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  1. Exiting NATO is a terrible idea. I want ACGU on my side first, then the rest of NATO shortly after. I sure as hell don’t want China seizing more influence there.
  2. This period will go down in history as the time when America squabbled with itself over internal trivialities while China built its swarming hordes into a military and economic monster. We need to focus on turning the entire world - including Russia - against China and letting go of moronic stupid shit like “let’s go Brandon” and calling everyone a racist.
  3. “These WIC guys choosing to be away from their families for six months spending blood, sweat, and tears to figure out how to build, teach, and lead their communities in a fight against China…well, they don’t jerk me off even though I’ve highly encouraged it, so fuck them!”
  4. Maybe some of the old guys could shed light on which General was in charge when AMC went south. And if they ever made it out of the doldrums.
  5. Still a U-2 guy, still the best job in the world. We’re always looking for kickass Bros that want to work hard and do cool things, so give us a call.
  6. The blame lies with several misunderstandings. You cannot “regime change” for a population unless they already really want to or you plan on never leaving. If they’re dead set against it - or even just indifferent - plan to be there for 50+ years like Germany, Japan, and Korea. And maybe Iraq, who knows. If you don’t want to be somewhere for 50 years, or you don’t think that successive political administrations will have the stomach to stay, either don’t start a war or accomplish your objectives quickly with violence and let the locals decide what to do with their loser leader. “We need to get out because we’ve been there too long” isn’t correct whatsoever. That’s was poor leadership from our politicians, including Trump.
  7. Hey, that’s my line! But really, yes, some nukes on a dead man’s switch…
  8. Yes…clearly the Chinese are frightened of the KC-46
  9. We’re getting to the crux of the problem: that Hog pilots would gladly accept a new CAS jet if it were superior to the Hog in every way, but acquisitions/industry is no longer able to build them one. Give them a manned jet, stealthy enough to operate around a contested FSCL, carries a GAU-8 and racks of weapons, and can take 37mm rounds on the chin and they’d hop right in it. In other words, make it an improvement in every way, which should be easily possible 40 years later. Instead, industry gave the Marines (ironically, given the author above) the F-35B, which doesn’t even have a gun. Same with why the KC-10 guys scoff at the 46. It’s a great 135 replacement, though with unnecessary fluff. But there are clear, glaring deficiencies over the KC-10 regarding fuel and cargo capacity. Had the AF bought a 777 or a A330 tanker, KC-10 guys would’ve gladly made the jump. U-2 vs RQ-4, F-15C vs EX, etc. No F-15A guy ever complained about going to the F-15C.
  10. That wasn’t a very well researched article. “Air Force leaders” was the evil straw man in every argument. And a really really surface level perception that the Air Force only cares about interdiction.
  11. There was an ok Radiolab episode about this: https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab/articles/nukes Presidents are human and could get drunk, unstable, angry, vindictive, and everything else. In my opinion, we basically just hope they don’t.
  12. This is a video of an idiot getting upset about a text from his dad.
  13. Clearly this is a troll, but he hasn’t been banned yet so my guess it’s one of the mods haha. If you’re not a troll…the reason you got 354 “views” is that most new topics on this forum are created by reasonable people with something value-added to say. So most users will automatically open a new topic and check it out. Your opening post immediately getting 6-9 downvotes is this forum’s equivalent of getting shouted down at a roll call.
  14. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of the Air Force 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. So much of our military and government fall back on “officialness” as the pinnacle of existence. Even in the face of heroism during adversity and literal death, the military machine will want to investigate it, analyze it, and section it into a hundred pieces to assign politically-massaged causes and blame.
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