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  2. What it means for the recently separated officers who did not join the SELRES/PIRR: You are most likely* in the IRR if you: 1. Volunteered for it (ie obtained a reserve commission--requires positive action to be scrolled) 2. Are required to be in the IRR by reason of unfulfilled Military Service Obligation (< 8 years total service) or because you received separation pay (which requires at least 3 yrs IRR service). 3. Otherwise have a reserve commission in the ready reserve (i.e. you have not resigned your reserve commission, nor was your commission revoked (eg by twice failure of selection for promotion), nor did you transfer to the retired reserve). Retirees are not in the ready reserve, so this order does not affect them. * I say most likely because that is what is supposed to happen. But I have witnessed on at least 2 occasions where AFPC failed to place separating people in the IRR, even though they were required to do so by law. BLAB: If you separated at the end of your UPT commitment, you are most likely not in the IRR. If you want to be sure you can check Milconnect. You'll need a DS logon, though.
  3. Completely agree with HuggyU2. Your employer is full of it. The part I quoted specifically mentions "Active Duty". You would be fully within your rights to drop long term mil leave. That being said, I would follow HuggyU2's advice and talk to a USERRA lawyer first just to make completely sure only because if your employer disagrees, you may need to take legal action afterwards.
  4. Still taking reservist?
  5. Wow! I guess I beat the system when I went back on full-up active duty while on Mil Leave! Yay me!! Yes, I'm being sarcastic.. although when I did it, USERRA applied to active, Guard, or Reserve. Voluntary or involuntary. I'm guessing it hasn't changed. I'm no USERRA lawyer... but if I had to bet money, I'd say your employer is full of shit. Call. An. Expert. This is the guy I called and asked for help many years ago when I was dealing with the same issue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_F._Wright I don't know how to contact him now. But he helped write USERRA. If you need the right answer to make a critical USERRA decision, don't rely on your employer.
  6. Definitely look into it more. Your employer is incorrect. The laws for MLOA cover active duty. We had several guys in our C-17 squadron that came back to active duty for 3 years and are on mil leave with major airlines. If you're on hold just waiting for training for your airline indefinitely, I can't see why the airline would have an issue. My guess is the furloughs and bankruptcies are on their way for the airlines unfortunately. Even with bailouts. The flights look so much worse than after 9/11. At least the gas is cheap for them though. Take a look at the link Smokin posted. It also has provisions in there for national emergencies etc, which may help your case given the current Corona crisis.
  7. Awesome. Thanks everyone for the input. Definitely a couple things to consider moving forward. My employer today stated that I didn’t qualify for MLOA because I’m still active duty and thus don’t qualify for USERRA protection. Said USERRA applies to Guard/Reserves and I would have to apply for PLOA. Still sifting thru the legal stuff to see if it’s valid.
  8. My STRD is Oct 2013. My last deployment was Jan 2017, if that matters anymore.
  9. Full text here. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/eo-order-selected-reserve-certain-members-individual-ready-reserve-armed-forces-active-duty/ It’s for IRR and SR. He maxed out the statutory authority of 1mil in a national emergency. Also, the emergency means that they can be used for disaster relief or to suppress an insurrection (not allowed without emergency authorities).
  10. Yesterday
  11. Going for levity, not making fun of your other's illness. Hope she gets better soon.
  12. Not sure what this means for recently separated or retired. https://twitter.com/W7VOA/status/1243656134109597702?s=20
  13. Sua, sorry to hear it. The pain isn’t good, but the big thing to watch for is increasing shortness of breath, as that could mean pneumonia is starting. The doc here has had my girlfriend take a deep breath and exhale while counting down from 50. Eventually she’ll run out of air and stop counting. Do that once a day, and she’ll be able to keep a log of if it’s getting worse.
  14. It'll be interesting to see if the Covid response and restrictions affect the selection board date at all. Most deployments have been extended already, but as of now mine hasn't. Gotta take the PPL tests when I get back. I imagine it's affecting a lot of people's ability to complete the different parts of the application process.
  15. Schools here in the “Land of Entrapment” are closed for the rest of the school year. Announcement
  16. I have an app for Toledo as well...maybe skype interviews?
  17. Thanks man! We definitely appreciate the loyalty and we always reward our prior clients with little incentives. Mortgage market is back to craziness again because of the mortgage relief aspects of the bailout bill and how that will impact mortgage servicers. Investors aren't buying mortgage backed securities except the Fed so rates spiked. Hopefully it'll settle down again in the next couple weeks. Definitely not the time to lock any purchases or refinances. Jon
  18. My mother just was diagnosed with it. She's 61 and for now isn't needing a respirator, those she said it hurts to breathe, but doable. She can't afford to go the ER.
  19. I wanted to choke a kid over here who said “this can’t get any worse” between this after losing the gym and having to go plates only in the chow hall. About smacked him, pointed at the big Charleston tail sitting on the ramp and went “You see that! Those can stop F’ing coming.” Morale is down no doubt, but this could get far far worse as far as making life suck over here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. If you have a seniority number and can go back to a gig you like, I'd go back. Keep a nice steady paycheck coming in and get to watch this all pan out from the sidelines. If you don't actually get furloughed, then you continue to accrue longevity, so you'd come back to 3rd(ish) year pay. Aside from a possibility of a 179 or 365, I can't see too many downsides.
  21. Forgot to add, I would probably go back if I were you. If you enjoyed AD for the most part and are willing to go back, that would be the financially smart thing to do. You have your line number, so assuming the airline doesn't go under, you can return at year 3 or 4 pay which is way better than year 1 pay. You'll also keep all the non-rev benefits and such in the meantime. To me, this is not only the smart thing for you, but also helps your fellow classmates. One less pilot on the active payroll is one pilot closer to not having to furlough guys who don't have another career they could go back to.
  22. The entire statute is fairly short. If you are an airline guy and have relied on WOMs, just read it. It'll take you 10 min tops and you won't get bad gouge from a guy who heard it from a guy. https://www.justice.gov/crt-military/userra-statute One notable highlight on USERRA for this case; it says nothing about a break in service: The term 'service in the uniformed services' means the performance of duty on a voluntary or involuntary basis in a uniformed service under competent authority and includes: active duty, active duty for training, initial active duty for training, inactive duty training, full-time National Guard, a period for which a person is absent from a position of employment for the purpose of an examination to determine the fitness of the employment for the purpose of performing funeral honors duty as authorized by section 12503 of title 10 or section 115 of title 32.
  23. Unfortunately I believe this as well ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Landscape will change, we’ll see where the cards fall... Very Good Points!
  24. My STRD is Oct 2013. My last deployment was Jan 2017, if that matters anymore.
  25. I also like flying. However given his TIS, it’s likely he will requal and not actually fly the line. And 6 months into whatever job they have him doing, I think he will regret the choice.
  26. I think the biggest “gotcha” is the possibility of a 179 or 365. What’s your STRD? You might be hot for one after your AETC tour. Does anyone know how USERRA 5yr limit works if you go back to Active Duty (actually never left Active Duty?)
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