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  1. That whole post looks glorious! ....almost there....
  2. How about some numbers for the C-20/C-37/C-40?
  3. I think making it an app is the way to go. What do ya'll think?
  4. I'm proud to say I'm in the midst of my first night ever at the Died (leaving soon) and everyone was talking to tower and ground in their best pirate voices: awesome!
  5. You don't need orders or a passport. I've got family up there, they just stop you at the border and ask you your buisiness. No biggie.
  6. rocks the casbah.

  7. Crap! I never saw this when it first came out! That whole "UPT thing" really sucked away my Baseops time... I'm glad you brought it back! F'ing hilarious! (sp?)
  8. Riddller

    Booze Talk

    Captain and Sprite: No contest. Beer: Boulevard Wheat. I've ben around the world and have never found anything better. Plus I'm from KC, so I guess I'm partial.
  9. I assume (maybe incorrectly) that the question mark after the C-17 implies you're not sure if the C-17 is RVSM certified. Yes, it is, it's just not GPS approach/departure certified. We can fly GPS departures on autopilot if we back it up with "raw" navaids though. It all has to do with the database (as previously mentioned in regards to the Herc) being able to be modified by the crew. The new software for the Block 17 aircraft can be certified, they just haven't yet.
  10. First thing huh? Wow, must suck to be thinking about homos all the time...
  11. It has all the equipment to be certified, but the AF hasn't spent the money yet to get the piece of paper. It's like right now, after 2 months of C-17 training, with all the gee-wiz computer crap on it, it's got all the equipment to be certified for GPS approaches and SIDs, but we don't have the piece of paper yet saying we can do it. Crazy.
  12. The clearance is good for however long it's good for, regardless of your status (active duty, IRR, retired, out all together, etc...). I'm not sure how long each clearance is good for though. I think it's like 10 years for secret and 5 for TS, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, it's good for those 10 years (I think) from the time the investigation was done. A lot of military people make sure their clearances are good for a long time after they get out because there's a lot of VERY good paying jobs out there for people who already have a clearance. You can pay for your own in the civilian world, but I heard that costs like $50K. Smart people let the military do it for them.
  13. LMFAO M2!! That was awesome!
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