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  2. Question about medical: sort for the length and confusion but I’m extremely confused about what forms and paperwork I need to submit to get my physical started. I went into my IMR and requested a flight physical. What are the documents I need to submit to the email they gave me? I’m waiting on access the the PEPP site( I’m guessing some of the forms I need are in here?). It says submit CC/FM approval letter(not sure what this is), AFPC email(my career field assignments officer’s email??), and AMS listing (not sure what this is either)as well as verbiage required on the AF422 (I know what the form is but do I have to go into flight medicine to get a 422 and fill it out?) and any other required docs (vauge but anything else I’ll need to turn in?) Thanks for any any help in advance.
  3. Reading old posts, the consensus seemed to be the AD route was the most competitive... I'm not sure that's still true, the number of folks accepted has increased from 14 a few years ago to around 90ish i think this year. But having gone from enlisted, to non-rated O, to UPT select as a new Capt, I'll say it's a long road and you'll be behind your peers and making rank past O-5 will be a challenge. I don't mind and have 0 desire to make O-6 or higher, I just want to fly and do cool shit... but for some people that might cause some butt hurt. My advise would be to get a UPT slot out of the gate if able, but there are roads to wings if you can at least get commissioned.
  4. Just finished FC1 with a pass, didn't go as smoothly as I wanted but everything on this forum helped tremendously. Had to take about 4 extra color blind tests and 5 extra vision tests, but all went well in the end. The technicians and doctors were incredible. Can't stress enough that if you go in there with a good attitude, they will do literally everything to help you and get you a pass. The explanation on page 5 by JustHangingOut hits everything on the head.
  5. Available on HBO on D-Day + 75 years.
  6. Put this on your watch list. https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/the-cold-blue
  7. How do you fail out of FTU for academics? Maybe we’re soft in the c-17, but I heard of a PIQ stud who failed his IRC, and it didn’t even get annotated on his form 8. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I was just up at NGB last week putting sticks in eyeballs about the AF-IT/DRRS/ARTS/SORTS soup-sandwich of reporting that we are saddled with. While I was there we had a talk with some folks in A1 about RUTAs and AFTPs. I had heard there was only one approved per year - she (Col Doyle) broke out the ANGI and read verbatim that the one per year was an "excused absence" - which she went on to define as a family emergency that commanders can excuse people **AND THEY STILL GET PAID**. I've never heard of that nor do I intend to do a lot of approving of those absences but the important part is that as long as the CC feels the RUTA/RD is valid, press!
  9. Did you intentionally tube the B course because you didnt “deserve” a bomber? Should’ve flunked PRP instead.
  10. When I call guys to offer the job I give them a window to make a commitment. (usually 30 days or so) I expect people are interviewing at other places. Once someone commits you can bet your bottom dollar that if they have a change of heart I'll be calling their new commander to inform him of that persons lack of moral fiber (and I've had calls about people the other way as well). Just be honest, if you are good enough to get the job it won't matter. Knowing that we weren't someone's first choice wouldn't stop me from offering them a job if they were the best candidate.
  11. I am also an interservice transfer guy transitioning from the Marine Corps to AFRC. My recruiter sent my scrolling paperwork at the end of April with a temporary DD368 that was signed off by my squadron CO just for the sole purpose of initiating the scrolling process so hopefully it gets done smoothly. The Headquarters of the Marine Corps approved my conditional release from active duty for 1 Nov without reserve commission or IRR commitment which I am glad about. All in all, I just do not understand why the scrolling process takes 4-6 months, that’s not including the time to obtain a DD368 which can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Maybe I should avoid all this hassle and stick with the Corps so that I can stay in shape - my hiring unit told me that I’m going to be the only one PTing at 0600..[emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. It wasn't a recent promotion. Nobody really blatantly stonewalled anything for me. It was more about getting every piece together when it was needed from all the different offices involved. Navy Bupers, my 4 different recruiters and I had been trying to figure out what "ratified into the Navy Reserve" meant in regards to scrolling. I finally tracked down the right people and found out that the "ratification" meant my last promotion letter in the Navy, not that they needed to verify that I was IRR. My last day of active duty was as an O-2 and I promoted to O-3 in the IRR the next day. The SECDEF P&R needed this information to scroll properly. The Navy kept saying my IRR file looked accurate on their side (showed O-3, dates, etc.), and they didn't understand the hold up until recently. The process definitely needs to be fixed, especially for inter service transfer types.
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  14. @Targeteer sounds about right!. I tried to contact Personnel and Readiness when the Navy stonewalled my conditional release, but was eventually able to get it resolved backchannel by posting on the Navy equivalent of this board. I'm surprised you had the scrolling hangup since I promoted to O-3 while Navy IRR as well and didn't have that issue. Was it a recent promotion? It seems lots of processes here are broken and nobody is working with any sense of urgency (and in some cases, competency).
  15. I haven't been on any hiring boards yet, but I was in this position when I was rushing units! I'll piggy back off @SocialD since his advice is what I followed. I interviewed with a unit and the following month or so I already had another interview lined up with probably my more preferred unit. I was honest in the interview and told them I also had another interview lined up, and when asked if I was hired would I still interview at the other unit I respectfully said yes. They offered me the job the next day! I definitely think part of why I was selected was because they respected that I was honest with them! Fast forward to the other interview, I ultimately wasn't hired. When I called back to my hiring unit asking if the offer was still on the table they said absolutely, and never asked about the other interview. Bottom line man go with what you are morally comfortable with! For me I just couldn't keep that from them and potentially burn a bridge! Had I never told them, interviewed at the other unit, and they found out then that phone call asking if offer was still on the table could have been a lot different. Hope this helps!
  16. Don't cry about one year. Check this out. Navy IRR officer transfer to AFRC. MAR:2017 Squadron interview and hired. Long story short: I jumped through many medical hoops and in the end I didn't require a waiver. I was very proactive during this process, and it required using in-squadron medical folks and a letter from a VA specialist to get the ball rolling (CSOs can get FC1A done in-house/in-squadron). My medical finally made it through the AFRC/SG backlog and was blue-stamped by AETC. We tried using a reserve medical squadron closer my current home, but medical sat for about a 1.5-2 years (My squadron and I were proactive during this time also.) Scroll list: This has been a huge hang up. This is my 3rd time sending the request up, and both the Navy and Air Force finally have everything in order for the transfer. My recruiter's boss suggested calling my state senator to complain. Navy personnel command didn't know why the hold up was happening either. I found a number for the Pentagon's Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. This office helped track down names and numbers of folks that assisted. I was contacted by the AFRC's Personnel Office the next day. They let me know everything is good to go now. The hangup was SECDEF needed my IRR promotion to O-3 from the Navy. All my paperwork is now going back up the chain...for the 3rd time. I'm being told in-process with the 340th is October and follow-on orders should be sometime after. My hiring squadron is pushing for sooner. 2+ years...
  17. There is nothing wrong about a heritage video for support guys as long as it recognizes that they are in support of a larger mission. In many cases, bad support is a result of a lack of connection to the mission. I don’t think a heritage video will fix that, but it wouldn’t hurt either. - Support Guy
  18. LOL @ bastard child hahaha. But yes, I am 6 years enlisted in my local ANG unit. I will be applying for the next local board as well as other boards. I want to have all my options open and AD route seems very appealing. Thank you for your insight and help! Anyone else have any tips, I am welcome to hear them. Cheers!
  19. MEPS: 01 Mar 2018 Package submitted: 08 Mar 2018 FOIA request for certain military records (at squadron's request): 16 Mar 2018 MEPS redux (to correct missing documentation): 03 Apr 2018 FOIA received: 06 Apr 2018 Interview: 27 Apr 2018 Hired: 1 May 2018 DD368 (Navy IRR > USAFR) rejected: 21 May 2018 DD368 reconsidered and approved: 02 July 2018 ETP (TFCS) approved: Sep 2018 Board: Nov 2018 missed due to another required waiver (signed Nov 2018) Board: package resubmitted for Jan 2019 board Scrolled: Jan 2019 IFC 1A : 16 Jan 2019 Squadron notified of selection 16 Jan 2019 DD368 extension to 31 July from 28 Feb granted: 05 Feb 2019 IFC IA submitted to AETC: 29 Apr 2019 (had to get some bloodwork redone and there was debate as to whether or not I'd require a waiver for things; ultimately not required) IFC IA stamped: 20 May 2019 Swear-in: June 2019? DD368 submitted: June 2019? 340th inprocessing: September 2019? UCT: ?? It's tough to believe I was hired a year ago and am still going through the process, but there's light at the end of the tunnel finally.
  20. Hey dude! Yep I am lol. I think you should be good to get it done, but you need to start now. If they do what they did last year and allow medicals that were complete just without the SG signature, you should be good. That being said, get into your Flight Med ASAP. I know you're a shift worker as well so it can be a little hard, but just get in there and get your stuff started. I needed a waiver and it took about 4 weeks on AD to get one. The SG signature while I was still in ROTC took like 2 months. Personally, I think if you start now you should be golden but you can't put it off any further. Lemme know if you need anything else!
  21. I see you’re weather. I’m working nights at the 26th OWS at Barksdale! Looking at applying for CSO. Question though, I haven’t gotten my flight physical yet. Do you think an Aug 12 cutoff isn’t enough time to get my physical done?
  22. What SocialD said. This happens at every guard base regardless of the mission. Shoe Clerks - “Gosh, where are all the aircrew? They must be slackers.” Oh I don’t know, using their drill periods to support a two shift local flying schedule during the week, deployed, TDY on an AMC mission, alert, NATO, PACOM, CENTCOM. But sure, let’s all show up on a Sunday and sit around and stare at each other and do fire extinguisher training. Chida - Bring that shirt in to the alert facility next Monday. Invite him to cook hot dogs and burgers for the crew chiefs and pilots (and security forces for that matter) that are stuck there and not with their families this holiday weekend. They all serve meals at the DFAC on drill weekend, tell him this would be more meaningful...because it honestly would.
  23. You got thru upt and got wings. If the af doesn’t want to release you from your Adsc (out of the kindness of their hearts) then you’re fucked. Be the best finance/LRS officer you can be and try to unfuck some things in those worlds.
  24. Did you tell said support shirt that he's in the wrong fucking section and firmly, yet politely, advise him that he can STFU? I would like to see his face when he sees the same attendance at drill going forward. What so many on base don't realize is that we have to show up 5ish times a month, and we can't fly everyone on a drill weekend. You should ask him if he's in the habit of bringing his people in on days where they accomplish zero training? At the same time ask him, aside from the shirts course, how many nights he's spent away from home over the last few years. Though that will likely be changing with all the 6 month RCPs the AD is dropping to the ANG these days. Drill weekend for pilots, made sense when we were used as a "break glass in case of...," and a true part time force. We also had quite a few jets that were fairly new, no alert mission and very few depot upgrades, so flying a 12x12 both days on drill weekend was no big deal. Now we're saddled with aging jets, never ending depot inputs, an alert mission stealing jets, reduction in total number of jets (PAA) and non-stop TDYs/deployments. Putting up enough sorties is just not possible. I truly appreciate the extra AFTPs, but let's be honest, it's really just finally giving us the required number of pay cards to accomplish our minimum required training. Trying to strong arm us and hinder our ability to UTAs is just working contrary to what they're trying to do by giving us extra AFTPs. I wonder how many of these staffers have spent any time as a part-timer in a fighter squadron. How about you spend your time seeking out shit that helps our flexibility and/or fight shit like this that makes no sense. Here's hoping that many of the Commanders out there are taking their ability to approve rescheduled drills and running with it. Oh ya, get the fuck off my lawn! Stuck at home sick today...on a roll!
  25. Still have my wings and T-38 trained. Didn’t make it through B-1 training, and my issue was in academics and not flying related. Not sure if that’s better or worse? Was recommend to go to a non-weaponized crew aircraft by the FEB and Convening authority, but that was overturned by 4 star. My official record says “Permanent Disqualification from Aviation Service”. Back shortly after I got them memo from the 4 star I spoke with a friend who is in a guard RPA unit and he said even they couldn’t take me with that on my record. Since that I haven’t looked further into Guard options because I figured ones with actual aircraft would give the same answer. I’ve continued flying on my own and currently working on my CFI. Got some good encouragement from civilian aviation companies that the FEB would not hinder me much. Also recently found out I may have options with the Army, Coast Guard, and NOAA Corps. Just don’t know what to do about my UPT ADSC.
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