for the info
  5. You would be surprised how much people in the military don't know. When I left my 11R platform filing VFR was like a Pandora's box of mystery to them. They thought it was this way out there wierd thing that needed special preparation and planning. VFR. You know, what every GA pilot does until they get instrument qual'd. The military had it's strengths but each community has their weaknesses as well. At the end of the day the aviation sector is huge and people will specialize in their organizations niche. Hanging out at an FBO and talking to some old timers is a great way to realize how much you haven't seen, even with an Air Force background.
  6. Was this an SDE ADSC? Were you tasked to deploy before applying for retirement? Did your CC support? Any details would be helpful, please share the long story if possible. I am currently a SQ/CC, I should change out summer 2020 and would deny any assignment as I would not have the needed retainability. I would end up just hanging around the base for six months or so with out a real job.
  7. So you are basing your conclusion on the entirety of general aviation, commercial or otherwise, based on your experience at a single civilian school? Copy.
  8. Good stuff Marc. Read your book cover to cover a few months ago. It helped out a lot and answered a shit ton of questions.
  9. I was recently denied for a 2 month waiver... I tried "benefit of the AF" and hardship. Long story but fell right in line with "deploy or get out" and I can't deploy for various reasons. It's a clown show, with a TSgt making the call and he could care less what some policy outside of his regs says.
  10. Obviously not all of them are, but it took about 6 flights in a T-6 for the bar to be set higher than any civilian checkride I experienced. I was not prepared to calmly handle a real, complex emergency or SA draining scenario until UPT, and even then 38s is when it all clicked having an engine shit the bed. Knowing what I do now, the phrog pilot at my school was the only person I feel was a true professional aviator. There’s too many people that lack repetition and experience from their 1 Sunday flight a month or just trying to reach the magic number for a regional job. The airlines seem to see value in our training as well. But I digress from the original post.
  11. If you already have a job lined up, you can Clep out of 3 1/2 days of TAP. Or use that time to work on your apps quietly in the back of the classroom. I turned my airlineapps data into pilotcredentials data and got a call from SWA about a week later. It was a nice weeklong break...
  12. I really know a lot less than I should about FAA ratings, but I was a T-6/T-1 guy, I got a commercial, multi engine, instrument with a BE-400 type.
  13. Rated means already a military pilot. There are rated boards and UPT boards. Rated boards are for people current/qualified in the jet, or who just need a transition course, and UPT boards are for dudes off the street.
  14. That is a pretty broad brush that you are painting with.
  15. I'm new to this, but does rated mean active duty?
  16. Correct me if I’m wrong (the mighty Tweet reigned in my time), but I believe you’ll get Commercial AMEL, ASEL, IA, counting the T6 time.
  17. That’s good to know and also what I expected. Just finished my flight school training and slated to go to upt next year. I’m sure the training is 200x better considering you do it every day and have way better instructors
  18. Yesterday
  19. Or just start an internship 6 months before your retirement date. Instructions at link. https://www.afpc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1232254/career-skills-programs-help-airmen-prepare-for-post-military-employment/
  20. Langley and Florida are rated only as far as I know. Whiteman B-2’s haven’t hired off the street for the last several years. They had a board in 2015 maybe but not sure if it was posted publicly.
  21. More on the incident and a Google Earth shot of where it occurred: https://www.newsweek.com/mexican-soldiers-question-disarm-two-us-army-troops-apparent-confusion-about-1401939 Looks like rural / suburban area, where the river snakes and could be confusing, where oh I don't know a lighted 30' barrier would clearly mark the border and stop illegal crossing between both countries would be helpful....
  22. Like everyone said, there’s the milcomp tests to award all the civilian equivalent ratings for your military experience. Also, as someone who went through the civilian training before doing military flight school. AF training is much, much better than my civilian training. It made me realize that the majority of non-airline civilian pilots are really incompetent and dangerous.
  23. As a former flight test guy, I’m appalled that anyone would have thought the MCAS system as designed was a good idea. If Boeing doesn’t get their shit together rapidly, they will be out of business in a very short timeframe. The rampant FOD problems and the design decisions on the 737, KC-46 and 787 paint a terrible picture. Not or a fan of the NYT, but received this from a friend this morning. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/20/business/boeing-dreamliner-production-problems.html
  24. Bro, let Pawnman be happy. Buckets won't help, but a "little" Flex Seal might! You just never know. #Innovation
  25. Give the man a break. Part of the reason the Air Force is sinking is because a lot of the good dudes decide to get out versus putting in the effort to fix anything. With that being said , I am choosing to get out ASAP but don’t bring down the people who play the game to potentially make it to a point where they can make a difference. Just because their path is different from yours doesn’t mean it’s a bad or wrong path. It’s just different. Let’s be honest , if you don’t check the containers right now you’re never going to be in a leadership position to actually change anything worthwhile. Some people are going to have to take the plunge.
  26. And good luck bailing water on the Titanic. I hear management really listens to its people
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