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  1. Hey so I’ve been seeing on some instameme accounts that Chief Bass said “the Air Force has too many fighter pilots” or something to that effect. Does anyone have a source?
  2. People used to say that the USAF favored RPAs because they didn’t have to risk an expensive pilot. The fact that they’re letting all their expensive pilots walk out the door shows that clearly isn’t the case.
  3. The FSB just needs to shoot him already and get it over with.
  4. CH are you selling these things? Or buying them? Are you talking about the Chameleon waveform?
  5. Sorry boss, disagree that money should be spent on this thing rather than buying more big tankers. How much offload would it have? It only weighs 58k, would it have enough fuel to fill up a 4-ship? Portraying it as a JADC2 node is airplane seller fluff that just doesn’t make sense when the hardware to enable it isn’t ready. And when it is, suddenly any airplane with electricity could install it.
  6. Cool. A tanker that doesn’t mention fuel capacity probably has shitty fuel capacity. Can it land in more places than a KC-130? Does the boom or UARRSI exist yet? Does the JADC2 mesh network datalink it’ll carry exist yet? And when it does exist, what’s stopping literally any other airplane from carrying it?
  7. Regenerative braking on road cars turns one of the electric motors in reverse, using it as a generator to charge the battery when coasting. Nothing is connected to the brakes themselves.
  8. Seems like the CMSAF wants to reduce the pay for special duty while increasing the pay for non-special duty. A continuing attempt by the Air Force to make the best less special and the average more special. Can’t have anyone being cooler than the Bobs…
  9. A lot of support people don’t realize the rules are made up. Ops guys tend to be naturally rebellious smartasses that think generic rules aren’t as important as mission accomplishment. I’ve found it surprising how many people in the world subconsciously or actively crave the structure and mild oppression that bureaucracy brings. I think it makes them feel like they’re part of an advanced system.
  10. 24x Su-35s…probably 20 FMC/PMC…that’s 2x 4-ships staggered with 2x more 4-ships, extras backfill the dead jets…trying to cover the entirety of Iran…good luck
  11. If you guys ever have to set up a forward operating location, a logistics officer, intel officer, contracting officer, comm officer, and flight doc will become your best friends. They are min force.
  12. Blue, you’re scoffing the others in this thread for being unintelligent without taking a step back. The USG already gives between $100B/yr to LM (depending on source), which accounts for about 70-80% of their revenue. The rest of their revenue comes from friendly governments (some just funded by ours anyway), with only 1-2% from non-government sources (which is likely cross-pollination with other USG contractors). Overall, the USG gave $682B to contractors in 2020, $482B from the DOD. Considering what we get for that - ancient technology that will always lag behind demand-funded consumer tech while never being actually employed - the bang for the buck against our adversaries approaches zero. The point that others are making in this thread is that - compared to normal spending - spending on Ukraine at the rate of $26B/yr (4% over what we normally spend) is pretty cheap considering the devastating effect it’s getting on an adversary. The weapons sent to Ukraine are actually being employed. As long as it doesn’t end up starting a nuclear war.
  13. As a leader of the CCP, he’ll either die in office by ruling with an iron fist, or be tried/forgotten/executed by his successor. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gang_of_Four
  14. Giving $5B to Ukraine has been the most cost-effective use of military money in recent history. Our military uses $800B/yr to essentially LARP.
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