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  1. Jets are abysmal hours wise relative to maintenance.
  2. Yea, don’t use that phrase. UPT IPs require 100 hours of AC time or a waiver. White jet tours are sometimes referred to ALFA. Air Liaison Officer (ALO), Lead In Fighter Training (IFF), Forward Air Controller-Airborne (FAC-A), Air Training Command (AETC UPT, UCT, URT IP)
  3. What does that have to do with trying to cover it up after the fact?
  4. All our money was spent playing whack a mole
  5. Incorrect. IFG decision matrixes are gouge, not T.O.s Land as Soon As Practical. “Emergency conditions are less urgent and, although the mis-sion is to be terminated, the degree of the emergency is such that an immediate landing at the nearest adequate airfield may not be necessary.”
  6. T-6s? They are allowed non-towered ops. Although it has to have an “authorized” list.
  7. Well what was the specific reason given? It depends on that answer. DLF is the only base that doesn’t have a runway suitable for T-38s next door.
  8. This is a terrible speech. edit: VEEP rolled her eyes and looked down when POTUS went off script and said “look, mumble mumble mumble”
  9. From what I remember, he started good anti trump piece after he didn’t get the SECAF job. https://www.defensenews.com/congress/2019/04/27/rep-adam-kinzinger-says-hes-open-to-air-force-secretary-job/
  10. Ah yes, they are going to review the takeoff decision when the crew landed and were overrun. i also hope the AFCENT commander is being investigated for allowing a strat asset go to an overrun airfield.
  11. The jet has been impounded at least, I know that.
  12. Ah yes, being in Germany and Japan since 1941 really helped till 2001.
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