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  2. This is a smart bet. And Haley will win.
  3. Two people? Three people? Great episode if you've seen it.
  4. I don’t understand why you all are wearing underwear
  5. Point of order...I never mentioned your comments. I was referring only to Joyrides silly statement; my panties are unbunched.
  6. Yes. You’re asking if there is one person out of 330 million people that hasn’t made their mind up? The answer is yes.
  7. I responded to someone who said flyovers were of no training value and insinuated that they only favor doing them because they're a morale boost and "America, Fuck Yeah!". I noted that IF that were true, they shouldn't be happening. I also noted that if this person wasn't learning from a flyover, they were doing it wrong [because there's plenty to learn from a flyover]. Further, I suggested that it appeared a good portion of people doing the flyovers actually needed the training [that you get from a flyover]. Which side of the arguement do you think I'm on? You can unbunch your panties now. The point was that if the person I was responding to was in the jet for no purpose (i.e. not training), then they're "joyriding" and defrauding the U.S. taxpayer.
  8. Do you honestly think there is ANYONE left in this country who hasn't had their mind made up and then some? Trump could shoot someone in the street and his base wouldn't care. Biden could be found feeding pigeons in Central Park not knowing who he is and his base wouldn't care at this point.
  9. And if I want to fly heavies, I would have to fly the T-6, correct?
  10. Ever played poker? If you're a politician and you're sitting on a trove of information detrimental to your opponents, it can be of tremendous value. Once it has been made public, it no longer has value. My point is: the laptop is real, and it does contain information. Everyone wants to know everything that's on it. I think Trump and his team know how much they need to allude to this information to get public interest, how much proof they need to provide to eek out a win, and how much they can use against their opponents for the next 4 years. Perhaps, it's a bluff, perhaps it's not. Don't expect to get any more proof than is necessary to lock up the election.
  11. Ok. Well you’re missing out on some pretty funny bias compared to what 60 min aired
  12. I’m going to venture that Joyride has never participated or planned an event like this. For many airframes, TOT control is critical to “combat effectiveness”.
  13. BL: Do RPA selects for the UFT boards have any say for their follow on assignment since the RPA pipeline ceased doing drop nights? I’m applying for this years AD UFT board and was wondering what input the member has to their follow on assignment. I only qualify for RPA and with the new assignment process—if I’m tracking correctly— you get your follow on assignment first and then TDY to your training pipeline courses. It would be nice to have some say to the matter. Thanks for any and all responses!
  14. Yep, not continued but my ADSC was up in Nov '19. Everyday past that was because I wanted to be there. Felt like a weight off my shoulders (doubly so since I hit 20yrs in Jun '19). Come PCS time got Stratcom as LNO (basically) from 16AF...hard pass.
  15. I'd rather watch something Sim posts here.
  16. Congrats. As Mover says "Make them tell you no!"....and then ask again.
  17. Fuck that, if they don't put it out, it doesn't exist. So far the only interesting part of the story is the dude who is publicly claiming that Joe Biden was aware and a part of Hunter's money-making schemes. That should be pursued. The sexting and other shit is just noise. There's no shortage of screwed up politicians' kids. However I personally think it stretches the imagination to claim that Joe didn't know his kid was using his name and position for personal gain. If there was ever an argument that Joe wasn't fully a swamp creature, and I don't think there was, it should be laid to rest.
  18. As a tax payer I would be way more concerned with plenty of the other shit we waste money on before I got to flyovers. I’ve never done a flyover, but I’m willing to bet a paycheck I would learn 10x more from planning and executing one than I learn from the 69 million mandatory down days we take to talk about our feelings.
  19. Go to the Donald’s Facebook.
  20. Just got the denial email from Hawaii boys. Congratulations and good luck to those who got selected! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  21. I think he meant in the general, “from my taxpayer perspective” and not the “i wrote a blog that sold out” one.
  22. Mark1 = JQP. Yeah.....nope
  23. Yes, the unedited. I can't find it on YouTube all I get are trailers.
  24. Joyride??? Are you freaking kidding me? Plan a 4 ship TOT Involving airspace issues and ground coordination. That's a real world requirement. Park in airspace that deconflicts with a variety of threats and restrictions. Been there, done that. Work comm issues with a ground party to hit a TOT and solve weather, threat, and last minute changes to accurately arrive when and where you want to be. Easier said than done but part of the job description. No doubt TOTs have been missed and formation positions have been atrocious but the answer is more training not less. If you can't master the basics, the complex mission tasks aren't going to be any easier.
  25. whats up with the music? lol good work by the crew!
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