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  1. Anyone have the over/under on the retirement timeline in months?! I'm going to double down on two months...
  2. Oh sweet baby Jesus, someone please wake me up. Between this and the giggleology class, this Air Force is becoming more and more of a joke. Seriously, would you be proud to show these giggle videos to your civilian friends to have them believe this is what we do in the AF? Wasting time taking worthless giggle classes so that I can get 3 days off...UFB! Someone please send a copy of this to a congressional staffer....people are getting RIFd for fuck sake because we can't afford them...but we have time for this shit?!? I'd love to see someone explain this to folks on the Hill in the same breath they tell congress we don't have money to save a core capability like the A-10.. What a fucking joke....
  3. ...and there is part of the problem. Every situation is different, but if the people closest to the "nobody" at the squadron level can't give the guy a decent strat, then why should the Wing? If the only reason is because the guy can study at SOS or possibly have gouge to help them ace a test at SOS, then we are "stratting" the wrong people the wrong way. Don't know the guy or his story, but the AF has a hard-on for "nerds" who are book smart, but have little to no application or required "people skills" to execute efficiently. It is part of the reason we are in the mess we are in now. I'm not at all saying education isn't important, but it isn't the only thing that is important. Believe me, the AF has a good mix of great leaders and great managers, but what is most important (IMO) to mission execution is how well you work with the people you're supposed to lead. Who would you rather work for? 1) a timid, nutless, manager who is academically smart and will press forward ONLY on the black line because that's all they know and they aren't comfortable deviating from said line because what they studied at whatever school doesn't cover deviations from the norm. Or 2) a proven manager who can also lead because they understand the black line, but understand more importantly that the black line should be a guide to move forward but requires, on occasion, some deviation along the way to get the most efficient end result. I haven't been to SOS in a long time, but the DG in my class had no leadership qualities, was timid, average briefer, but aced the final test. I can't speak for other DGs. I'm sure there were some great, well-rounded ones out there, but it doesn't necessarily mean they should go from "stratless" in their workplace to #1 of 30 WG CGOs just because they aced a test. The longer the AF keeps this hard-on for academics as its top priority, especially in a time where personnel trust leadership less, the more personnel problems we will continue to have. There are just some managers who are better left behind the scenes and not in charge of people. This is "Revenge of the Nerds" at an institutional level...although sometimes I think I'd rather have "Booger" leading the squadron.
  4. Great stats, but realize that military compensation has always increased year after year even since 1947. Even with budget cuts, military compensation is still increasing even today, but I get your point. Now, talking about compensation increases since the 90s, don't be fooled into thinking military compensation increased as much as it did because congress was "taking care of the military" and they did it because they think you're doing a great job. Military compensation increased because we found ourselves in two large scale wars and congress NEEDED the military and we were having retention/recruiting problems. Using your statistics above, I can say "Congress really loved the military because they hired so many people since the 90s. Our Army is over 100,000 troops bigger since 2000." As you can see today, compensation increases have slowed to a rate well below what we were getting in the early 2000s. Congress is certainly increasing that civil/mil pay gap you mentioned above. Does that mean congress is no longer "good to the military?" No, it means that is the reality of the fiscal world we live in TODAY, and congress doesn't need as many of us anymore. I'm not in the same camp as some who think we are in an urgent pilot manning crisis. The Air Force has ways to fix the manning problems. It is the experience problems we should really be worrying about and that is what scares me. For those who are leaving to fly with the airlines, good luck. There are lots of great opportunities out there where you don't have to deal with some of the AD AF bullshit, but you will still have to deal with airline bullshit. Just a different flavor. For those who decide to stay in for whatever reason (pride, "stability," compensation) Good luck to you too. We really do need you in the AF too even if the AF is acting like you're expendable. Whatever you decide to do, just be happy with your decision and be the best you can be. I'll still have a beer or 10 with you at the local VFW and share war stories (as long as the AF doesn't ban alcohol for AD members).
  5. It is red, and it moves constantly. That line in the sand...I wouldn't worry about that line in the sand...no one else takes it seriously. The US has been checking that container since around 2009 or so.... On anther note, a lot of you mentioned the economic factor in keeping countries from starting anything. Keep that in mind if and when the world sees another recession or economic collapse in any way similar to 2008. The world dynamic is a little different today than it was in 2008. Sure, keeping what little economic stability we have right now may keep some of the potential aggressors at bay, but introduce some economic recessions felt around the world and all bets are off. The stage is already set with everything else... In my opinion still not likely, but certainly possible.
  6. If dudes have cases flaring up from years ago, they've got some bad shit! That's why I always say wrap that shit up! Oh wait...you're talking about....nevermind..... In all seriousness, I have a dirty sense of humor. I've joked at work...but even I know rape, sexual assault, harassment are bad. Does the Air Force really see an increasing problem here? (I don't have access to the stats) Is there a new generation of dirtiness entering our force or are we just overreacting? If we did a "cleanup" a few years back, wouldn't it stand to reason that we shouldn't still be having these problems? It is kind of like the AF and its increasing focus on physical fitness over the past 12 years, but somehow our personnel medical costs still keep rising...weird. You would think we would have fix the problem after all these years with all those great CBTs and "all calls." This isn't a new phenomenon and it certainly isn't something only in the flying community. Every few years we come up with new CBTs and even more sternly worded memos condemning these behaviors, but it isn't working. Maybe (and this is just me talking) this is a human behavior that can only be eradicated by focusing on the humans performing this behavior and removing them from service as opposed to trying to reassure those of us who already know this behavior is bad, that it is bad through additional CBTs and other time-wasting seminars. I don't know anyone in my dirty circle of friends who would tolerate this behavior, and I'm pretty sure it is the same with 93.1% of us in the AF. Lets focus on the other 6.9%...those dirty MFs!
  7. Oh, I didn't think they actually talked about anything...I thought it was just a weekend of debauchery, booze, and banging random chicks. FAIPS actually talk shop at those things?! Ok, forget I asked about it...
  8. I like the way you think. Is this going to have a negative impact on this year's FAIPAPALOOZA?
  9. How this came up is a good question, but another question worth asking is why 5 dudes with career-enhancing DG accolades decide to get out of the AF? Of course this question is rhetorical since this thread explains a lot of it, but it is a question the AF should be asking but probably doesn't recognize the significance of it yet.
  10. In all fairness, I once had a rougher than normal landing and it was because of gusts...even though the wind was calm. It is all about how I tell my story and what you're willing to believe. "Yep...gusty winds. Forget that my leg just fell off...I have another one!" I'm just curious how many other aircraft "bounce" after a "normal" landing...isn't a "normal" landing one in which you don't "bounce" afterwards? I'm confused...
  11. Amazing! Just 5 short years ago these threads go from "I'm going to quit because of Blues Monday" to today when blues Monday virtually doesn't exist anymore and now it is "I think its ok to wear blues every once in a while" (ie one day a week). We must have had some recent promotions, new school graduates among our posters :) (I keed I keed) The blues today compared to when I initially joined the service several years ago are much more comfortable. I don't mind wearing the blues...and honestly didn't mind it when blues Monday was in effect. I just chose to fly on those days. As stated above, have your uniform right whatever that uniform is for the day. If we keep bitching about blues, they'll keep using blues as a punishment. Lets just hope next year's uniform change won't go back to those uncomfortable wool blues pants that smell ass when it rained. ...or maybe I just smelled like ass.
  12. Trying to include every flavor of society into the military is just irresponsible mainly because filling military (deployable) billets with non-deployable personnel just makes your "expeditionary" force less "expeditionary." You just become a government work program. Sure, it looks great on paper (granted, that is what is most important to the AF), but in practice you're actually hurting the overall mission (not as important to the AF). The military needs to be deployable. If you or your job isn't deployable (and when I say deployable, I mean necessary in the deployed environment...not just a place filler so we look like we're 'part of the fight'), it shouldn't be a military billet. Making everyone feel warm and fuzzy and important should be the last of the priorities. I agree with M00SE above, nothing against those with disabilities serving their country...they can do it as a contractor who won't need to deploy. It couldn't hurt starting them off in jobs like finance or anywhere in AFPC...it is quite possible they'd do a much better job than the clowns currently in those jobs.
  13. We as an organization have failed if we have airmen stationed at an overseas fighter base don't know there are fighters located there. No wonder we don't get any support from the "support" functions on base. They all must really think the base is there because of them...because everyone is "tip of the spear...fight tonight" in today's Air Force. We feel left out if we are just considered "support.". If Amn Snuffy doesn't know how their job fits in to the mission of that base or the overall mission of the Air Force then they have failed and the Air Force has failed them. I guess what I think is just basic common knowledge about the Air Force isn't common knowledge at all. I guess I am part of the problem too because I don't make any attempts to educate people on these things either...but then again, I didn't think I had to tell a graduate of BMT assigned to an operational base that information. Bad on me for being blind. Good on all of you folks like 17D and Dayman who are actively trying to change that. If the finance guy at Ramstein can understand why Lt Schmuckatelli from the 37th AS needs a bag of cash at 3am on a Saturday morning because he is going on an Africa mission to bring back stowaways (too soon?) then Airman Bagadonuts won't complain so much when they have to come in on a Saturday to do their job. .they just know that they came in to support a real-world mission. But that isn't how we train our personnel to think....we lead them to believe that they are part of a "0900 to 1100 and 1300-1500 four times a week" kind of organization who has to race to see who can make it out the front gate before retreat is played...and it is just too inconvenient to work on weekends and holidays.. Sad...very sad. Edit: Because I can never type a post without grammarlogical errors....
  14. It won't...no one wants to ever admit there is a problem....especially now while big blue is looking to cut people. Remember, we have to make the stats look good...doesn't matter if we are good or not as long as we look good. And don't even complain about manning. We need resilience, not whiners complaining about manning. Now get back to work making those numbers look good. I want to see all green on the slides tomorrow! "If I don't do anything to negatively highlight myself or my workplace, maybe I'll be safe this round of cuts"
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