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  1. Agree with everything you wrote except the bolded part above. Can't tell you how many times I've seen a partner nation's airdroppers admin-killed before the vul even started. Not going to speak for Hercs, but C-17 AD capes have enough holes and shortcomings in them that I think you'd often be disappointed with the results in a world where the ALR is above moderate (reference the past 100 posts for reasons why). That said, US AD capes in general are far beyond what could reasonably be expected from most of our allies, so I'd caution against putting too much faith in that particular aspect
  2. Kind of a different question, but any thoughts out there about moving from an AD flying position to a non-flying ARC job? I'm an AD Maj looking to punch and go airlines next year, and I've always assumed I'd take a position flying my current MWS in the ARC. Lately though, I've been talking to a friend of mine who's probably 6-7 years further down the road than me. He took an IMA job and wears a uniform maybe 2-3 weeks a year, and focuses most of his energy on flying for Purple. He swears by that lifestyle, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up military flying completely just yet. Copy tha
  3. I don't have any inside knowledge, but I don't see it happening. The FY22 budget got released yesterday and the USAF is the only branch that's getting an increase to end strength next year. Couple that with the everlasting AF pilot shortage and it wouldn't make any sense to get rid of people. Of course, that's never stopped the Bobs before...
  4. Got it in March as well. Had some chills that night and was a little sore the next day, but no big deal. Overall less annoying than a trip to Finance or MPF.
  5. Sucks that nobody’s told you yet, but you’ll find out for sure NLT Tuesday when the list gets publicly released. Regarding “promotion opportunity,” not positive about this year’s number, but last year was 95% to O-4.
  6. Not exactly related to the original question, but what's the consensus on how much TPIC is competitive at the majors these days?
  7. I don't know anything about the guy personally, but I do remember seeing him on the USAFA website recently. Looks like he's literally the one Academy grad (out of 69,000) who was highlighted as exceptional in their literature this month. Another example of the system keeping him down? https://www.usafa.org/Service/Spotlight-March2021
  8. Currently deployed and we spent maybe ten minutes tops talking about this to check the box. Anybody forcing people to spend a whole day on this should be fired for anti-extremism extremism.
  9. To clarify, what Brabus is talking about is only an option if you turn down the assignment. Since your ADSC runs out in a week, accepting this assignment (and the PCS that comes with it) would extend your ADSC. Because that's the case, you have the option to either accept or decline the assignment. If you accept, you PCS and they extend your ADSC by a couple years. If you decline, it establishes a separation date, and the AF can still force you to PCS and serve out that assignment up until your separation date, but they can't forcibly extend your ADSC. Check out 36-2110 for details.
  10. All those C-17 GPS issues have been eliminated by recent software updates. The current flavor of the month for sport bitching is the new departure planning guide that they dropped on us a few months ago. In addition to all the actual T.O. guidance, apparently we need an additional 12 page(!) checklist just to generate safe takeoff TOLD in a C-17 now.
  11. Yeah, all “overseas” bases (including Alaska and Hawaii) come with a controlled tour length, as known as a DEROS. Sq/CCs can extend your tour length as long as your functional agrees. Definitely depends on who’s in charge at the time... some Sq/CCs will give extensions out like candy and others not at all.
  12. Damn, jinxed myself. Currently writing this from CENTCOM. This is just one guy's opinion, but I don't think there's necessarily a massive difference. We have a lot of copilots right now, but that's just a function of the AFPC sine wave more than anything else. All the AMC squadrons I've talked to recently are in the same boat. We've obviously prioritized getting our copilots the experience they need and they're flying much more than I would have expected just from looking at scheduling's board. In terms of hours, the truth of the matter is that global mobility requirements are curren
  13. I'm an AD guy approaching the end of my commitment and looking for a home as a part-timer in the ARC. I've got a bunch of different units on my radar, and I was going to post a question about how significant a difference there is these days between the ANG and AFRC, specifically between stand-alone ANG outfits far from any AD presence and AFRC squadrons co-located with AD on massive joint bases. In searching through past discussions on these boards, I think I answered my own question, but since I already compiled this data into one spot, I'll go ahead and re-post these answers anyway in case s
  14. Can you expand on this for those of us on the outside looking in? I think I understand the basics of scope, but not all of the implications.
  15. They usually don’t say “chief and up”, just chief. Some 2LT is going to take this advice and learn a hard lesson about the difference between rank and authority.
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