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  1. stract

    F1 Thread

    Ok that was pretty good, lol
  2. stract

    F1 Thread

    Over/under of Ferrari firing their strategists during the break? Seems Merc has finally got their shit together. And glad they let things happen organically at the end vs imposing team orders.
  3. Hey all, LM is looking to hire a weapons integrator at the F-16 SPO at Hill. Fighter types (pilots and WSOs) and B-52 patches would be a perfect fit. AFAIK, this job will mostly be on-site (not telework/remote), there will be travel involved, and LM Aero is a great company to work for! Let me know if you have any questions. https://www.lockheedmartinjobs.com/job/hill-air-force-base/senior-aircraft-systems-engineer-weapons-integration-level-4/694/26713588176
  4. Just got error on Firefox of certificate expired to the main baseops.net site.
  5. stract

    F1 Thread

    Does anyone thing that if Merc doesn't get their shit figured out soon Lewis is going to bail after the season? I'm rooting for anyone except Max. Horner is still an ass. Happy Haas has scored some points this season, and sad that Williams hasn't seemed to improve much this year over the last several. Do we think they'll bring Latifi back next year?
  6. It's happened on the helo side, at least once. The move was to be closer to his kid.
  7. Huggy you coming to Hill in 22?
  8. I practically did, going the Navy->Army route...
  9. I was once sitting the ops desk and got a phone call from our tanker flying to Japan from Moody, dude called me from the cockpit on an iridium Sat phone! Lol. He wanted to get the HAR brief out of the way because they were running late. Probably would've been much cheaper and easier to do a phone patch! 2009 timeframe.
  10. stract

    F1 Thread

    This article is great. Especially the quote from Masi in 2020 about how unlapping and ending a safety car period is supposed to happen. BL - the inconsistency of adjudication across races this year, and even across seasons, has not been good. Masi needs to be shown the door. Formula 1: Where next for sport after Verstappen and Hamilton title drama? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/59643988
  11. stract

    F1 Thread

    Foreshadow much? I heard Horner has offered Latifi a lifetime supply of Red Bull. Michael Masi needs to be fired.
  12. @Joeratt, there's already a thread for that. I see you work for Trident, which has a good rep on this board. Please go post in the VA loans thread like Jon and Marty know to do. 😉
  13. stract

    F1 Thread

    That would work for Ocon and Alonso as well, lol
  14. stract

    F1 Thread

    I've been saying this about Horner for a while. Every time he speaks it reaffirms my opinion of him as a douchbag. I mean today, when he KNEW it was nothing deliberate by Valtteri, and backhandedly didn't accept the public apology from Toto, still trying to be dramatic. Good race today! Happy to see a new face atop the podium, happy to see Williams drivers score points, and man I thought Lewis was going to keel over during the podium ceremony. COVID is a bitch.
  15. stract

    F1 Thread

    I've been feeling sorry for Vettel for a while now, so glad to see him on the podium again.
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