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  1. We have the best job in the world and we still bitch about it. I love it. My uncle just retired from a legacy after 40 years of service and he said if you walk into a room full of pilots and no one is bitching then get the f*** out because something is terribly wrong.
  2. Why can’t I get out of the Air Force after 2 years after pilot training?! https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2023/11/14/officers-say-air-forces-new-parental-discharge-policy-is-broken/
  3. I’m honestly embarrassed for bringing the falcons up a few days ago. I apologize. Such a horrible performance
  4. Best advice I ever got was from an American captain at the hotel bar on a nice overnight. ”son go back to your room and strip naked and look at yourself in the mirror. Does she really want that? Or does she want what you can provide?” never looked at it the same since
  5. Where’s the love for the Air Force Falcons?
  6. I’d like to thank @Springer for taking the thread from circling approaches to F-4 friendly shoot downs. Impressive.
  7. SWA told me to my face “we see y’all don’t have line by lines anymore”. just an observation because I was missing 2 years of those sorties personally.
  8. Can’t emphasize this enough. Just went through an airline interview and was almost screwed by the AAMS system going away. Hope everyone saved their green monster.
  9. I believe around 10 are depot employees who tend to be fairly older than the military personnel.
  10. There was a famous Black Hawk shoot down in 1994 from friendly fire in Northern Iraq due to the mistakes of many ABM’s. None of the ABM’s on the jet were rated officers at the time so the Air Force couldn’t punish them. Then they became rated and started wearing leather jackets and could command flying squadrons.
  11. It’s the 964 AACS. CC is an ABM. OG/CC is an ABM. WG/CC is an ABM.
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