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  2. Did you tell said support shirt that he's in the wrong fucking section and firmly, yet politely, advise him that he can STFU? I would like to see his face when he sees the same attendance at drill going forward. What so many on base don't realize is that we have to show up 5ish times a month, and we can't fly everyone on a drill weekend. You should ask him if he's in the habit of bringing his people in on days where they accomplish zero training? At the same time ask him, aside from the shirts course, how many nights he's spent away from home over the last few years. Though that will likely be changing with all the 6 month RCPs the AD is dropping to the ANG these days. Drill weekend for pilots, made sense when we were used as a "break glass in case of...," and a true part time force. We also had quite a few jets that were fairly new, no alert mission and very few depot upgrades, so flying a 12x12 both days on drill weekend was no big deal. Now we're saddled with aging jets, never ending depot inputs, an alert mission stealing jets, reduction in total number of jets (PAA) and non-stop TDYs/deployments. Putting up enough sorties is just not possible. I truly appreciate the extra AFTPs, but let's be honest, it's really just finally giving us the required number of pay cards to accomplish our minimum required training. Trying to strong arm us and hinder our ability to UTAs is just working contrary to what they're trying to do by giving us extra AFTPs. I wonder how many of these staffers have spent any time as a part-timer in a fighter squadron. How about you spend your time seeking out shit that helps our flexibility and/or fight shit like this that makes no sense. Here's hoping that many of the Commanders out there are taking their ability to approve rescheduled drills and running with it. Oh ya, get the fuck off my lawn! Stuck at home sick today...on a roll!
  3. Still have my wings and T-38 trained. Didn’t make it through B-1 training, and my issue was in academics and not flying related. Not sure if that’s better or worse? Was recommend to go to a non-weaponized crew aircraft by the FEB and Convening authority, but that was overturned by 4 star. My official record says “Permanent Disqualification from Aviation Service”. Back shortly after I got them memo from the 4 star I spoke with a friend who is in a guard RPA unit and he said even they couldn’t take me with that on my record. Since that I haven’t looked further into Guard options because I figured ones with actual aircraft would give the same answer. I’ve continued flying on my own and currently working on my CFI. Gotten some good encouragement from civilian aviation companies that the FEB would not hinder me much. Also recently found out I may have options with the Army, Coast Guard, and NOAA Corps. Just don’t know what to do about my UPT ADSC.
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  5. Had a support 1st shirt come to the pilot section last Nov on a UTA lamenting that few pilots were in attendance. Then he bragged that a fix was in the works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I'll caveat the follow with the fact that this is my personal opinion and not necessarily how others will view it, so take it for what it's worth... I've sat on numerous ANG UPT interview boards and been in the military long enough to know that you are the only one looking out for you. Interview at both and see what happens. If you get both, then you'll have a decision to make and I would go with the one that fits you best. We completely understand that we may not always be the first choice of everyone, but I will still pick the best possible candidate. Personally, I respect the honesty if a candidate is upfront about their desires, but I also understand if they hold their cards close. Either way, that's why we pick an alternate. Best of luck!
  7. I’ve heard about this happening before but I can’t find the thread. Here is the generic situation: Unit A is my preferred unit (location, airframe, mission, etc.). I also like Unit B, but not as much as Unit A. Unit B has a board a few months before Unit A. IF I am fortunate enough to get the slot with B, how unethical is it to also try and get a slot with A? This would obviously occur before any training would begin. On one hand, I see this as a douchey thing to do. On the other, they should have alternates right? Also, should I be upfront about it?
  8. Dude, do you have wings? Are you you T-1 or T-38 trained? The reason I ask s your options will vary during this pilot shortage on whether you washed out of RPA’s and got nowhere else to go (apologies RPA guys) or washed from a F-16 FTU and trying to get into a crew airframe. If you have wings still, I’d think you have some options including guard/reserve. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  9. Words and platitudes don't represent shit. I've heard all kinds of inspiring shit from CSAFs that never came to fruition. I wouldn't stick around based on hope of what one of them says.
  10. Until you see the heritage video for the support guys. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  11. My understanding that this is just being added and/or reemphasized because someone on the staff, spent a lot of time reading a DODI. Anyway, I guess it all depends upon your Commanders idea as to what is "convenient for the government."
  12. I get what you're saying, but the video represents a shift away from "everyone is equal, everyone is a warrior" towards "aviators actually are special, and they represent the core mission of the service"
  13. Nah, just being a cynical asshole and talking about a program that I assume is not even in the works...I could have really inserted any known issue we have going on right now. I hadn't heard about the program you're dealing with, I'll hit up my contacts in comm to see if that's something they're expecting. Given that they're understaffed and just got tapped to fill a 6 month to the desert (or two) I doubt they'll be rolling out such a program any time soon.
  14. Are you talking about the zero/thin clients? I’ve recently experienced them on NIPR and SIPR, and they are computing cancer. They require a network connection to a central server to operate at all. Way worse than the laptops. Every login is like the first time. The lagging keyboard and mouse inputs are screen punching bad. It’s a 100% worse Air Force comm experience, if you can believe that. If your base is talking about getting these, push back with all your might.
  15. LOL, ya inspirational videos will fix AF issues. How about a video showcasing the new comm system that will allow our computers to work close to 50% of the time at speed faster than more 5 year old, porn/virus laden Dell.
  16. Is it me or does that enlisted dude look like he has a full goatee? At the very least it’s a great ‘stache. Props. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. If you have to get a 368 you must be a bastard child from another branch. So was I. It will be a difficult process for you but not impossible. Call the folks at Randolph. They will help you navigate thru the process. DO NOT SOLELY RELAY ON THE RECRUITER. Not sure why but the recruiter would give me an answer that wouldn't make sense and I would get a totally different answer from the folks at Randolph. They helped me every time I called or pointed me in the correct direction. I was in Afghanistan when I was going thru the process. Had my application ready to go but decided not to submit a few days before the deadline (was offered a UPT slot with an ANG unit). I had another Army bro that stayed the course. We worked on our apps together, had the same age and PCSM scores. He got selected and has a vance date in late November (we were both helo pilots so we could jump in directly into UPT). I am a bit jealous because I don't have a school date yet and they are telling me now it might be late FY20 or early FY21. Also you will have to rate all slots 1 thru 5 - pilot, nav, rpa, CSO, AMB (I haven't seen the 215 in a while but I believe those are all the fields available). You can't just apply for Pilot/Rated. If your end goal/dream is to be a pilot, look into going ANG/reserves. Also good luck getting a 368. It was the most pain in the ass process thanks to the high levels of army efficiency. You have to stay on top of the admin personnel or else it will sit on someone's desk until hell freezes over. Good luck to all the bros in here. Cheers.
  18. You nailed it. On AD with my wife in the 2000s, we had 9 addresses in almost 10 years, and she couldn't hold much more than part time work. Leaving AD gave her the ability to start a career and it had an enormous positive impact on her state of mind and our relationship.
  19. Okay, so I had a FEB as a B Course student coming up on about two and a half years ago now. Unfortunately I am one of the "lucky" ones who was recommended to be re-trained into a new airframe by both the FEB and Convening Authority, only to have it overturned by the 4 star... That whole process took pretty much a whole year, and I PCS'd to my new non-rated assignment in February 2018. I've put a lot of introspection into my current situation, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm ready to explore moving on with my life and from the Air Force, or at least the active duty Air Force. Options I am considering are everything from straight separation, separate to the Reserves (IMA), or even an Inter-Service transfer. BUT, a hang-up I'm running into is my UPT ADSC. It's still on the books and won't run out until June 2026. I've reached out to AFPC help desk on this issues and they have been pretty unhelpful. The answers I have gotten have ranged from "the Air Force has you until that ADSC runs out because you completed the training" to "all you have to do is apply to separate and they'll review on a case by case". From my own research it seems that I can apply to separate under Miscellaneous reasons, but I don't know if I need to lead turn that with anything else if I have ADSC remaining? I'd like to think since it was the Air Force's decision to remove me from flying status (I fought like hell to stay on), that they would not also force me to stay in for 7 more years, in a career I never planned to be in. But who knows? And beyond that I have zero clue where to begin with requesting an IST with ADSC remaining. Apologize for the long post, but has anyone dealt with a situation like this before or known someone who has? I know its a pretty narrow set of circumstances, but there is a lot of experience on here so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Appreciate it!
  20. Gotcha. I was told that each component has a set number of slots allocated weekly for applicants. AFRC gets three slots per week for FC1.
  21. This board is for active duty Officers only. If you aren't already in, this doesnt apply to you.
  22. Yeah well they forget about this thing called..... separation.
  23. While this 2 cents may belong on a retirement thread I will state a viewpoint that has reinstated itself during the past decade plus of increasing AD retirements and “I have 20 good years” by the Guard & Reserve. Increase pay types such as AFTPs gains more proficiency for our forces without any backpay towards retirement. Very smart bean counter strategies. If you achieved an AD retirement via the separate point system, then your other points are thrown on top of your total AD points and it is a significant increase of retirement pay dependent upon how many you have. As supporting info, the DoD will not offer or change retirement systems to benefit the individual. Giving you cash now without any strings attached (not having to pay you til you die) is a business model. Hence, only one makeup RUTA is a screw job... More AFTPs not RUTAs = cost savings, Redux, Blended retirement system, RIF, etc. Military spends money, civilians make money - but the military is getting better at their oversight and starting to parallel the civilian sector regarding cost savings, but forgetting we are here to break sh*t...
  24. No clue! And ANG. I guess I just got absurdly lucky. Now I just need to hope that everything goes well. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  25. So true. I'm not even married. I have had CC's ask why my old lady doesn't follow me around. Because she has a great job in engineering. Then I get a puzzled look from them. I say she makes a lot of money 💰 and I leave it at that.
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