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  1. CN for those of us who don't want to listen to 3 hours of assumed BS from a spy-fiction author?
  2. justifying positions based on cherry-picked religious positions...this is my surprised face.
  3. bro, that's the million dollar question for everyone (no pun intended)...real estate is in a bubble, stocks are inflated, crypto is super volatile, savings can't keep up with inflation. if you figure it out, let us know. 🍻
  4. where did you learn the "ellipses > proper sentence structure" system?
  5. are we really arguing whether ethnic/racial slurs are ok? WTF is going on
  6. sorry...i thought the quotes (much like the martian uses around vaccine) would convey my sarcasm 🍻
  7. - did you mean to say unvaccinated? - I think you're looking for the word 'comorbidities'
  8. after hours of searching (1 min google): https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-pfizer-ceovaccine/fact-check-pfizer-ceo-received-his-second-dose-of-the-covid-19-vaccine-on-march-2021-idUSL1N2PD1UX edit: goddammit, I knew I shouldn't have even responded to this whack job.
  9. since this is AMC, you need to put safety privilege in quotes as well.
  10. having been through the AMC wringer, I refuse to believe leadership is that absurd.
  11. i would enjoy some serious schadenfreude at the AF's expense, but the national security implications are worrying.
  12. the choice is to be employed there or not, which you are definitely free to make.
  13. quit spamming multiple forums with this
  14. Of 20/51 worst states (& DC), Trump won 17. The 3 he lost (Nevada, Arizona, & Georgia) had a combined margin of 2.9%. This is odd to me as the vaccines were developed mostly under his administration. https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/president/
  15. lol, I would love to see that "science"... and if you're ok with teaching that "theory", what's wrong with teaching other theories?
  16. built for speed or comfort?
  17. that's great, but in the same way you probably don't base your life on lord of the rings books, a good amount of us consider the bible/any religious text to be complete fiction. 🍻 if you want to life your life based on those principles, have at it.
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