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  1. It was chosen to extend the life of the T-38. It was nothing about CRM or mobility flying.
  2. i would assume manpower cut and yes non-commercially certified sims. Same thing that 11Xs who go teach RIQ at Randolph as T18K
  3. Any idea of when/where that will be?
  4. For what it’s worth, I had a primary spontaneous pneumothorax and thought I was having a heart attack. Still have pain from it, even now. Completely possible that’s what happened with that pilot and not myocarditis. yes, I just dox’d myself.
  5. You could always just look up 10 AF/A1M org box on global and ask. reserve vacancies only show when the billet is empty. There are a lot of billets than be overaged as long as there isn’t an over grade.
  6. Yea, I figure airline life isn’t for me.
  7. Anyone worked an airline schedule with 50/50 custody of their child?
  8. Did You ask your unit if they want that? Herc units will probably value 2-ship T-6 formation
  9. Not anymore broski. Any paperwork filed is permanently in your Officer Selection Record (OSR)
  10. It was never a regular thing, just one offs. AFGSC wants T-38 trained pilots
  11. The crew members didn’t have adequate rest. It was not legal.
  12. Jets are abysmal hours wise relative to maintenance.
  13. Yea, don’t use that phrase. UPT IPs require 100 hours of AC time or a waiver. White jet tours are sometimes referred to ALFA. Air Liaison Officer (ALO), Lead In Fighter Training (IFF), Forward Air Controller-Airborne (FAC-A), Air Training Command (AETC UPT, UCT, URT IP)
  14. What does that have to do with trying to cover it up after the fact?
  15. All our money was spent playing whack a mole
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