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  2. di1630

    What's your favorite mission?

    Cheer up...you guys still do a terrific airshow plus with the QF program you’ve exceeded all expectations.
  3. FourFans130

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Clearly you haven't met the USAF acquisitions process.
  4. ViperMan

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    Long, long overdue. If you think our acquisition animal sucks at buying aircraft, just watch it try to purchase a satellite. That said, it should be administered by the Air Force - in the same way I imagine the Marines are administered by the Navy (I have no idea)? Zero need to duplicate bureaucracy or build new infrastructure. But it needs its own command, professionals, and to be separate because it is fundamentally different from the "Air" Force.
  5. Sprkt69

    Promotion and PRF Information

    It’s like PCS’s or deployments, you are probably the first from that base. So you will have to bear with them as they figure it out
  6. ihtfp06

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Read 10 USC 1174. Submitting a “do not promote me letter” is enough to lose your eligibility for Separation Pay. The letter does not have to be the reason the Board chose not to select you.
  7. HarleyQuinn

    What is right with the Air Force

    In war on ‘queep,’ Air Force aims to give squadron commanders new weapons https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/06/18/in-war-on-queep-air-force-aims-to-give-squadron-commanders-new-weapons/ Queep example - WG/CC has every officer on the entire base fill out a court member data form. Who has the most officers? Flying squadrons. This WG/CC made a tough decision and probably loses sleep over queep. Definitely 2 star material for sure. How about a software program for JA to pull SURF and ribbon data into a format specifically for them? So I don't have to waste time filling this sh...t out. Pilots, you can find the exit doors to your left and right, just follow the emergency lighting. Please put your masks on first before helping any of the Lts. Your seat cushion can be utilized as a floatation device if you want to float away from this constant BS!
  8. I didn't read "press to test to see if they are dumb enough to pay me" as "asking if I am eligible for involuntary separation pay through official AF channels".
  9. Yeah, except that’s not what the reg says. You can write a letter requesting to be passed over. The letter alone doesn’t do anything. The BOARD determines if the letter caused your non-selection or not or if your record was going to be a non-select anyways. If your letter caused it, then no you aren’t entitled. I don’t think it matters in my case anyway because I am assuming my second letter will be the “determining” factor in the second board. I don’t know why asking if I am eligible for involuntary separation pay through official AF channels is equivalent to trying to commit fraud... and if I could somehow trick the AF to give me $69,000 when they won’t even pay out my $200 travel voucher, then damn, I’m better than I thought.
  10. Wait...what? In what universe is trying to get money from someone that you know you are not entitled to not fraud? That's literally the definition of "defraud". And I didn't accuse him of doing it. He literally said "Anyone know how to press to test to see if they are dumb enough to pay me Separation Pay for non-continuation?" How am I the a-hole here?
  11. I didn't go straight to fraud. I asked what the letter said. If a person straight up said "don't promote" me, then turned around and tried to get invol sep then that person is committing fraud (i.e. the "hope nobody notices" comment from a third party above). The content of the letter is relevant to the discussion as is your intent in pursuing the separation pay. That's why I asked a question and followed up with several "if, then" statements. This is decidedly different from making an accusation.
  12. HarleyQuinn

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Oh snap, BODN/JA is in the house. Log off everyone or you will be hit with court martial duty if you don't.
  13. YoungnDumb

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Former FAIP (finally), but valid, I'll shack myself accordingly
  14. Nice. Going straight to fraud. I figured someone on here would go there eventually. Here's the deal, if you actually read the reg, it is 100% not up to me to decide what caused my non-selection. For my first board, it was the fact that my SR gave me a blank PRF and on my second board, I didn't decide to non-continue me... pretty sure that was the AFs doing. Its not my role to "file for Involuntary Separation Pay", I am simply asking how they determine who gets involuntary sep pay when THE AF DECIDES to non-continue someone. Wait, why in the hell am I arguing with a full grown man in a Buz Lightyear costume?
  15. That is what the CV community briefed ACTF. With metrics!
  16. SurelySerious

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    M-A-R-S Mars
  17. Majestik Møøse

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    The suit is definitely weird at first; you first fly with it on ride 8, and it feels like a brand new jet again. Like you’re in a cocoon and disconnected from the world. Then it becomes normal after a while and you don’t really think about it. The tolerance for this varies among U-2 guys. It seems proportional to your mass; some taller or wider guys complain a bit more about tired backs and shoulders. And some are totally ok, it differs from person to person. Go figure. The good thing about the suit is that it was designed to accommodate an 8-10 hour single seat flight as well as could be expected given the constraints. The methods for eating, drinking, pissing, and temperature control are pretty well sorted. I’d guess that the 6-9hr missions that some fighter guys are doing in the desert can be less comfortable. The worst part is being on the ground when it’s hot/humid. Cockpit starts to swelter pretty quick, and the suit air doesn’t get cooled on the ground. The U-2 doesn’t like being anywhere near the ground. It likes to go up. Once it’s going up, everything is as it should be.
  18. Why did you write the letter in the first place? If it was in order to get non-continued so you could (no pun intended) duck out of your ADSC then you are not entitled to pay. If you try to get paid anyway then you are committing fraud. If the letter was to clarify derogatory info then it wouldn't be the reason you got non-selected (the derog would be the reason). In that case, you get the money. Why the confusion?
  19. Boomer6

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Dude you're a FAIP, you know better. JJ didn't hooked you, he just wrote the gradesheet.
  20. Put it in some low risk interest bearing account. Can’t go wrong if you don’t spend it.
  21. Did you get this paperwork on the public release date? I went by our FSS and talked to Promotions and Separations. Both of them acted like they had no clue what I was talking about. It’s almost like no one had ever separated from my base... lol
  22. HU&W

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    "separate but equal" to the AF https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/18/politics/trump-space-force-air-force/index.html
  23. Never heard or seen any prioritizing. Most are Rucker bros or 53 guys. There’s no advantage to any track, each has its hurdles. Generally they drop to Rucker and t-1 guys, 38s grab afsoc assets and you can get one there as well.
  24. 17D_guy

    History Friday

    Operation Bolo details being declassified - https://warisboring.com/spies-helped-the-usaf-shoot-down-a-third-of-north-vietnam-s-mig-21s/
  25. 17D_guy

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

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