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  2. As the title suggests, I’m curious how much the Sq/CCs in the various communities fly? In my part of the world, they don’t seem to fly that often. I’m wondering if it’s similar elsewhere or if they all tend to minimally fly?
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  4. Let me check, the mortality rate is, “fuck you.” Two people in my family have already died and I live in the same house as someone who is 70+ and who hasn’t gotten the opportunity to get vaccinated yet. This virus is deadly and I am counting down the days until all of my loved ones are protected so we don’t have to go to more funerals. Glad to hear you’re healthy and happy though; I sincerely hope you’re able to stay that way!
  5. Oops, my bad it was Swamp Yankee. But why are you saying I called him out by asking a question? Which ones do you agree with? Am i calling you out asking that? You said Trump holds the record. For what? Total EOs? EOs signed in the first week of office? I am 100% with you on your last sentence in the first paragraph.
  6. I wasn’t the original person you were calling out. I was simply pointing out how absurd it was to complain about the “record amount” of EOs he’s signed one week into his term. Let’s see if he holds pace, then it is significant, otherwise it’s simply one guy trying to undo all the crap he feels was done poorly by the guy who left things a mess. Some I agree with, some are pandering to the left, and some are stupid, and will probably suck for the country. Since you’re so big on keeping track, how many last second things did Trump try to do on his way out, seemingly to simply create wor
  7. A couple good articles by a disproportionately smart guy that's in the sector: https://davidsacks.medium.com/the-speech-cartel-b3f5555f7787 https://medium.com/craft-ventures/section-230-mend-it-dont-end-it-e33799a43a5f Sacks argues that speech, particularly at scale, has been almost completely digitized. Thus, the first amendment takes precedence over all else. Social media is effectively a utility at this point; imagine not being able to get power or water turned on at your house due to the way you voted. Running a business without social media is impossible in the year 20
  8. Not even close. You not going to answer my question? The record I was referring to was the first few days.
  9. You wanna go that route. Trump holds the record.
  10. I assume at KRND? I was a nav stud back then. Guy Neddo was my Flt/CC in the 557th.
  11. Despite the flu vaccine being readily available all over the world. There are people in this world who have never had the flu vaccine. Considering they are still working on inoculating the Phase 1a personnel. Probably want to look at their numbers before talking about what the rest of the population will do. I mostly see old people or the high risk lining up for the shots. You think college students or people who telework care? The virus is predominantly spread during social gatherings. If you're an introvert, do you really need the vaccine? Nobody knows how long the vaccine will l
  12. Which ones of the 30(a world record I believe) and do you agree with?
  13. Millennials have the attention span of a grape nut. It was Twitter...then Instagram..now Tik Tok. Tik Tok gives you a 1 minute video of information. It doesn't have to be true. Everyone is an expert on Tik Tok too. I'm like why are you guys liking the video of a dog trainer telling you why you shouldn't spayed or neuter your pet by a certain age. She isn't a veterinarian. But that's this generation.
  14. Exactly right. I only hear advocacy for lockdowns from those who are financially protected from the impacts. Additionally, I am unconvinced lockdowns are effective and unfortunately reasonable debate is impossible.
  15. Another example of the “ masochism” that occurred. We had a stud, who became a very good friend, that was very smart and very successful in any endeavor he pursued prior to UPT. Top of his High school class, graduated college in 3 years, Magna Cum Laude, DG from OTS etc. He was the only stud who passed the first boldface test we took. He lasted about 6 weeks once we got to Tweets before he washed out. We were all shocked. After he left one of the IP’s told me that his issue was he expected perfection in his flying, so when he made a mistake, even a small one, it bothered him so much it affecte
  16. That is exactly how creative capitalism works.
  17. I agree with much of the above. However, I remain an eternal optimIst regarding innovation and disruption. None of these platforms will exist forever. The digital landscape is littered with the corpses of former online and hardware giants: MySpace, Vine, Wii, Blackberry, to name a few. The distant past includes Netscape, AOL, even Digital Equip and Wang. Trying to implement policies to control such things is probably a fools errand.
  18. I agree with a number of Biden’s EOs but this one was a big mistake. Deportations are a critical part of managing immigration.
  19. ^This! We have a ways to go, but we've also come a long way. This is an example of incredibly poor leadership, not an example of finding dudes/dudettes who wouldn't be able to hack it in combat. I know there are people that slip through the cracks and somehow make it to UPT, but that "wheat has been shifted" by the time they get to UPT. You only make it there if you've shown yourself to be a fairly capable individual. Anyone denying it, sorry, not trying to put a dent in your memory of how awesome you were in UPT, and how you'd have held up better the scrutiny the IPs determined t
  20. got it covid sucks. i really do get it guys. i'm not wanting to get it. but risk reward here come on...if i were a small business owner i would be PISSED that i'm going BANKRUPT and losing EVERYTHING to this. beyond pissed. everyone of you who advocate for keeping things locked down is living off a government paycheck every two weeks...easy for you to say.
  21. then those people need to double triple mask and stay home, stay safe, its only until the vaccine is out, lock it down. i do not need to mask up or keep my small business shut (if i had one) Edit: to be clear i am 100% in favor of getting the vaccine i'm not anti-vax
  22. Don’t get em too scared or they’ll just pack the court and add 2 more judges
  23. I’m willing to bet that after the vaccine gets fda approval it becomes mandatory like the flu shot.
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  25. Just wrapping up my Joint facilitated course. Start my last facilitated elective class next week and then I'm completely done! Thank goodness.
  26. Vito is spot on: it was a "different time". In my opinion, a lot of the folks that washed out in my class (DLF 86-05) would have graduated UPT just a few years later. We started with 63, and graduated 42... exactly 33% washout rate. And that was not uncharacteristic. Having been a FAIP during the 86-89 timeframe, I saw the worst of it, and then it began to trail off a little before I left. We saw a few losses in the T-38, but that burden fell mainly on the T-37 IP's. As a PIT IP from 93-96, I didn't have first hand knowledge, but it was generally well known that the wa
  27. Biden gonna get a little taste of what Trump got at every turn. The longest lasting impact of the Trump administration will be felt for years in the courts which he successfully stacked with conservative judges. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/federal-judge-blocks-biden-deportations?fbclid=IwAR3H9PBwX01ZG8C6Owg9LS9FM07a2urEHvgJXhpYWChW1nqPGxp-beq3yzU
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