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  1. When you say AFSC changes, do you mean issues with a guy changing his AFSC from 11X to 16X (or whatever it is on staff), or do you mean AFPC/ARPC changing the billet’s required AFSC to something that your average pilot can’t easily attain?
  2. I've always heard that one up/one down is a possibility, but is it usually a slam dunk in practice? Asking as an O-4 eyeing some O-5 billets. I would imagine most of these billet owners can't be too choosy, but my SA on this stuff is marginal.
  3. Apologies for derailing the bonus talk again, but anybody know where to find a list of openings at NGB HQ? No issues tracking down most state ANG openings, reserve IMA opportunities, etc., but I can't find anything at NGB (which I suspect is operator error). Closest thing I've seen is https://www.ang.af.mil/Careers/ which contains a link to a CAC-enabled careers site, but I don't actually see anything on there that fits the bill. Is this just something where you've got to start making phone calls?
  4. Got an early Christmas present today. Palace Chase approved! 11M / 6 months off UPT ADSC
  5. About a 5.1% increase here. Keeps up with inflation, I guess.
  6. Also running Adblock Plus, which currently claims it's blocked 646,628 ads on this PC since installation (probably 2013). Highly recommend it.
  7. Also an 11M asking for six months. Submitted my package the first week of Oct, and it's been sitting with the functional for 2-3 weeks now. Supposedly that's the last stop according to my ISR.
  8. For airline apps, what’s the consensus on the best sources of recommendation letters after internals? Bros at other airlines, non-airline AF peers, supervisors with “impressive” duty titles?
  9. Agree with everything you wrote except the bolded part above. Can't tell you how many times I've seen a partner nation's airdroppers admin-killed before the vul even started. Not going to speak for Hercs, but C-17 AD capes have enough holes and shortcomings in them that I think you'd often be disappointed with the results in a world where the ALR is above moderate (reference the past 100 posts for reasons why). That said, US AD capes in general are far beyond what could reasonably be expected from most of our allies, so I'd caution against putting too much faith in that particular aspect of this COA.
  10. Kind of a different question, but any thoughts out there about moving from an AD flying position to a non-flying ARC job? I'm an AD Maj looking to punch and go airlines next year, and I've always assumed I'd take a position flying my current MWS in the ARC. Lately though, I've been talking to a friend of mine who's probably 6-7 years further down the road than me. He took an IMA job and wears a uniform maybe 2-3 weeks a year, and focuses most of his energy on flying for Purple. He swears by that lifestyle, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up military flying completely just yet. Copy that this is largely a YMMV situation, but I see two major benefits of continued flying in the ARC (an easy, comfortable transition away from AD and the ability to drop mil leave as required to take some of the sting out of airline juniority) and one major disadvantage compared to a traditional, one-weekend-a-month ARC position (the need to chase beans and currency resulting in a significant increase in total days worked). FWIW, I'm more concerned with QoL than maximizing total pay and I don't have any dreams of chasing an AD retirement in the ARC. I'd definitely like to continue serving, just wondering how much you ARC flyers have found the juice to be worth the squeeze.
  11. I don't have any inside knowledge, but I don't see it happening. The FY22 budget got released yesterday and the USAF is the only branch that's getting an increase to end strength next year. Couple that with the everlasting AF pilot shortage and it wouldn't make any sense to get rid of people. Of course, that's never stopped the Bobs before...
  12. Got it in March as well. Had some chills that night and was a little sore the next day, but no big deal. Overall less annoying than a trip to Finance or MPF.
  13. Sucks that nobody’s told you yet, but you’ll find out for sure NLT Tuesday when the list gets publicly released. Regarding “promotion opportunity,” not positive about this year’s number, but last year was 95% to O-4.
  14. Not exactly related to the original question, but what's the consensus on how much TPIC is competitive at the majors these days?
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