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  1. It should never be aircrew doing engine runs. That’s an MX function, pilots should stay away.
  2. Holy shit, how is it even possible to draw like that. I feel like such a talentless clown. I’d ask for a picture of bqzip’s mom, but I don’t think they make that many pencils.
  3. It’s pretty much capable of replacing everything but road trips… I think Elon just hates dinosaur technology, which a reciprocating engine and transmission with a hundred moving parts is. So are you giving him shit because he’s not an environmental altruist? Why would that matter one way or the other? As pointed out a few pages back he’s already building the cars the legacy manufacturers wish they could make. It’s American fuck you -ism at its best. Edit: road trips greater than 350 miles, lol. You guys really are reaching.
  4. Seems to me there’s a lot of Tesla scoffing wrapped up in political identity (electric cars are a liberal plot!) Probably a lot of Tesla fandom is about feel good environmentalism as well.
  5. Living in a rural area is one of the best Tesla use cases. Solar roof, power walls, and a Tesla require no external power to operate and serve as power storage for outages. And you don’t have to drive into town to get gas for the cars and generators. Living in apartment with limited chargers probably not a great use case. As for road trips...buy a plane! I see no downsides here.
  6. An absolute shit ton of networked hypersonic missiles launched by non-stealth fighters with big ass radars helps the mass problem. If it helps the marketing, sell them as “single-use, highly maneuverable, AI-enabled UAVs” that are “controlled by a man on the loop.”
  7. Which COCOMs aren’t thinking about how to fight their future wars as well as their current ones?
  8. Europe is as soft as they’ve ever been because they don’t feel threatened. But conquerors arrive via different ships these days. https://www.politico.eu/article/mo-money-mo-pandas-chinas-influence-in-europe-by-the-numbers/ https://carnegieendowment.org/2019/05/09/on-china-s-expanding-influence-in-europe-and-eurasia-pub-79094 https://chinaobservers.eu/how-china-is-buying-influence-in-europe/
  9. Dude that’s still because the bureaucrats suck. The JTR is 690 pages long, but they can’t make an app that works on an iPhone that allows you to just enter expenses in real time. If there was some finance airman manually entering all that shit based on a piece of paper you filled out, you’d be spending a lot of extra time telling him to fix it. Sort of like filling out a paper 175 and faxing it to Baseops so an airman can translate that to the actual system. Foreflight solved that ridiculousness, and a real travel expense app worth a shit would make you never want to go back to an 18yo at
  10. Nah. The problem isn’t technology, it’s bureaucrats. And that applies to the dinosaur civilian companies as much as it does to the government. This dude is talking about sending emails and attachments, FFS. Dinosaur shit. More tech just makes bureaucrats demand more bureaucratic activities be accomplished. For organizations that actually get shit done, collaboration software accelerates their accomplishments. In the end it’s all about leadership.
  11. HAF/A1 devises these policies (with the agreement of all the MAJCOMs and CSAF); AFPC just administers it. Direct your hate in that direction.
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