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  2. Yeah totally agree that it is dumb. It isn't hard, just painfully time consuming. I'm averaging a minimum of 7 days for any responses from them, and because the AU system for registering was all jacked up it meant a self-paced class that I could finish in a day or two....would take two weeks because of the broken process. Now there are no classes for the entirety of July as they transition, not even self-paced courses. I tried to sign up for my August facilitated class on 25 June, but their system said I hadn't completed the prerequisite (I had). So I put in yet another help ticket that day. The deadline for the August classes was yesterday...they emailed me today stating I had to wait and go through the ASU registration in August. So basically wasting two months of my time waiting now. Just fucking silly really.
  3. Agreed. I found this one applicable as well. Sadly, my city just lost a fine, young officer to a senseless shooting. I can't believe that he didn't have a small hesitation due to the climate wrt cops right now...sadly it got him killed.
  4. Hurry up and wait. Best motto around for these times.
  5. Yeah I talked to them. Just seems like things keep getting delayed for some reason. Just gotta keep sitting tight and being patient. Thanks for the help.
  6. Gotcha no idea then. They offered you an invite but didn't provide a POC to reach out to? I'm sure there's someone lurking from the squadron around here who can help. I've had some success in the application process just calling the ops desk at places of interest. You'll have to be creative and get around some gatekeepers but I'm sure if you were already offered an interview they'll be more receptive about getting a pilot on the phone for you.
  7. I should have been more clear, that’s my bad. I got the invite but hadn’t heard back since the meet and greet. Just found out they’re still delayed.
  8. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Ft. Worth sent their interview invites out almost 3 months ago. I don't think they typically send out the "thanks but no thanks" email so maybe that's where the confusion arose.
  9. ...So anyone hearing rumors about promo statistics from this year’s P0520 board? Ended 19 May and that magic list is making the GO rounds now Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  10. Not new but still funny. This kind of entertainment media...I say we keep this.
  11. DC got activated for the protests. Between that and COVID word as of mid June is holding with no timeline.
  12. Does anyone know where the regulation is of who can use GUT time? Any pilot can just sign up for this at any base that has a sim right? Is it first come first serve or does each base scheduling office have first dibs. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  13. I seek to understand, than to be understood. Arguing is one thing/ or lively banter if you will, but to encroach upon ones land, freedoms and endangering family, friends and loved ones to oppress or depress others into your way of thinking, propaganda and eventually tyranny. History is trying to be erased, it will be repeated. “Got it!” No, I don’t believe for one second you do. That’s your right provided by thousands upon thousands before us.
  14. NOLA is still sending out the auto-reply email whenever you reach out, so I take that as a "sit tight."
  15. Just remember y’all (I know, that’s cultural appropriation), if we’ve learned anything from this thread it’s that “libruls” have bad DNA that predisposes them to rioting (and man buns I guess?), and that when you are figuring out how to deal with someone who has a different opinion than you, you should get your guidance from the rootin tootin time of the civil war. got it
  16. None of the below pertains to responsible/peaceful protesting. May it never come to the worst case scenario. I do pray that it will not. But when pushed far enough it’s obvious where the buck will stop and God favors the prepared: “violence begets violence” Not in reference to the MLK speech in any way. It was Col Jeff Cooper regarding his response to a reporter “It is my earnest endeavor to see that it does.” That’s how it’s done and that’s why militaries exist for the most part (fewer rampant cases of “countries needing breathing room.”) I pray we do not reach the final stage of failed deescalation and like countries/children need to be spanked it seems adults/domestic enemies/terrorists may require the same. Everyone here locks your doors home/car, take precautions on a daily basis. We do not live in a utopia. Evil exists and it is your duty to protect the sheep as Sheepdogs of our society. “Trust in God, but keep your powder dry” - Civil War.
  17. That place is a shithole, who gives a shit who controls that wretched place. Let's GTFO now.
  18. I’ll just leave this here.
  19. I was 80% sure it was going to be one of those Rick rolls you cant exit out of...just like the war in Afghanistan.
  20. good film touching on some Afghan history if you've never seen it: Bitter Lake
  21. If so, it will be leftist for both occasions. I can't imagine any conservative rioting. Now as Brick said, if they come for us we'll stand firm and kick their teeth in, but we won't riot because it's not in our DNA.
  22. I ran our UPT hiring board a year or two and have sat on 5 or 6 boards total. I can tell you, at least at my squadron, we don't put much emphasis on flying time. We used to require a Private but then we realized how ridiculously expensive it has gotten, so no we just require you to have soloed. After that, we really don't care much. Again, this is just one squadron...every unit has their own thing. Best of luck!
  23. I can't speak to the unsponsored route, but having dual given (via your CFI) counts in your total flight time which is part of the PCSM.
  24. I, again, reject your insinuation. And add to it a rejection of your moral equivalence of those who are rioting, looting, killing with those who object to such behavior. I didn't "step" forward so I have no need to "step back." Nor will I kneel. I get what you are saying, I think. I simply object to be placed in the same category as those ripping our country apart.
  25. Doubtful. I haven't seen even where PPL vs. Instrument gives an applicant a huge edge.
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