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  1. I will add that you'll never be able to fully mask all masters degrees. Particularly AFIT and other AAD assignments. You can eliminate the AAD line from the SURF but you can't eliminate the "Air Force Institute of Technology WPAFB OH" or "AFIT CI" etc from their assignment/duty history. Nor should you, but understand that if you give someone an AAD via an assignment specification to get the AAD it will be seen by the promo board.
  2. That dude should say "fighter pilot" a few hundred more times.
  3. Unfortunately I think as more of the story of his alleged capture comes out it's going to take a distinct downward trajectory...
  4. Wow. Just wow. Used to say "Officers with less than 1 year time in grade as of the mandatory separation date are not eligible." in the FY14 PSDM. Now that the board got kicked to the left it says "7. Officers with less than 1 year time in grade as of the board convening date are not eligible". Guess those of us that didn't want to roll the dice with the RIF board and volunteered to punch based on the old info were fooled by the AF. That PSDM didn't even exist before I started terminal so I never would have been able to back out if I wanted to. Glad I got a good job right away. Christ.
  5. Not true. All 03 Majors are eligible. The requirement is 1yr tig by Jan 15 not the board date. We all pinned on last December.
  6. I'm retired via TERA as of 1 May and on terminal now. Good luck dudes. Mr. Barbarosa
  7. Meh, accessibility, which varies greatly from base to base, is no excuse for price gouging. Yeah, they price match. If you bring an ad in from a local retailer who has the item in stock. Who the f still gets newspapers and reads the ads anyway? Definitely not the young guys in the dorms. Also the last 3 assignments I've had the BX has been across base from the dorms near the housing area, where everyone has cars. Don't get me started on compulsory tipping at the goddamn commissary. Nothing like watching an 80yr old lady try to load my groceries in the car.
  8. Went into the BX for the first time in a few years today looking for a mouse for my laptop. I was quickly reminded why I avoid the place like the plague. The selection is godawful. The prices are typically 25-50% HIGHER than other retailers. Sony X65 headphones? $30 on Amazon and Walmart. Yours for only $80 at your local BX! Microsoft Military Appreciation Touch Mouse? $50 at the BX. $40 online. 3 year old PS3 games? 50% off at $25 at your BX or you could go to the mart or GameStop and get it for 5-$10. Cool speakers for your obsolete iPhone 3? Of course they are on clearance, at $50! Clothing selection is amazing. You can always find a sweet Affliction shirt with a foil dragon on it or some sweet South Pole jeans! All the candy your heart desires. And shave bump cream! And this is supposed to be a benefit? Poor old retirees think their getting a deal.
  9. Don't hold your breath. There are two, separate, issues that developed this weekend. A ton of officers had their retirement dates nullified after having been approved. These are the people from panch Barnes post. We are still approved and have been told our dates will be reloaded into the system ASAP. The other, different, issue is the folks who actually received a message from mypers saying Oops we fd up. Sorry you ain't eligible any more. Psych! These folks will remain screwed and have lost their TERA period. These two issues are being mashed together in discussions with TFSC unfortunately and making it even harder to decipher what the duck is actually happening and to whom. Oh and Panch, can you edit your post to remove those folks real names from there. I know you don't mean anything by it but they may not want uncontrolled exposure.
  10. Wow. That you would advocate treating people's livelihood like any other piece of paperwork is nauseating. Guess what chump. You bet your ass I'd be working every night and weekend I needed to if people's livelihood hung in the balance. Just like I work nights and weekends when the mission requires it in my day to day job. AFPC is a cush job most years but this year they are fuxking up and need to put in long hours to recover from this disaster. I have no sympathy for the troops who have to cancel plans or miss their kids soccer games this weekend as long as they execute their mission which is to take care of USAF personnel. Too bad so sad welcome to the military.
  11. Dude that is not good. People on fb are posting about having AFPC saying oops. Shit.
  12. OMG. Some dude over on the FB retirements page posted this today: "Wow, I can't believe this is happening to me. After my Command notified me that my TERA was approved Thursday, I receive and email late Friday from AFPC that my application was denied. It is now the weekend and I am deployed, so there is not much I can do to get more information. Somebody please tell me this is all joke?" Holy shit. THAT is awful. Wow. Others have said similar things on that page. Can you imagine that? Poor guy. God damn. ETA: When it happened to me it wasn't earthshattering because they hadn't really been approving officers yet so I wasn't shook up by the up too much.
  13. The 04yg was never excluded from voluntary programs. Go back me look. They are excluded from rif until next year anyway.
  14. I'll just throw this out there that I did email Lt Gen Cox directly this morning and he did in fact reply to me personally. Not worth posting here just an email from me being desperate for guidance and a short reply from him saying they're trying hard. Worth the note though to give him credit for not ripping me apart for going vfr but also not ignoring my plea. Good luck to those still waiting.
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