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  1. Does anyone have current contact info at AFPC for the VLPAD program? I'd like to at least get my ducks in a row in case the program gets turned back on. Thanks.
  2. Amen, amen, amen. George Carlin once said that Americans were long ago bought off and silenced by toys and gizmos, and as a result, nobody has any guts anymore. Nobody questions things or rocks the boat. Toe the line and you will forever have all the material comforts most people can only wish for. Material wealth and the ego boost of being The Big Man on Campus are powerful forces. I’m disgusted by the gutless wonders (in and out of the AF) who run things. Sadly, I don’t think it will change.
  3. I’m not sure of the details of the board. I AM sure my private parts and the pilot shortage had a lot to do with my “success.” I highly doubt I’ll be promoted to O-5, which is fine by me. I’m getting out as soon as possible.
  4. ^Me. No SOS at all. Promoted to Maj. Got high-fives from the enlisted dudes in my Sq. Enjoyed watching the Os get all butthurt about it.
  5. I have a good idea of what it takes to get hired by the airlines and what the job is like once you're hired. As cragspider mentioned, having military RPA experience helps. Any additional info on the hiring process would be helpful. I'm also curious about why you chose RPAs over the airlines, your typical schedule, likes/dislikes about the job, etc. I just don't know what to expect.
  6. Has anyone on here taken the civilian RPA pilot route? I'm 50/50 on going to the airlines and at the very least, I think it'd be a good backup plan in the event that I couldn't land an airline job (loss of 1st class medical, economy tanks, etc.).
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to get some updates on this thread. How long would a reservist/guardsman expect to be in the schoolhouse? I've heard everything from 4 months to 9 months--what's the current timeline? Has the dipshittery surrounding the "required" use of DoD lodging been squashed? I'd stay off base anyway and gladly throw the JTR in their faces. Are there any decent apartments for unaccompanied folks to live? My husband won't be able to join me and I'm not interested in roommates. Thanks.
  8. The reg you are looking for is AETCI 36-2205 vol 3, para. 1.1: "Pilot, RPA pilot, and CSO candidates with a private pilot certificate are exempt from IFS." It's the last sentence in the paragraph. I went through IFS as an AD Nav and am now in the Reserves going through UPT. I have my PPL and did not go to IFS again. I'm not sure whether there is a reg attached to the "below 80 PCSM scores must go"--the only place where I saw that in writing was on the memo that went out to all the units when the UPT board results were announced. Having said all of that, I was originally slotted for IFS
  9. I had an age ETP approved. My letter was basically a laundry list of what I accomplished during my career up to that point. Since you are non-prior, you would just use the highlights from school, work, volunteering, FAA ratings if you have them, etc. PM me and I can try to dig mine up and you can use it as a template.
  10. I can't remember exactly what I wrote, but it was along the lines of, "I enjoyed my 6 years on active duty, and with the recent force management measures I believe the Reserves will offer the best opportunity to continue serving in the Air Force." I'm not sure whether the memo was read by anyone but I submitted one because they asked for it. I've also heard of people writing about how the Reserves provides stability for their growing families, having the chance to serve in their hometown unit...things along those lines. The memo only has to be one paragraph so I say just keep it positive an
  11. Fellow English major here. Unless you plan on getting your PPL with Marty McFly in 1985, you will need much more than 3k for your PPL. I got mine last year and spent just under 8k--which included ground school, books, test and check ride fees, 50 hours @ $135/hour (wet and with an instructor) at an AF aero club where the cost is usually significantly lower than a civilian flight school. 40 hours is the minimum training requirement. I advise people to have 10k set aside to pay for it all, and if they train wisely they won't go anywhere near that. You can save money by buying used books off
  12. FWIW, last year's November board was postponed until June of this year. No reasons were given for the delay. Hopefully it won't happen this time, but plan accordingly. I was an applicant who needed a "Father Time age waiver"...it all worked out. The CSAF has been signing off on those over the past year, for all components. The AF must need pilots!
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