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Found 2 results

  1. After maxing-out Roth IRA's and placing a small mint in TSP, the wife and I are wondering where else could investment money go? Ideas out of ordinary? Heard these: Rental house, raw gold before in case of economic collapse, weekly stock trading, savings deposit program, bullets & assault rifles, lottery tickets We've also gleamed some info from previous threads on the Roth, SDP, and TSP. But haven't seen any good direct comparisons of those common methods or much beyond those common methods. What about a small side-business? Or something else? What is something different you all have heard/seen active duty do as an financial investment outside the norms?
  2. Yes, I've used the search function, and I even read all about the rules and regulations and understand the basics. What I want to know is, has anyone here used it while deployed? It seems like a good deal at first glance, but all of the stipulations they add to it sound like a pain in the ass. How easy is it to get signed up? Have you had any hassles or pay issues, either starting or at the end of participation? And it mentions that you can take out sums greater than 10k (if your account has gotten that big) in installments. But can you also elect to withdraw it in a lump sum regardless? I'm trying to decide if I should use this while deployed or invest the extra cash through more traditional means. Any help would be appreciated.
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