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  1. PTDY can be used used for job hunting and/or house hunting. If you have a job, then you need to house hunt. I belive its rule 4 on the PTDY table ( i dont remember the reg but thats the info on my terminal PTDY pprwrk). As its been explained to me, because this same rule only authorizes either house or job hunting, actually working the job isnt allowed. You can work on terminal leave.
  2. I don't care about OPRs and resumes, my point was that the Reserves seen to be going as crazy about PT history as AD.
  3. I was approved for VSP in this last round and during my outprocessing was required to speak to reserve recruiter on base. He told me I could still Palace Chase, but would need my entire PT history, last three OPRs, and a bio in that order for any job I put in for. Maybe I'll go ANG...
  4. I think I have a bead on the conflict. From AFPC's website http://www.afpc.af.mil/library/gibill/ 6 years AD + four years ADSC = 10 yrs of service Also http://www.afpc.af.mil/library/gibill/faq.asp I'd contact the AFPC/DPSIT folks and start there.
  5. JQP is reporting on FB that folks who've been released under VSP and have already left AD aren't being paid the separation pay. For those who left under the FY 14 program, have you all received yours?
  6. I would not. Part of the point of VSP is to waive ADSCs. They are processing your app based on your current ADSCs, which determine where you are in the pecking order. If you add an ADSC at this point you run the risk of one of the following: 1. You are already approved but you havent recieved word. Adding an ADSC effectively nullifies your package at this point. 2. You package isnt approved, but adding more ADSC time bumps you below the cut line. Maybe if you can talk to someone in the separations branch at AFPC you could find out the unknowns and make and informed decision, but I think based on both RIF threads here at BODN that seems unlikely.
  7. Perhaps a change of culture start with AFPC...go check out the Promotion and PRF thread where you can see in the O-5 promotion statistics that AFPC is still tracking AAD's. If AAD's aren't required until O-6, why track who did or didn't have one and whether or not they did or didn't make it?
  8. You should go find the exec rather than figure out whether missing the suspense matters or not.
  9. As far as I know, the only "commitment" is the IRR time associated with the SOU you need to sign. This. Get your application in ASAP for your leadership to sign off on, deadlines coming.
  10. Everyone else took VSP or PC and they need anyone left who's qualified to fly the mission...
  11. Yes, new updated RIF matrix dated 11 Jun. Only thing that jumped out at me was on the red/blue slide, everyone in the '87 year group went blue. I don't expect many readers here will be affected by that....
  12. Come on now, this guys credentials are impressive. As an Army infantryman assigned to the Alaska ANG, he ranks right up there with my D/L instructors from ACSC. Myopic viewpoint? Check. Quasi-relavent background with no real world experience cited? Check. Condescending tone and overly emotional arguments compensating for a lack of substance and reason? Check. Edit: Just to show how well researched this article is (he claims no FW A/C have been lost since 2001), check out this story. I'd like to see anything else land when shot up this badly. Plane landed but was a loss. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Campbell_(pilot)
  13. Did they update PSDM 14-38? The 02 May dated copy required 1 yr TIG as of 1 Oct of this year. Edit: I just checked MyPers and the current FY15 PSDM is 14-38, still dated 02 May. Anyone with less than 1 yr TIG as of the board convening date (1 Oct) is ineligible for the RIF.
  14. I didn't see a new FY15 PC program when I checked MyPers on Thursday. Doesn't mean they won't have one.
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