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  1. It's happened on the helo side, at least once. The move was to be closer to his kid.
  2. Huggy you coming to Hill in 22?
  3. I practically did, going the Navy->Army route...
  4. I was once sitting the ops desk and got a phone call from our tanker flying to Japan from Moody, dude called me from the cockpit on an iridium Sat phone! Lol. He wanted to get the HAR brief out of the way because they were running late. Probably would've been much cheaper and easier to do a phone patch! 2009 timeframe.
  5. stract

    F1 Thread

    This article is great. Especially the quote from Masi in 2020 about how unlapping and ending a safety car period is supposed to happen. BL - the inconsistency of adjudication across races this year, and even across seasons, has not been good. Masi needs to be shown the door. Formula 1: Where next for sport after Verstappen and Hamilton title drama? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/59643988
  6. stract

    F1 Thread

    Foreshadow much? I heard Horner has offered Latifi a lifetime supply of Red Bull. Michael Masi needs to be fired.
  7. @Joeratt, there's already a thread for that. I see you work for Trident, which has a good rep on this board. Please go post in the VA loans thread like Jon and Marty know to do. 😉
  8. stract

    F1 Thread

    That would work for Ocon and Alonso as well, lol
  9. stract

    F1 Thread

    I've been saying this about Horner for a while. Every time he speaks it reaffirms my opinion of him as a douchbag. I mean today, when he KNEW it was nothing deliberate by Valtteri, and backhandedly didn't accept the public apology from Toto, still trying to be dramatic. Good race today! Happy to see a new face atop the podium, happy to see Williams drivers score points, and man I thought Lewis was going to keel over during the podium ceremony. COVID is a bitch.
  10. stract

    F1 Thread

    I've been feeling sorry for Vettel for a while now, so glad to see him on the podium again.
  11. stract

    F1 Thread

    I'm tending to agree with you on Ricciardo. I'm also starting to wonder the same thing about Vettel. Vettel has consistently underperformed in comparison to his teammate for the last couple of years, so you can't blame the car... I'm also looking forward to the sprint qualifying. I can see lots of variables bringing a level of uncertainty and excitement to what is currently a very boring and predictable qualifying session.
  12. great shots! the Pave Hawk is my favorite (of course!)
  13. stract

    F1 Thread

    I came to this conclusion during season 1 of the show, but seasons 2 and 3 reinforced it for me: Christian Horner is a bit of a douchebag. I agree that Mazepin has no business in F1. Are we taking any bets on him being replaced at the mid-point of the season? I feel like Gene Haas isn't going to tolerate him too long. Would Albon consider that seat just to get back on the track this year?
  14. stract

    F1 Thread

    Schumacher did the exact same thing on the exact same corner a lap or two later, he just got lucky and didn't crash into the wall. Williams must love the feeling of not being last all the time! I was disappointed a bit in Season 3 from Netflix. Felt disjointed and they spent 5 seconds on Grosjean's crash. They had an opportunity to talk about mental resiliency, and air some of the Grosjean interview where he talked about getting his mental health squared away, but dropped the ball. And the last episode spending 5 seconds talking about race also felt like an afterthought.
  15. just tried this on my phone (Safari) and still getting the same error.
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