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  2. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Get the hell out of here with your new ideas. We would rather just keep trying the ones that have failed and got us into this mess over the last 2 decades!
  3. B-1 (Bone) questions

    I don't disagree, but the requirement exists to do your own scan regardless of who else is out there... in addition to the times we were just flat on our own covering deliberate targets and DTs (e.g. the war against oil) away from the urban CAS stacks. If I have to do it, I want the best tools for the job. The CFACC SPINS were somewhat good about delineating what a TGP player could reasonably be expected to see or not see, and in my experience the GFC didn't really want us scanning anyway. The biggest buffoonery I saw was TET guidance that contradicted the SPINS re: scan for things we acknowledge you can't reliably PID, and oh by the way we didn't MAAP you to overlap with any players that can help out. Gee thanks. Big picture... Agree with extreme prejudice, it felt like Air Component leadership was handing our lunch money to Army by the fist-full... especially on counter-doctrinal, peanut-butter spread apportionment of ISR.
  4. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Allow me to summarize: MC-12 dudes= disenfranchised, type rated, mostly ATP holding, bitter dudes (and chicks), mostly T-38 trained, with an assignment left. More than 1,000 hours per down range, in a stack, doing stuff. UPT Grads= lots of time left to pay it back, good at making corn, can station keep for the most part. Air Force= Short on people, experience, good deals. UPT= At max blast, still can't fix the leak. 11F= Super short on folks, but somehow still too cool for school. OA/X= Investors? Possibly you! Take the author literally, yea that doesn't make sense. Got it, copy. Over. Fusion, synergy, sygma 6, buzzword. Mix it all up, doesn't sound too far fetched. Take your initial cadre of 11F'ers, throw in a bunch of your pissed off, MC-12'ers as the first classes (add a few UPT grads for good measure), who are itching to get back in the game, give them a program to make their own, give them the all holy "buy in". Guess what the Air Force gets? They don't take a bunch of 11F's out of the game. They possibly retain a bunch of experience in the mcdozen dudes that are definitely gone otherwise, UPT keeps sending people to the pipelines, who loses out? The 11R pipeline? Who's overmanned? Ok. Whatever. (insert conclusion here) Also: Handle of Bulleit Bourbon or Rye at Costco $31, 750 of Noah's Mill $44. edit: A ton of these people are T-6 and T-38 IP/EPs time meow. It really isn't that crazy.
  5. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Turns out, the plan is to make flying 'fun'? https://www.defensenews.com/news/your-air-force/2018/01/16/virtual-skies-air-force-hopes-fun-tech-transforms-pilot-learning/
  6. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    I just need to confirm, Robber - "It's fake." (the gun) Bad Ass - "Oh well, mines is real." Robber - "I'm shot." Bad Ass - "Oh, fuck ya." He then admonishes them not to die. This is also my new fav video of all time.
  7. The Next President is...

    Nah, he likes paying whores.
  8. Yeah it shows mid March on mypers just wondering when the documents the board saw will be posted to PRDA under the Board section. My last board record was posted about 2 weeks or so after the board met if I remember correctly.
  9. Promotion and PRF Information

    It’s showing mid to late March on mypers. It’s only 3 months from when the board finished. Until they start rolling it back like the 06 guys results then I really wouldn’t worry about it right now. But it still has to go through the wickets.
  10. B-1 (Bone) questions

    And there's the problem, people think sniper/litening pods are good for CDE scans. Real big picture sure, but FAR from the fidelity/accuracy of scans accomplished by the guys who actually are meant/built for such a thing. A buff should never be doing those scans, and its overselling capability to say to the Army a sniper/litening can effectively accomplish scans (especially to the level the army wants/expects). Again, we need to tell the Army to off and play each asset to what it's for, not try to make everything persistent ISR...those assets already exist. And recognize the realities of war.. plenty of unavoidable CDE to win Mosul and Raqqah. Funny how rolling back ISIS accelerated when we focused more on tactics to kill people vs how to not kill people.
  11. The list still has to go through all the wickets. SecDef office, Congress, etc.
  12. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    The last round of UPT directs into my RPA squadron were definitely not the bottom of their class. I agree that RPA weapons employment /= OA-X weapons employment. Once we are established in the stack, it’s a 2D maneuver (3D if including timing), but learning fundamentals about weapons employment like how to run checks, weaponeer, final cross check, and employing at the optimum geometry for weapons effects would carry over. I’ve already got one foot out the door and OA-X probably won’t hit the ramp until I’m an airline captain, but it’s a mission I would stick around for if given the opportunity.
  13. LA ANG is hiring!

    It's that time again . May drill will be our next UPT board. The rushing window is officially open - Feb 23-25 and Mar 9-11 are upcoming drill dates for visits. April drill the squadron will be on the road shooting missiles at Tyndall so get your visits in soon. Resumes and coordination still go to 122fspilothiring@gmail.com C'mon down!
  14. Promotion and PRF Information

    I just heard a rumor that the Majors board results won’t come out until March. How does it take 4 months to release results of a board that didn’t include PRFs and will only look at cases of candidates with negative indicators?
  15. Yesterday
  16. B-1 (Bone) questions

    And there's the problem, people think sniper/litening pods are good for CDE scans. Real big picture sure, but FAR from the fidelity/accuracy of scans accomplished by the guys who actually are meant/built for such a thing. A buff should never be doing those scans, and its overselling capability to say to the Army a sniper/litening can effectively accomplish scans (especially to the level the army wants/expects). Again, we need to tell the Army to fuck off and play each asset to what it's for, not try to make everything persistent ISR...those assets already exist.
  17. Draken / ATAC

    Do not work/fly for Vertol. Check out their Glassdoor.com rating. There's a reason they're always looking for help...
  18. XL 18-12 Track 9x T-38 (2 International) 10x T1 1x TH-1
  19. Palace Chase info

    Finally submitted as well. About 5 months off PCS ADSC with a hire letter and position number.
  20. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I think the bigger difference is in how we employ. Reaper is a precision/surgical/assisination strike tool, we have reallly gotten away from doing traditional CAS, which is what the light attack would be doing. I will be the first to admit, I would probably need some extra rides, I’m by no means arguing that you can take someone from a ISR/ GCS platform, give them a quick T-6 refresher and call them a expert in the A-29/AT-6/whatever. The drone is very misunderstood plane, and it draws hate easily, hell I still do hate it, but I caution against assuming it’s a walk in the park. There are some very complex environments and situations you find yourself in if you aren’t the shitbag doing transits (or forced there because you suck) and not having a window forces you to develop a lot of your senses and tools to build a solid battlefield picture. It really does help build your aviation skill set overall when you return to normal flying. Again, not trying to argue that a RPA bubba is equivalent to a 4 ship A-10 lead, but I caution people to being closed minded, I was before I went to them and have be surprised. I went to CBM, and was a UPT D, maybe in your cases they grabbed the bottom of the barrel, But I can print you my training reports, and vouch for several other bros from CBM and the other bases that dudes were getting snagged from the middle and top ish portion of their classes.
  21. Any 09 guys “as met” records show up on PRDA yet?
  22. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    such a good post. totally agree.
  23. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Not surprised just noting it. Will respectfully disagree, I didn't get that idea from his article (MC-12 experience automatically meant you were highly qualified in the attack mission set) but I agree with him that it gives a level of experience and background that could be useful to become a qualified, proficient OA-X pilot. Ditto for a baller from another platform transitioning to a cso seat in an OA-X (if it even happens). Both of those ideas caveated that not everyone from an MC-12 background (or any platform for that mater) is right for a potential OA-X, same for a baller from another platform. All aircrew should be (IMO) eligible to apply, judged on their record of performance and then selected accordingly. Previous experience in air to ground would not be a discriminator, IMO. A potential OA-X training program would have a syllabus that would train dudes new to the attack mission set appropriately, dudes with previous fighter / attack experience would like PA over these rides / sims & academics. Given the affordability of the per flight hour cost of the offerings for OA-X ($1,500 to $3,000 per flight hour), bringing up to speed in the attack mission set would not be cost prohibitive and a worthy strategic investment in the Line of the Air Force. If OA-X is procured, as a policy, open it to your entire rated crew force, 30% CAF 30% MAF 30% UPT (even split T-1/T-38) 10% ARC (3 year MPA tours). Those numbers are not hard and fast quotas but broad guidelines to shape the crew force, standards would have to be met to be selected and to qualify. If the AF bought 100 tails and crewed at 2.5, that's 250 pilots / 250 csos, a serious bill to be sure but one that is not insurmountable, aircrew will volunteer or stay in the force to be part of the mission not TCN monitors or Power Point warriors at the Died. I advocate for inclusion of non-CAF dudes in this potential community as I believe it is in the best interest of the AF and meets an operational need. I've had the opportunity to work with guys from fighter / attack / bomber backgrounds and I have discussed with them their sometimes frustrations with dudes from other backgrounds, that they don't have a "tactical" mindset. Well, if you want them to have a "tactical" mindset, include those that can hack it in the mission. OA-X is a good place to have that cross-flow, seeding a more operational mindset vice shoe clerkism by having a greater percentage of your line officer cadre involved in the mission.
  24. The pipeline is full. My wait from hire to FC1 is exactly 4 months.
  25. Latest Movies

    Saw "12 Strong" last night and thought it was OK. Over-the-top acting by Hemsworth, William Fichtner and Rob Riggle gives the film a poor start. Michael Pena is good, but it's Michael Shannon as the CWO that gives the movie any semblance of authenticity and realism. Best parts were the team's initial embed with N. Alliance, interactions with CIA bubba already established in-country, and the visual look of Afghanistan (thank you, New Mexico). The story lacks the excitement and concern for these dozen guys caught in a tough spot and isolated that I think Lone Survivor and American Sniper capture much better in their big-screen projects. AF and ground-pounders will be disappointed in the depiction of B-52 close air support...yeah, there's some "danger close" terminology but the overall process seems way too dumbed down for civilian consumption. Lastly, the real stars are the four-legged variety and this aspect is hardly covered once the team mounts up and moves out...which is too bad, because I think the horse soldier revelation was one of the most surprising stories coming out in the weeks following 9/11 and our initial boots on the ground in Afghanistan.
  26. Tuition Assistance Question!

    First year or six after upt you should be burning up every available brain cell learning how to master your field. Especially if you’re a fighter pilot.
  27. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I keep seeing the argument about Reaper weapons equivalency which I don't understand. Sure there are some similarities but there is a huge gulf between being in a GCS and flying in a 2 ship A-29/AT-6 and employing. And then there is the argument that most of the new UPT-D guys from T-1's were from the bottom of their AD class, at least that's how it worked at CBM. Edit: This isn't to malign RPA dudes, it's my opinion that they probably would require a significant additional IQT/MQT spin up.
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