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  2. He way overplayed his hand when he said something to the effect of “staffs—where the hard work of airpower gets done”. If I were unsure before, I was not after I read that. Up until then, good show. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. You call that overshooting final? Hold my beer. I’m pretty sure I’ve lined up with Tucson off the perch at DMA. Shit happens. Debrief and move on. I’m sure some senior politician, I mean leadership, who can’t even remember where the battery switch is on his bare min flights to keep flight pay, will try and crucify these guys.
  5. Looks like a tight ELP, thought we didn't teach those patterns anymore! ...ha But seriously, was said AC a previous FAIP? (T-6 ya, ya...)
  6. Quick thread revival. Any update on the -17's? Better/worse these days? Any changes to the tempo at TCM and CHS (if at all)? Any word on 135's and KC-10's these days?
  7. My functional pushed mine today. Looks like that is what that set of letters is so maybe give him a call or email. Sent from my SM-G960U using Baseops Network mobile app
  8. It’s an awesome community but a lot of folks (the non Air Force candidate types) think we just do circles in the sky. I was one of them until I started Rushing tanker units along with other heavies. Yes that’s part of it but there’s more to it. The people and the place make a big difference as well.
  9. I second the boozing part. Your numbers look solid I don’t think you’ll have issues find a home in the guard or reserves. if it all fails, go the army helo route. They have an Apache slot with your name on it. Cheers 🍻
  10. Congrats on the interview. I was in you situation a year ago in Kandahar. Go to the standard interview questions on this forum and think about your answers. I found that thread super useful. Also, not sure what kinda of timeline you have to prepare yourself. I would seriously recommend reaching out to the bogidope guys. The interview prep program is awesome in preping for knowing what to say or how to spin difficult questions in your favor. We did a few mock interviews via phone. I recorded our mock interviews and made note cards... (yes, note cards). For the interview, I found a closet and had one of the IT guys put a DSN phone in there. I had a table looking all the different note cards. At the end, the interview prep with the bogidope guys and mock interviews are all the prep I really needed. Try to connect with the board members anyway you can. For example, one of the board members stated that they were wearing blues. I told them I didn’t have any of my fancy uniforms in the OAR but I hoped it would please the board to know I was wearing a brand new flight suit. Good luck and PM me if you have any questions. Cheers 🍻
  11. Don't get discouraged by less than stellar numbers. There's more to it than that. I had crappy numbers when I was rushing. It took me a while but eventually I learned to focus on the positives that I could bring to the unit. I was too quick to talk about my age and college GPA during my introductions. Every squadron is different in what they want to see in folks that are rushing. It’s good walk the walk and back the talk. Making sure you will be the right fit for the squadron is also just as important as looking good on paper. my $0.02 Cheers 🍻
  12. I can confirm this rumor. Or at least I can now say I’ve seen a guy move to another unit after getting hired. I am in a heavy ANG squadron and for some reason there has been tons of delays at the NGB level to process packets in a timely manner. One day I had a bunch of squadron CC folks calling to tell me to stay motivated during the slow process and constant delays. Turns out they were calling because a particular candidate that was selected before I go hired got picked up by a reserve unit on a short fall slot to UPT and was asking to be released from the squadron. I might not have the full story on how he did it or what unit. Long story short, he didn’t have school dates in my squadron, got school dates with another squadron and he was gone. Good luck. Cheers 🍻
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  14. If they would just let him fly more and not worry about additional duties he would have stayed.
  15. I am headed to Vance in October and the Housing Office actually told me I COULDN’T stay in the dorms because I am a Captain. They said if this isn’t your first duty assignment then you aren’t required to stay in the dorms, predominately due to HHG. I’m also unaccompanied.
  16. You’re not missing anything. Jon’s total interest was based off paying it off at 20yrs and not with a disciplined extra payment every month from the start. If you made the difference in principle payment from the beginning and never missed it then you are 100% correct. Most people are not as disciplined as a Marine to make extra payments diligently every month along the way. They throw lump payments in towards the end or randomly sprinkled throughout so they end up paying more in interest even though they paid it off in 20yrs. Getting the 20yr mortgage from the start forces the borrower to be disciplined but that’s not for everyone. You both are right, but as a former Navy guy I’ll side with you;) Marty Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Your scores are somewhat near mine when I got started. Had the same age as well and for the most part most of the heavy units wanted to see mid 80s PCSM score and age no more than 27.5. Your luck has changed since the new MRF, from what I understands covers all AD, AFRC, ANG. Furthermore, all you need is flight hours to increase your score which is awesome. Something I wish I would have done when rushing units was not focus so much on the bad (age, scores, GPA). I would always be quick to talk about the stuff I am still trying to work on (test scores, ppl, etc). Focus on the good that you have and how you will be a good addition to the squadron. Its easy to get worked on requirements and what makes you look good on paper. However, at least in my experience when I was rushing multiple heavy units, was that most of the bros cared about you been a "cool" guy to go drink beers with. This translates into you being the type of bro that other pilots will be able to tolerate during a 8 hr trip across the pond. Be sure to show them that you will be able to fit in with the guys... or gals. Anyway, I get its easier said than done, but your scores are good in my opinion and your chances of finding a home look great. Get after it!! Cheers
  18. Sorry, I'm a Marine so my maths are bad. I just went to Mortgage X's calculator and put in the following... 1) 20 Year Loan, $350,000, 4.0%. Monthly Payment was $2,120. Total interest paid in 20 years was $159,000. 2) 30 Year Loan, $350,000, 4.0%. Monthly payment was $1,670. Added a $450 principal payment every month to make it the same as a 20 year loan. Total interest paid in 20 years was $159,000. And the loan was paid off on the same date as the 20 year loan. What am I missing? http://mortgage-x.com/calculators/extra_payments.asp
  19. We need to stand up a SECDEF retention task force.
  20. Now Shanahan is out as acting SECDEF due to “devote more time towards his family.”
  21. Europe thinking about AWACS recapitalization: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-airshow-nato-awacs/nato-faces-big-bill-if-it-does-not-pick-awacs-successor-soon-officials-idUSKCN1TG0C1 Get a volume discount and Boeing needs the business, re-cap AF with 737 NG based platforms
  22. You did a much better job of illustrating my point than I did. Stand by for more briefings and SIIs...
  23. The AC was the 344 ARS/CC. He'll probably get a bro pass from AMC.
  24. It should have been a go around. That is a 197’ wide runway. Both trucks were over the grass and the left wingtip was nearly over the runway edge line. That means the aircraft was around 85’ right of center. In my airplane, more than 25’ off centerline is a U. The only way to get to that runway is a circle or visual circuit due to the close proximity of CDG. It was probably a poorly flown circle/visual pattern...but that doesn’t excuse the violation of everything AMC has been trying to teach for the last several years about landings/go arounds. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  25. AMC is a chickenshit organization, no doubt, but that guy was over the grass at 10-20’. The left truck landed well right of centerline. This wasn’t a case of showing off by a talented pilot in front of a crowd, this was (or looks to be from that angle) a heinous skills mistake followed by a poor decision not to go around.
  26. Any other unaccompanied UPT folks have any luck avoiding the dorms. Heading to my base in a couple weeks but keep getting the runaround from the housing office.
  27. Not just the approach. Verbalize verify monitor in the 17 was the most annoying shit ever. Basically repeating everything I spun into the autopilot, which became its own whole dick dance between configuration changes and radios from a busy departure. Not to mention when I went to gracc the stan-eval guy made it seem like they wanted pilot monitoring duties to be part of the checkride. As in downgrade-able if you didn't verify and monitor well enough. Not sure if that ever became a thing (I'm no longer in the 17).
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