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  2. 100%! Want to be my first paying customer..? ; ) I think that’d end poorly with the Mrs, unless she’s in on it, hmmm.
  3. Could do a few months with savings and get by, and hopefully find something else in the meantime without settling. I get where you’re coming from, my issue is the feeling like my best years are being sucked away from me and I’m stuck in the play it safe mindset which has proven to not bring me the quality of life I had hoped for besides a decent W-2 at the end of the yr. I’m holding to this optimism of the AF will solve all my problems if I can just land a UPT position but seems like the time continuum could be a yr or 2 out and don’t think I can last in my current environment for that long.
  4. Any of you ever meet General Chuck Boyd? https://twitter.com/NSLforBiden/status/1310592005450461186?s=20
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  6. Looking back 50 years ago it was a pretty tumultuous time....the war....race riots...etc...hard being in the Service... In my opinion, pretty devastating to many friends and families... However, We (as a country) will get through this... BUT DON'T let these times destroy our Family & Friends Friendships!! Check Six...back to my beer!
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  8. are you financially secure enough to quit and wait out the timing aspect of it? i understand the frustration, but might be more prudent to hold onto the engineering job until you have something else lined up.
  9. Yeah I meant were they calling to give the TBNT or an interview notification. Im guessing for those who haven't heard, they'll send a TBNT email tomorrow
  10. No coincidence, just politicians proving how low they can stoop. No surprises on either side. More proof the tax system is busted is all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. There's a factual story I don't hear many on the left talking about. It's the story of how the top of the FBI literally conspired against an incoming president because they didn't like him. The stuff coming out of the Durham investigation is pretty appalling. I can't stand Donald Trump, but I'll support him 10 times out of ten if the opposition feels like using the might of the federal police to destroy someone against law, procedure, and the evidence is now an acceptable practice.
  12. Scott AFB calls were made today for anyone who dropped a packet there.
  13. So someone committed a federal felony leaking tax information that revealed no illegal activity but a bit, perhaps, embarrassing to Trump. That information was printed on Sunday. As of this morning, less than 24 hours later, Biden's campaign has a completed and running ad using that material and swag for sale featuring the info. That sure is some coincidence in timing.
  14. My bad... definitely misread! Like I said, only a few units seem to really care about all your scores, but some do. I'd definitely prioritize the TBAS over AFOQT since you did awesome on the pilot. If you're wanting heavies, you may be fine, but for fighters, I'd try to bump it up. Good luck, and if you didn't use the flash cards to prep for the first part of the TBAS, look for those. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
  15. You win. My bad. I'm not sure what you're looking for here. We'll have to agree to disagree on hilarious humor going forward. Other comments he's made don't really make it feel as if he was joking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Huggy, let me guess....you flew all 4 of those years?
  17. I appreciate your sentiments. Glad to know there’s a few of us out there. I guess I should expound on the quitting the job thing. Honestly I feel like if I don’t quit in a reasonable time I’ll get fired for dropping the ball on my responsibilities, I’ve “toughed” it out for long enough and between the commute, doing something you have no desire to do, and lack of mental stimulation—I’m over it. I would be quitting to force myself to find something else for my own sanity. I think I came into this process with unreasonable expectations on timing and quite frankly have been humbled by the competitiveness of it all, lots of great and qualified dudes out there. Glad to see you got picked up, and I’m sure I’ll see you on the other side. I was going to make a sarcastic remark initially about if it were smart to share my feelings or being too honest about difficulties or something in an interview if the question came up, thanks for the heads up!
  18. I thought the China comment was pretty obviously a joke, and a hilarious one at that. And whether you like it or not, calling the younger pilots/people "kids" in aggregate is common. I do it. Calling someone "kid" in an interaction is demeaning. Even contextually, your comment clearly meant it as a pejorative.
  19. In response to Lloyd: I said all of the upcoming stories about Trump will be factual. A better way of putting that is that they will be based in fact. The Biden camp will certainly embellish the stories and the media (except Fox) won’t push back very hard. Being able to use the media to your advantage and push your narrative has been a key campaign skill for a long time now. I think Trump has committed an unforced error here strictly in terms of campaign tactics. As far as his base having only grown, I’ve got to disagree with you on that one. He did well with college educated whites in 2016. Signs in 2020 point to him losing much of that demographic, especially women. In 2016 there was a huge contingent of voters who didn’t want to vote for Trump, but weren’t about to vote for Hillary. That group either held their noses and voted Trump, or didn’t vote at all. Biden doesn’t carry the baggage or stigma that Hillary did. Trump supporters are surely a vocal and visible bunch, but are certainly not a “silent majority”(especially the silent part). My guess is that we’ll see an even larger popular vote lead for Biden than we did for Clinton. The electoral college fight will be much closer and there are an awful lot of disturbing ways being discussed that Republicans could manipulate that body (to be even more) in Trump’s favor.
  20. Looks like Tuscon interview notifications went out today. I'll be there in November and I'm hoping to see some of you all there as well!
  21. Hey dude, I just want to echo a bit of what's already been said. I'm currently an engineer, and it is by all means an awesome job and a blessing during the current socioeconomic situation. But I can totally relate to your feeling unfulfilled and wanting to do what you are really passionate about -- that's a story/sentiment I've heard a ton while on the circuit. That being said, I would also throw my 2c in and say now is not a great time to quit a stable job, especially when I think you can still be equally effective at rushing squadrons and going all out for that dream, while still maintaining some stability and financial flexibility. I was selected in early 2020 for a Guard squadron, and I am still going through all of the onboarding hurdles (haven't got OTS dates or FC1 scheduled yet). When I was first selected, I thought about resigning from my current job and just focusing on getting prepped for the next steps -- really glad I didn't, because this is definitely a hurry up and wait game. Feel free to DM me if you want to chat any more about this. Good luck!
  22. +1 for the Halo. Would not fly with anything else. No interference wearing a hat or sunglasses. Light and comfortable.
  23. Anyone have a size 42R officer's service dress they want to part with? Took a job as a AFJROTC instructor and need one but don't want to buy a new one if I can avoid it. PBAR
  24. UAE and Bahrain want F-35s. This is how they get to yes. No brilliance here.
  25. The media is in the D's corner. That is for sure. That is exactly how a politician who has been in DC for 45+ years can look into the camera and say with a straight face that he will fix all of our society's ills if elected. I would like to address the "all of them will be factual" comment but I honestly don't even know what to say other than that is one of the most intellectually dishonest things I have read recently. Trump won in 2016 based on what he promised on the campaign trail paired with absolute disgust of career politicians. Trump has largely delivered on his campaign promises and Joe Biden is the definition of the DC swamp that the average american despises. You are right, this election will be about voter turnout. Trump's base has only grown. I would say the media and politicians on the left are grossly underestimating just how big his base has become. There are a lot of people out there who couldn't pull the lever for Trump in 2016 based on his personality and the fact that he had no political experience. These people are in the Trump camp now because he has done what he said he was going to do. Trump's personality and his past shenanigans are nothing new at this point. I don't see attacking his character this time around as a winning strategy for the Dems but that is what they are doing. And it seems to be the only thing they are doing. I have said it before on this forum, I don't see how the Dems can make a winning calculation with a Biden/Harris ticket. Especially given the civil unrest in today's society. Biden is the literal architect of the 1994 crime bill and Harris has been ranked as one of the most progressive politicians in the Senate. The Dems run the cities where this unrest is taking place and the politicians pushing the "defund the police" argument all have a D next to their name. The politicization of sports will have a negative impact on Dems too. You can't even turn on tennis without seeing BLM in the stands. Hell, the only news NASCAR has made this year is a fake story about racism and Bubba Wallace. The polls people need to be paying attention to are the number guns sales and major sporting viewership. Gun sales are through the roof and major sports viewership is down although I think the NFL is doing OK. I don't think you can ignore those numbers. Our family owns a condo on the Gulf of Mexico. Been there a few times this summer. There are Trump signs everywhere in people's yards but also on the beach, on the back of cars and hanging from balconies. These folks aren't local... Yes, they come from AR, LA, GA, MS and TX but a whole hell of a lot of them come from IL, OH and IN. Trump's base is there and it is strong.
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