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Investment showdown -- beyond the Roth, SDP, & TSP

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3 hours ago, LJ Driver said:

Great job taking your future into your own hands, ands thanks for serving 20 years of your life to the USAF. I’m coming up on 20 myself next year, I know the job market is really hot right now but a military  pension really does give you a lot of flexibility and piece of mind. 


Question for you: Did you gonkulate all those numbers over your 20 year career or is there a site that lets you plug in some data and spits it out for you? Seems pretty tedious but it is definitely an interesting nugget to have for reference. 

Thanks.  Congrats on 20 yourself.  No, there's no calculator (that I know of anyway).  I just have a big spreadsheet that I update with a new row every month.  It has a column for each type of pay.  It also has a column for how much I invested/saved that month, so I have a good visual of investments vs income over time.

I started the spreadsheet about 10 years ago, so the first day of building it was tedious.  Doing the monthly input since then takes about a minute.  Its also a good way to double check the LES.  I find that my LES is wrong at least 4 months a year, mainly due to changes in language pay.

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On 3/1/2017 at 2:12 AM, panchbarnes said:

Thinking about purchasing rental properties in either Wichita Falls or Abilene, TX.  Would appreciate any insights people have on either one of those rental market and economic development or growth potential.  Any RUMINT regarding Sheppard or Dyess and future BRAC?

Thanks in advance.

I know I'm late to the party but the rental market in Abilene is almost non-existent, with a steady for of FTU students parading through. Quail Hollow captures a decent chunk as "unofficial" base housing, but there's money to be made renting a house at O-1/O-2 BAH rates.

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