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  2. Recommend the book "The Escape Artists" by Neil Bascomb Essentially the World War I version of the The Great Escape. Which I also recommend that book if you haven't read it. Author was Paul Brickhill, a RAF Spitfire pilot who was in the POW camp at the time.
  3. I think it's going to be a squadron to squadron deal for that answer. Your scores and background are extremely solid and I don't know what board wouldn't want someone with those numbers, and especially someone that is prior service with a combat deployment. However, back before I decided that the heavy track suited me best and was visiting different squadrons, one ANG F-16 unit I was at politely asked an individual to leave and not return after they discovered that he had gone through USN flight training all the way to the carrier landings where he was disqualified. He said that the reasoning they gave him was that he had "already had his shot and it didn't work out for him" and they wanted to give somebody that hadn't gotten their chance at fighters yet a shot, so that could be an issue that comes up. With your scores and background though there's no reason not to give it a shot. Rush some units, get some feedback, see how things are going to shake out, and continue from there. Edit to add: The commander of the ANG squadron also called the commander of the guys prior training squadron to ask about the guy, so there could have been something discovered in that phone call that aided in the decision to ask him to not return too, I'm not sure.
  4. There are a number of non-flying, non IMA, gigs out there. I am pretty sure every AOC has a guard/reserve augment component. I was in HIANG with the 109th AOG now 202 (I think). We had a unit in St. Louis that augmented the CAF side of the house in the PACAF AOC. I know Korea and USAFE, and have a guard unit that supplements. The FLANG works the AFNORTH AOC. The commitment when I was in was one to two exercises a year. That covered your AT and UTAs. There are reserve units that supplement AFFOR Staff, the one for PACAF is out of Beal with a Det. at Hickam. Again, I know Korea has one as well and I assume every AFFOR staff has a similar reserve unit associated with it. The guys I know who do the staff gig like it because they get to go to Korea or Hawaii or Germany for a couple of weeks for an exercise, play the role of A3xxx or A5/6/7 SME, and tie in some additional "training days." Makes for a cheap vacation and gets you out of the CONUS. Plus you can always pick up random two week exercises to great places, as a PACAF guy it was the PI, Thailand, Australia, Japan etc. Just avoid the unit that pulled the short straw that supplements CENTAF, unless you like Shaw or the Died.
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    Uhhh... Woody Harrelson as Chester Nimitz? Holy $h*t! Where have the heroes gone?
  6. anyone have any idea when order/rips/dates will come out?
  7. I was hesitant about posting here because due to my particular background and currently still being AD, it won't be too hard for people in my community to figure out who I am. That was dumb. I'm here to try and climb back in the cockpit, so people figuring out who I am doesn't matter one bit. I'm currently working on setting up applications for ANG Fighter Wings / Squadrons, but am not at all opposed to the Reserves or AD AF. I've tasted fighter life and having it snatched away for not being deemed qualified to land on a boat was a devastatingly humbling experience. It truly reoriented my world, however, through this adversity I've become laser focused and more determined than ever to achieve my dream of serving our country as a Fighter Pilot. To that end, what are my chances? Age: 30 Former F/A-18F WSO (2014 - 2017) 1 Deployment (more details if req'd) Student Naval Aviator (2017 - 2019) Completed Navy Advanced Strike Training (for F/A-18E/F or F-35 pipeline), but disqualified for Carrier Landings (more details if req'd) Hours: Pilot: 313 Total WSO: 836 Total (241 Combat) Combined Total: 1146 Hours AFOQT Pilot: 99 Navigator: 99 Aptitude: 91 Verbal: 92 Quantitative: 82 PCSM: 98 I'd be more than happy to supply any additional information that may be helpful, just let me know what I can do for you! -Checkmate
  8. The inboard spoilers were up, you can see them stow as he starts his turn. Not sure if the outboards were supposed to deploy on the 145. Either way, hate that for the crew. Full video.
  9. Quality multi-ply toilet paper. Lowest bidder wiping seemed like it was some sort of concession being made with the Taliban during all of the negotiation talk last year. One of our Guard guys had his unit send us a case of good TP and it made the experience a slightly more tolerable.
  10. Not sure about that, given the technology of the time I think that most after action reporting was crew reports and maybe radar tracks from ground / airborne stations. I'm not an expert but I think the Mass Memory devices (bricks) were introduced with the teen fighters in the late 70's that could provide electronic mission data for debrief/analysis. More Valkyrie UAV/Loyal Wingman news: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/30988/air-force-wants-its-xq-58a-valkyrie-drone-to-help-f-22s-and-f-35s-talk-to-each-other
  11. Sounds cheesy, but I always liked the blank home-made cards. Made mailing a note to family, friends so much easier and the recipient always treasured it more, became a keepsake. My girls still have a few that I sent over the years... Those and the USO books that you'd read to the video camera always made me feel a little more loved by the folks donating.
  12. Some flight docs go through the actual FAA training and can issue up to a Class 2 I think. They pretty much get the training for post career aspirations but it's not universal. Otherwise, the FAR allows your military class 1 to count as a FAA Class 3 but it's a US FAR, so probably not accepted elsewhere.
  13. I don’t see any spoilers coming up at touchdown.
  14. https://landing.redbirdflight.com/posts/the-pilot-and-the-fbo-a-love/hate-story
  15. Yesterday
  16. Copy and paste here or it didn’t happen
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    What if you're only... midway underway? Asking for a friend.
  18. Navy standard. It’s not gay if you’re underway
  19. Home baked goods are the best, but they generally don't travel well or last long. Varieties of packaged snacks. Something to break up the monotony of items 1-20 you eat on a regular basis. Quality isn't as big of a deal as variety...for example when dudes from Japan send a box full of 100 yen store junk food, it's a pretty big hit because of all the weird shit they have. Also it helps to have a few things that have a longer shelf life to throw in the helmet bag for missed meals. One time someone sent a huge box of unshelled peanuts. It was a pretty big hit and the ops floor forever looked like it was a texas roadhouse. You could go to a bulk grocery store and fill up a box with mixes and misc things like that. Sauces or salsa are good too. You can spice up a lot of shitty DFAC food with some sriracha or BW3 sauces. Gum. Mints. Water flavoring packets, if they have caffeine it's a bonus. Think crystal light, or something like the true lime packets. Air freshener things like candles or something you can ship. Everyone stinks, they just don't know it until a female walks within 100m and you regain your superhuman olfactory senses. One time someone sent a box full of silly string canisters and 30 minutes later all the string was gone and we had to break up a fist fight. Board games would generally do well...check your local thrift store or garage sales for cheap ones. Holiday items work as well. Santa hats and beards, discount halloween costume items...there's always a squadron clown that will put them to good use at the most inappropriate time. Rubber snakes, spiders, etc. would keep things lively for a bit. After-season discount christmas lights. Coffee is always a hit, and so are a variety of teas. Tylenol/Advil PM is the poor man's ambien when you've got a stingy flight doc. Also Amazon has kind of revolutionized deployments with free shipping. If you have a unit's direct address you could easily just amazon random stuff to them cheaper than any USPS box. Keeping an eye out on slickdeals.net you will always see wipes, food, coffee, etc. that can be sent via Prime for a fraction of the price you could do it yourself. If it can be eaten, it will. Also there is space-a mail for cheaper rates if whatever you are shipping can last a few months in transit.
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    Hello Cinephiles, I saw “Midway” in theaters last night. It had its fare share of pros and cons but I was satisfied with the film. On a Macro scale, I felt it successful and competent in capturing, in one picture, the chronologically significant events leading up to and following the attack on peak harbor, I.e. Oil - Pear Harbor Attack - Doolittle Raid - Coral Islands - Midway. There were many creative liberties added which I believe degrade from the films production quality but don’t infringe on the representation of historical events or their importance. I believe this film is perfect for museum type theatre settings. This would be an ideal film to inspire younger and more moldable viewers with its spotlight on duty and service. I particularly enjoyed the portrait of naval aviation - it’s dangers, as well as the theme of bravery as torpedo bombers & dive bombers attacked their targets with great sacrifice and attrition. Often pilots faced little to no chance of recovery IF able to bail out. Overall, I give the film a 7/10, out of respect for history. I believe my time was well spent in watching and do recommend. Perhaps too, you more-than-one brain-cell types can use this as an opportunity to get briefed on the Pacific War - reference “The Admirals” by Borneman. P.S. I find it very “homo-bro” how the main character and his buddy are constantly hugging and touching. Would recommend sitting one seat or more alway from your bros while in viewing.
  21. Sadly the FBO is no more. Nice little rant the CEO posted on the internet too about it.
  22. "I think we landed!" LOL Classic. There's always one heckler. My kinda people. 😄
  23. Dafuq is she wearing on her feet? 🤨
  24. Interesting. Got my faa class 3 through the med group with little issue. Maybe it’s something they added?
  25. Correct. Got them about a year ago now. About 5 GPH which is good for the club’s fuel bill.
  26. Assuming the CA attempted to exit at that taxiway, might have been a good day to let it slow down a bit before taxing clear. Had roughly 7K runway remaining.
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