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  1. The data being put out there by the service academies doesn't support a 70% dip. Looks like applications bounced back this year to basically pre-COVID levels. No comment on the reasons. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/01/10/applications-air-force-academy-bounce-back-after-plummeting-during-pandemic.html
  2. Step 1: Live in base Step 2: Hang out in a category overstaffed with tons of new hires Step 3: Bid reserve Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit I've blocked 12 hours this year, and I only picked up that one trip because it was pretty gucci and I didn't feel like going back to the sim to maintain my landing currency. And that's as a NB FO at the major with the worst reserve rules. Anything's possible with a little gamesmanship (and a little bit of luck).
  3. Just say what you're thinking, Bashi
  4. Thanks gents, I'll get working on it. Appreciate the input.
  5. Got a stupid question for the group. I flew C-17s on AD for ten years, separated in 2022, and am now a non-flying reservist and airline guy. I still haven't taken the time to go through the VA medical process, partially because there's honestly just nothing really wrong with me (at least medically). The only thing I can think of is that I probably tore/pulled a muscle in my shoulder at SERE ages ago, but it doesn't affect my range of motion, mobility, or strength in any way. I used to only feel it when forced to position that shoulder one particular way for extended periods, i.e. during long contacts in AR, but now I go months at a time without noticing it at all. In fact, I don't think I've thought about it once since separating. The shoulder thing isn't anywhere in my medical records because I was, of course, a 22 year old that wanted to go fly and spend as little time at the clinic as possible. I also don't have tinnitus and I'm not going to tell them I do, my hearing is somehow better than most teenagers, my joints are fine, no PTSD, no sleep apnea, etc. I guess my question is: should I still reach out and go through this process in hopes that they "find" something wrong with me? Or should I just accept that I was one of the lucky ones who came out unscathed?
  6. Delta TA language is out https://dalta.alpa.org/
  7. You can get both of those after UPT via the military competency process. To nunya's point, you can also try to argue the FAA's "sole manipulator of the controls" doctrine to claim some PIC time, but most outfits are only going to let you claim PIC if you signed for the aircraft. As far as I know, this is the right conclusion.
  8. Used to be worse a couple years ago, at least for me, but wouldn't doubt it's still happening in other comm fiefdoms. The whole IT enterprise is a mess. A buddy of mine transitioned from AD to the ANG last Feb and still doesn't even have an email address/account. And he works at a state's JFHQ and has been on orders for a couple months since then, so it's not like he's out of sight and out of mind. Good for him, I guess.
  9. To all my fellow lazy ARC O-4s, if you someday find this thread because you're wondering if there's an easier way to complete IDE than just knocking out ACSC online (i.e. at a sister service school or whatever), I did the googling for you and sadly there's not. The Navy version is the only realistic option but it's 100% proctored rather than mostly self-paced. (gouge certified current as of 1 Dec 22)
  10. You're going to have to ask a more specific question if you want a meaningful answer. People from virtually every background have become military pilots, including lawyers, and I'm sure the F-35 is incredible to fly. But like you mentioned, only you can evaluate whether that's worth the sacrifice required of you and your family.
  11. I recently separated and now that I have some options, I'm struggling to come up with any reason not to roll my TSP balance over into my IRA. The TSP used to win on cost but I don't think that's really the case any more. Seems like increasing the distance between Uncle Sam and your retirement dollars is always a good move, and even more so after this recent debacle. At least Vanguard/Schwab/T. Rowe Price/whoever know how to track a balance and provide a usable website.
  12. Reserve works mostly the same way with PV and ROPMA, right? I guess the FEDREC portion wouldn't apply, but any other significant differences for AFRC compared to ANG?
  13. Probably obvious but just to clarify, you can only carry leave over to the ARC if you don’t have a break in service coming from AD, i.e. palace chase/front. They won’t let you just get out, hang on to your leave, and then reinstate it later in the ARC.
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