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  1. The Wicker/Hyde-Smith amendment to keep the T-1s wasn't approved as part of the Senate's bill. So still looks like the fleet is on its way out for now.
  2. I personally love the stiff boom. Makes my life a lot easier in contact.
  3. I apologize for the paywall. TLDR; ”Thanks to the efforts of a veteran pilot, the Air Force reversed a misguided effort to ban online criticism of its policies by members of the public. Justice Department lawyers have agreed that Air Force websites and pages won’t remove posts or ban users based on their point of view. Richard Rynearson, a retired Air Force command pilot and field-grade officer, was banned from an official Air Force Facebook page because he criticized a post by Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Joanne Bass. Mr. Rynearson believed that Air Force leadership was prioritizing cultural sensitivity issues to such a degree, it was corrupting the strength and character of the Air Force, and that our military leaders had become hostile to critics of these policy directions. In November 2020, Sgt. Bass published a post on her official Facebook page encouraging readers to reflect on the things for which they were thankful. Mr. Rynearson replied that he was thankful that other branches of the military were concentrating on conducting warfare so that the Air Force could concentrate on “making sure we all feel good about ourselves” and that “nobody is offended or feels like a victim.” Sgt. Bass objected to Mr. Rynearson’s comment and within hours deleted all his comments from the page and banned him from commenting further there. Mr. Rynearson tried to contact her office to have the ban rescinded. He alerted Sgt. Bass that blocking him from an official government Facebook page violated the First Amendment, but she didn’t respond. After repeated attempts to resolve the issue, Mr. Rynearson decided to pursue legal action.”
  4. https://www.wsj.com/articles/shut-up-the-us-air-force-explained-facebook-rynearson-bass-discrimination-public-forum-lawsuit-11659630925 thought this could go here
  5. Well to start while their parents were the greatest generation, the boomers wanted to party on a milk farm in upstate New York marketed as Woodstock rather than serve in their generations’ war. The millennials’ war however has been fought for over 20 years without a draft.
  6. Have you ever conducted air refueling in a heavy aircraft? Takes reps upon reps to learn with the stick.
  7. Guys in my unit are getting notified today. Senior raters have the results
  8. RIP Blackwolf 01. 2 years ago today.
  9. 1. Will not be an issue. Just don’t lie about it on your FAA Form 8500-8 before your class 1 like some other dudes who found out the hard way.
  10. After reading over the several AFI’s that cover officer promotions, I still cannot figure out what would happen if you would fail to make major twice. Does anyone have any experience or stories with a situation like this?
  11. Unless it is deliberate then it has to be an honorable. We had a guy get shown the door right before covid for this.
  12. One of them is a Captain at a legacy. Another one that got dragged down in the craziness is a FO at purple.
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