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    Thanks man, but now that it looks like I'm going to retire, I'm not going anywhere. I plan on coming thru the gate every morning at about 0715 and regaling the gate guard with long stories about my service overseas and lots and lots of questions and complaints about the pharmacy and PX.
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    Agree. People need to get over it; by in large we are a Christian country, just like Thailand is a Buddhist country. This doesn't mean there aren't other religions allowed or the "main" religion is the right answer for everyone. It's just simply the predominant choice. I don't go to Thailand and immediately start bitching about a monk praying in public or demanding they melt down statues in public places because it makes me feel uncomfortable. If you can't just politely stand there and not take part, then you're an idiot and need to get over yourself.
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    It's always seemed odd to me as well that religious prayers are routinely given at official functions under the jurisdiction of the federal government. If you don't think it's weird, try to imagine a change of command with a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Jewish invocation. I could see that not going over too well.
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    Here's what you can safely assume: no one anywhere in the entire Air Force actually knows what's going on with the force managment programs.
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    TERA approved gents! This time it's not TSgt Barbarosa!! 15.8yrs no adsc.
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    I appreciate it, but there's no need honestly. Unregistered users, snaps, and admins (just because I like to monitor) see ads on the normal website. All users see ads on the mobile skinned website. Those ads generate enough revenue to keep me from being in the red. That's why I went forward with the app project. They were making enough revenue to cover those costs. So at a minimum this site should break even, some months it makes money. Either way, I'm not worried about it. This and a bunch of other sites are soon to be gathered under an LLC, and the combined numbers turn out nice. So again, thanks, but I promise there's no need. That said, in a few weeks I'm going to open a new site that I think will make military PCS's much easier. If you want to help out, you can go to that site and buy a membership. More details to follow after I approve the final designs and the lawyers get done writing user agreements and such.
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    Can't say it bothers me at all. Just as I can't say it would bother me for a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Wiccan to give the invocation. If your faith is so weak that it can't stand up to someone's expression of a different faith, you probably need to re-examine your own beliefs, not the legal jargon governing the work of chaplains. It's not that hard to stand quietly while someone offers a sincere prayer that THEY believe will help the person they are praying for.
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    For the love of God, it's really not that hard to spell the fucking CSAF's name right! W E L S H.
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    - 6 year ADSC means they are waiving 6 years, so you only have to have served 4 years of UPT commitment to be eligible - they are extending/doing another round of programs in FY14/15 which will include ADSC waivers...this program will push VSP separation window to 30 Apr 15 and TERA window to 1 May 15. Why? because they have done very little with the first two programs Why? because they have no accountability and can do what they want for the sake of doing "what's best for the air force" and you can't do anything about it. - I think we will hear something this week or next on some officers getting approved/disapproved for VSP/TERA, but no where near the amount needed to reduce the force by 18K peeps over the next 3 years; hence, more force management programs. - You have to remember too that 10k applications of 327K total people in the Air Force is 3.1% of the total force. Relatively speaking, not a whole lot of people care about approving these voluntary applications - The question that we will never get answered is, "why are we turning down thousands of voluntary applications if we have to do involuntary programs in 15?" This ineligible bullshit is nonsensical. - I bet they had more applications in some overages than needed and less applications than needed for other AFSCs/yeargroups. Which ones, we may never know since they don't even know what matrix to use. - I don't think they know what to do with pilots due to A-10, KC-10, U-2 and the reshuffling of planes to the reserves, but they will have to let a lot of pilots go, they just don't know exactly where yet. Why? No one can make decisions in the AF without an eSSS signed by 74 other people. - But there is no doubt, VSP/TERAs will get denied and then people will get RIF'd. Not for the sake of money, but for the sake of incompetence and too many bureaucrats involved in the process. - They are slow rollin' this beast until FY15 NDAA comes out...they just wanted to, "give you and your families enough time to think about it" but that really means give them more time to figure out how to execute these programs given the ever changing budget - I think we will get an answer for the missed deadline and delays in processing of something like, "the continued balance of readiness, force structure, and modernization has caused us to make strategic decisions to reevaluate the appropriate force management timeline" blah, blah, blah - I bet we hear more of nothing on MyPers in the form of an article that continues to tell us nothing of any substance and further distances us because we cannot believe what he says because he continues to over promise and under deliver. Any date they post, any criteria they list, any matrix will be worthless information. - We will not get solid answers to tough questions...ever. - because I don't like to b**** without offering a solution... All voluntary applications approved. I have 8k more people to get rid of through involuntary measures and potentially less than 10k more to cross train if necessary (Aug 2013 done). Sept 13 - Mar 2014, RIF boards complete, verify my end strength numbers with congress, 1 Apr 2014 I'm chuckin' deuces to 8k peeps. I got my cash for FY16 and I'm throwin' benjies at F-35 delays, RQ-4s I don't want, pilots are flying again and not working at habitat for humanity, and the reserves are flying any plane built before 1990. 2 Apr 2014, I'm lookin' for my follow-on consulting assignment at SAIC thanks to Deb.
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    Because the constitution was written by Christians, that included the words freedom from religion....oh wait, they didn't include that.
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    Well, I was picked up by the 148FW. This forum has been an absolute staple in helping me along the way. As a non-prior enlisted dude, I felt like a fish out of water most of the time. So, thank you everyone for all the help that has been poured into this awesome site!!! Feel free to PM me if you guys/gals have any questions at all. I want to be able to give as much back as I can.
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    Maybe the TERA and VSP forum should part ways. Might have to start a tracker to keep track of who applied for what so I don't get a tingling in my loins every time a TERA gets approved.
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    It makes sense to me....deny TERA and VSP to those who actually want to get out so that I can get an extra year or two out of them before they get out anyway and then turn around and kick out those who want to stay so I can get my numbers to look good NOW. I'll worry about the pilot shortage when it gets here in a few years. I'll throw some money at it and people will stay because like that old saying, throwing money at a problem 100% of the time works 70%...of the...or...70% of the time...it works....well either way, I'm going to just throw money at it because it works. Who the hell plans ahead for those kinds of things anyway!? We can always change the criteria to meet our objectives. All I care about is looking good NOW so I can guarantee myself my next promotion and job opportunity. A pilot shortage is only a pilot shortage if the numbers I produce say it is. All I have to do is change the numbers and BAM! No more pilot shortage. Look Boss...slides are green again! Now , give me my fucking star!
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    Actually, it's "BODN". Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    I'm up for chipping in as well so you don't lose any money. You shouldn't have to pay out of pocket when there are folks out here that are willing to help out.
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    DFRESH, let us know if you fall short on the app. I'll gladly kick in a small phenomenal fee to help out. No reason you should be losing money on this.
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    Yup. I have no dog in this fight (yet), but Big Blue has lost all credibility with me with the way they screwed over its people with the force management program. These support organizations used to *try* to support the warfighters so they can focus on the mission. Nowadays, they don't seem to be even trying anymore. As a matter of fact, it's now the other way around. The warfighters supporting A1/FSS/AFPC, doing their work for them, and trying to execute the mission at the same time. This is just insane for a warfighting organization, and people in charge should be ashamed of themselves for not being held accountable. Instead of transparency, they've doubled-down and remained silent or continue to spin their screw ups. EVEN AFTER THE CSAF SENDS OUT A SERVICE-WIDE E-MAIL REMINDING US OF: INTEGRITY FIRST, SERVICE BEFORE SELF, AND EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO. At a time when airmen are looking for guidance and vector (remember that?) from our "leaders" we get silence instead. At a time when the AF needs a culture change to address serious issues we get spins, unofficial suggestions, and cosmetic fixes instead. Somebody (anybody!) from HAF/A1/AFPC please step up and own this mess. The taxpayers didn't pay you to go thru these fancy in-residence leadership/management schools and your nice salary (with the shiny ranks) for you to hide out in the comfort of your office. Your airmen are taking notes of your inaction. Like I said, I have no dog in the FMP fight (yet), but I feel obligated to point out the facts (as I see them). Sorry for the rambling. Panch
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    I'm no theologian (though I did stay in a Holiday-Inn Express last night), but 2 out of the 4 religions you mentioned are montheistic, and one of the other two does have only one 'Supreme God'. So when I hear a chaplain say 'God' does that mean they are automatically only referring to the God that Christians worship? Or is it just implied based off the faith of the Chaplain (which is usually Christian)? In all my years in the military, I don't specifically recall ever hearing the words 'Jesus' or 'Christ' in a military prayer (I'm sure it has happened, but if I can't remember it then it must not happen too often). To be fair though, I do hear Chaplains say 'Father' in their prayers, but Christians aren't the only ones worshipping a single God that use this term. So is your concern only with Christian Chaplains invoking a prayer before an official event...or is it with any Chaplain, regardless of religion, saying a prayer? I have already agreed that I don't think Chaplain duty should be used at these events, so I'm not disagreeing with the overall point people are making. Just to stir the pot even more, I think promoting 'X' heritage/history month also promotes inequality in the force, but I seriously doubt those are going away anytime soon. Edited because I can't properly count, and I'm just an overall idiot.
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    Air Force Times Op-Ed
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    Well, I fly a 25-year old turboprop in the Northeast in crap weather, congested airspace in a jacked up industry...So what? There is a BIG difference between GA and military flying...Whether you want admit it or not...So, get your ego under control, and lighten up a bit, demonstrate that you have a sense of humor. I was just teasing you guys...US military pilots, are the best in the world at what they do...No question.
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    600 VSPs will be approved? The last numbers I saw estimated about 1900 Majors alone gone by the end of FY15 (might have been an AF Times article though). Sounds like the promise from James and Welsh to let volunteers go won't be honored...
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    I'm cool with one's personal religion/philosophy being discussed at personal events...like a promotion ceremony or a retirement. But that's about it. I agree on it being weird (and I'm a Christian) that people are invited to pray at an official ceremony that is inclusive (awards dinner, change of command). Didn't they also recently take out the 'So help me God' portion of the oath if the member chose not to say it? (I'm too lazy to look it up)...either way, I'm cool with that too. Here's a question for debate: Guest speaker at an awards ceremony, class graduation, etc--should the invited speaker be able to mention his/her personal faith? For example, if they say "Back when I was at X school and struggling, I was able to find that praying Y prayer helped me remain calm and focused..."
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    Never seen a bible on the POW/MIA table in 30+ years.
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    Numerous PDF scripts for non-official POW/MIA ceremonies reference the bible, but it seems it was thrown in more as an afterthought than an actual part of the ceremony. The only official doc I found had no mention of a bible. http://www.62aw.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120524-091.pdf The most annoying thing about the Fox News article, though, was that they incorrectly argue that the first amendment's freedom of speech allows those that are pro-religion to force official military events to continue with religious nuances or have religious undertones. I don't know about you, but I always feel a little bit weird when at a commander's call or an awards ceremony or any other random event, the commander or chaplain starts praying, sometimes even prefacing it with something like, "If you like, join us." I can always look up and see that, while there are plenty of guys going along with it, plenty of truly Christian people in the Air Force, there are also a good 1/4 to 1/3 of the people there wondering "WTF is going on?" Forcing religion directly into the mainstream military culture is not something that the AF should be doing or caring about whatsoever. The point of religion is to help bolster someones personal spiritual life.
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    After 30 years of flying, a MEL ATP and 12,000 hours a variety of jets large and small, I finally got my SEL in a C-172 via a Commercial Inst check last Saturday. Did the Figure 8 around pylons, chandelle, stalls, short field takeoff/landing, soft field takeoff/landing, power off 180 and normal takeoff/landing. Probably left something off that list. Was it perfect? No, but I passed. The check pilot wasn't expecting perfection, he was expecting safe. Flying small aircraft is dramatically different from the large jets we are used to. If you plan on carrying family and friends, I would highly recommend doing those things that will improve your understanding of how the aircraft performs. It doesn't take much weight or winds to start making large differences in how that thing flies. Adjusting my brain around those ideas took a little time and practice. That, and the fact I'm no longer sitting 15 feet off the ground in the flare.
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    I can keep faith without being a Christian, and Article VI is pretty specific about it being MY god, whatever I determine that to be, not a specific religion. And like StoleIt pointed out, I've never seen a Bible as a part of the Table.
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    7-engine approaches are for sissies. We do 6-engine stuff for all the checkrides & 4-engine stuff when we're feeling froggy in CFIC
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    Not Captain America; Captain Airpower!
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    Fellas, It's been a turbulent March--for people and mustaches alike. I created this gem a few weeks ago when a friend of mine attending SOS confirmed that a champion of the victim culture complained about Mustache March and its inherent sexism. On behalf of all decent females in the AF, I apologize. We hate these women's studies majors just as much as you do. To all the dudes I serve with, it's been a blast being an honorary member of the boys' club. Mustache March 2014.pdf
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    I wonder if OSI stamps little birds on the side of their building every time they get a colonel fired.
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    We call it infidel corn
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    You're right corrections made; however, out of all the info in the post the only comment is on the spelling of Welsch's name? Welsh is a tough one; it would be easier if it were Nebuchadnezzar. You're destined for 0-6. Pull that TERA app! Just kidding. I appreciate it, accept for the cussing at me about spelling errors. I am much better on a team than by myself.
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    I'll just throw this out there that I did email Lt Gen Cox directly this morning and he did in fact reply to me personally. Not worth posting here just an email from me being desperate for guidance and a short reply from him saying they're trying hard. Worth the note though to give him credit for not ripping me apart for going vfr but also not ignoring my plea. Good luck to those still waiting.
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