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  2. ATZ though. ATZ non select feedback is different than IPZ feedback and BPZ feedback. Maybe they’ve said it’s to be treated the same as IPZ abut it’s not, no matter their newfound ATZ “intent”.
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  4. So the 1/3 DPs ATZ that did not get promoted that I know told me today that the feedback was “inconsistent sq/cc pushes in his record.” FWIW. Push for Sq/CC is a go/no-go. Not sure what his record is but if any of you have inconsistent pushes ala “Sq/CC next” on one OPR and receive a “Groom or monitor” on your next OPR you could be in trouble. Don’t sign that next OPR until you schedule an appt with that rater, addl rater or senior rater. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. I didn’t think that was possible
  7. Question for a doc for the FC1 physical. I thought everything on my medical was fine, it’s due to the wing this week. Except i got a call saying I’ll need a waiver for passive Airsickness that I got back in CSO training. Unfortunately I’m on leave now, and i can’t come In to get checked up on. Everything on my medical except that checked out. I have never heard of this needing a waiver, crazy how a simple airsickness can bite you in the a**** does anyone have any insight or ways to get around this, or do i need to get checked out to really move forward.
  8. Appreciate all the insight! We’re pumped for the assignment.
  9. PCS’d out of Mildenhall 2 years ago. Best assignment of my career! “2” on AFsock’s recommendations. Either store or sell your nice vehicles and buy a beater! The side roads are brutal because they are built on farm/drained marshlands. I bought a reliable 7 year old car for $2K and sold it for the same when I left. If you’re a 135 guy you’ll be busy, but the missions are challenging and rewarding and mostly priority 1 and 2. Over my 4 years I did 4 “deployments” to locations where your family will want to come where you’ll be supporting French ops in AFRICOM. Enjoy! I’d swap places with you in a heartbeat!
  10. To add to what AFSock said, Electronics- We were provided a transformer for US electronics, e.g. kitchen appliances, TV. Found it to be more of a pain than it's worth. Laptops are generally 240 V compatible, but for those items that aren't we found it easier to just buy stuff when that could be plugged directly into the socket. The transformers are bulky, heavy and hum pretty loud. They are not just something you plug into the socket between your item and the electrical grid. They are a small electric sub-station on their own- probably ended up costing us a bit of money to use them as well. Car- Left hand drive is a pain. Harder to navigate roundabouts since you yield to the right you're always looking across the windshield and the front passenger side barrier gets in the way. Plus, the British are anal about auto regulations. There's a good chance you'll have to have exterior lights moved around to meet their specs. Not expensive, but as AFSock said, there are plenty of used cars available from people PCSing out. We paid around 3000 pounds for a used car and pretty much sold it for the same when we left. Also, as mentioned, roads and parking lots are small. And it's fun (for the first few months) to go and open the left hand door only to realize that you are on the wrong side of the car. One other word of advice based on personal experience. Keep a careful on when they are unpacking your items. We had a couple of things go missing even though we saw them get unpacked. The UK was frustrating in many ways, but overall it was a good experience. It's like learning to live all over again since everything seems to be backwards.
  11. Stepped away from this thread for a hot minute, but just wanted to thank the recent posters for all the gouge. I have followed a good amount of it already and will continue to reference it.
  12. PCSd out here in Feb/March. If you're a facebooker look up Mildenhall/Lakenheath Q&A, yard sales, for sale, auto lemon lot etc. lots of info there. 1. Electronics - Look at every electronic device. Somewhere on the power cord, device manual, power brick, or internet you will find a voltage/frequency rating. If it does not show an input within this range, I would consider ditching or storing it unless you really need it: England 230 V 50 Hz (source: GOOGLE) You'll get transformers provided (on base also has dual power) but they're loud, power hungry, and in our case, tripped the current protection in our home everytime we cycled it. We're almost entirely on 230 capable electronics and only had to swap out 1 TV and pick up local lamps/ac machine/fans plus a toaster. Plugs are different and some electronics are even mainland European style which makes for a lot of fun. 2. Phone/Cable - Your phone is probably unlocked. Take a look at 3 or Vodafone sim cards/plans. Prices are ridiculously cheap for unlimited talk/text etc to the point where I used a monthly sim card and a phone with wifi sharing as a router until our internet was up and running. We use express VPN. It works great. 3. Housing - We got here off PCS season but still found plenty of housing that supported a 4 member + 2 cat + 2 car O-4 cap in rural, suburban, and city areas. Every property uses their own realtors (in some cases multiple per property) and some realtors are more DOD experienced/friendly than others. I won't recommend any particular one, to include ours but you can spend days on AHRN getting leads and tracking down relevant realtors also listing the properties. 4. Car - I would advise against bringing the LHD larger vehicle. We've got a RHD Mitsubishi SUV of a similar size and a LHD Mustang. Between hood sliding to escape parking garages gates to fearing toll roads when driving alone it's not a great experience most days. Some dudes and their spouses don't mind keeping one for the local stuff. Roads are also garbage and parking is a nightmare but if you really don't care about the 4 runner go for it (resell will be hard if you don't intend to take it home). You can find comparable models here for $2-6K. 5. Ops Tempo - No real input here. I see a lot of them parked on the ramp all day and can't keep our guys AAR current so they must be doing something... somewhere... hopefully. Feel free to PM as well.
  13. Just found out I’ll be headed to Mildenhall early next year. I would appreciate any/all current info on life over there (last post was over 5 years ago), and how to navigate an OCONUS move. I have a few specific questions: 1. Electronics - Will my stuff (laptop, stereo) work with just a socket adapter? I seem to remember people using transformers with their stuff. 2. Phone/Cable - Currently have T-Mobile but looking for advice on swapping out SIM card or should I just start a whole new plan for my wife and myself. I was planning on using a VPN and just keeping my Hulu and Netflix, any advice for or against? 3. Housing - I’m looking to live off base and know about the houses are much smaller thing, any idea if I could get a decent sized place close to American standards with O-4 OHA? Any suggestions on how to look for a place to rent, app/agent? 4. Car - I’m thinking about shipping my wife’s 4-Runner and selling my truck here and getting a beater for while I’m there. Is having a left-hand drive SUV a pain in the ass over there? 5. Ops Tempo - I’ve heard the 135 guys out there are pretty busy right now, any update on what to expect? Thanks in advance for anything anyone has to offer.
  14. Need a sanity check on my plan. Moving OCONUS, will be authorized NTS. I plan to personally-procure NTS (lots of guns and ammo) for the duration of my time overseas. The part I need some eyes on. Assuming my post-OCONUS tour is back somewhere stateside, I plan on combining the OCONUS PCS with the follow-on CONUS PCS to move my stuff from my personally-procured NTS to wherever my CONUS duty location is at. Of course, I'll just leave my stuff in storage if I go OCONUS-OCONUS. The reason I am doing personally-procured NTS is I have thousands of dollars worth of custom handloads for my rifles (competitive target shooting) and I don't want to just give them away. I also don't have a ton of crap so I'll be well within my weight limits. As I read the JTR 051301.d and AFI24-602v4,, my plan works but I want to make sure I'm not missing an AFI somewhere.
  15. For the group, has anyone heard of people who didn’t get promoted to O5 IPZ, but then also got a non-continuation paperwork this board. Asking for a friend
  16. What is your 201+ PCSM? Knowing you max score will help people give advice about retaking the TBAS. Overall, you AFOQT scores are pretty good, but you pilot score is average, so that isn't doing wonders for your PCSM either. If you are going for fighters, you'll probably need to retake your AFOQT as well. Flight time will help, even if you can only get past your solo. When I was rushing, I heard multiple guys that didn't have PPLs get asked if they'd flown at all, and then if they solo'd. As for your Letters of Recommendation, I agree about replacing the E-4 recommendation, but think it depends with your friend. I had a friend as one of my recommendations, but he was also AD Air Force. If your buddy is an entry level ass scratcher at whatever company he works for, I'd find someone else. If you DO get your PPL, your CFI will be a good recommendation.
  17. As far as Jackson goes, you'll either like it or hate it. The roads are always horrible.
  18. I agree with jonlbs Get a college professor or Dean of engineering to write you one. No personal friends or Family! Your have to wait 180 days to retake the TBAS I think. get your ppl and flight time under your belt. It will help you with "air-sense" stuff when retaking the TBAS.
  19. Ask your wife. She's the one that'll live there.
  20. So I've heard that the C-17 has some of the best bases in the country for AD, ANG and AFRC squadrons. Which of these bases have you heard to be fantastic to work and live at? I'm curious to know about life on and off the base, like what the town/city is like, what there is to do and what the schools are like. Just a quick reminder of current C-17 bases for AD, ANG and AFRC: AD: Charleston AFB, SC JBER, AK Travis AFB, CA Dover AFB, DE JB McGuire-Six-Lakehurst, NJ Wright Pat AFB, OH Altus AFB, OK JBLM, WA ANG (Excluding any previously listed) Jackson Intl Airport, MS Eastern West Regional Airport, WV Charlotte, NC Memphis, TN New York Stewart Intl Airport, NY AFRC (Excluding any previously listed) Pittsburgh Intl Airport, PA March ARB, CA Thanks fellas
  21. 19-19 38's: B-52 Barksdale F-16 Luke F-22 Eglin T-1's: C-17 McGuire C-17 McChord C-130J Little Rock C-5 Travis B-52 Barksdale KC-10 McGuire KC-135 Mildenhall T-6 FAIP T-1 FAIP 19-20 38's: B-52 Barksdale F-15 Seymour Johnson A-10 DM T-1's: C-17 McChord C-17 Travis KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 Kadena RC-135 Offutt C-130J Little Rock
  22. Letters of Rec need work. An E-4 should not be used for a letter of rec, nor a personal friend from college. Any contacts with old professors? Current boss? I'd recommend getting your pilot license as well(at least start flying). Helps improve your packet and you find out if you really wanna do this. Also will put you in contact with tons of people as you start hanging around the airport and networking. Could even get your flight instructor to write you a letter of rec.
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  24. Asking for a friend who talked to a recruiter recently. It the past, if you went unsponsored and required no waivers, you could attend UPT w no unit sponsorship. You would have to find a unit by track nights or get sent to a unit. Recruiter said chief pilots at critically manned units complaint about the quality of pilots.... whatever that means and AFRC board has decided not to send anymore unsponsored applicants to UPT. You can still submit to the board and get a pre approval type. can anyone confirm?
  25. Hello all, I'm looking to like to apply for various pilot slots in near future. I have no military experience, although I have several contacts who do. AFOQT Scores: Pilot: 80 | Nav: 96 | Acad Apt: 87 | Verbal: 63 | Quant: 96 PCSM Score: 38 (No Flight Time) Age: 26 GPA / Major: 3.70 / Mechanical Engineering LOR: USCG Boatswain's Mate 3rd Class, Former Supervisor, Personal friend from college. Prof Experience: 1.5yrs I'm looking at starting my PPL next month, and retaking the TBAS (felt like I could definitely improve). Besides that any general recommendations? I'd actually prefer to fly heavies, and I'm open to ANG, Reserves, or AD. Thank you for your responses/feedback!
  26. Listened to this podcast: https://warontherocks.com/2019/07/net-assessment-is-america-poised-to-lose-the-next-war/ and read this article it discussed. Not a short read but not onerous either: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.cnas.org/CNAS+Report+-+ANAWOW+-+FINAL2.pdf My TLDR summary: The way the Joint Team fought in the 90s and 2000s for Desert Storm, Kosovo, OIF, etc... MOB establishment, unrestricted overflight rights, piece by piece threat/enemy destruction, etc... will not work in potential conflicts with Russia, China. A new approach will be required to dissuade aggression, defeat if required and allow options for favorable escalation/cessation of hostilities. Worth a read IMO, from an AF perspective it seems the AF to support this New American Way of War needs greater range, greater self-deployment capability along with a dispersed/austere basing capability. This would mitigate the reliance on safe, relatively close MOBs as Russia/China would not allow those sanctuaries to exist or function in a potential conflict within reasonable range of the conflict, enable faster surging for to Deter and React if aggression appears imminent or occurs and presents the enemy with a much harder targeting problem by proliferating tactical assets to unexpected or changing temporary locations. He mentions several times hard choices and giving up on assumptions, ideas, paradigms that will not work or don't apply in a Great Power Conflict, to me this sounds like (in relation to Airpower) the classic Destroy the Enemy's Will / National Capability to Fight vs. Destroy the Enemy's Forces. The Strategic (conventional) vs. Tactical. Equally applicable to other services in shaping their Capabilities Portfolios. I'm not 100% convinced he's wrong, putting aside our personal preferences and biases, is it time to reforge the AF to meet this growing threat? More Strategic and less Tactical - thoughts?
  27. From the 30,000’ view, tour lengths, “reflect the general desirability of each location and force protection and anti-terrorism considerations,” “full range of facilities both on and off the military installation,” and job (e.g. Defense Attaché Service and Security Cooperation Office, etc). Short tours are typically, “Remote and arduous locations with limited family support facilities or with economic conditions not supporting a quality of life reasonably comparable to U.S. standards,” or, “Locations lacking adequate family support facilities or with potential threat to the safety or security of families.” https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodi/131518p.pdf You can also see the specific factors they consider at the end of that DoD Instruction (population, geography, climate, housing, medical, groceries, banking, etc). As discovered by Ram, short tour credit is based on the above conditions, not on whether your family is with you or not. Some locations will still allow families. Any location with an unaccompanied tour of 15 months or less on the following list is considered a short tour location: https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/browse/Travel_Regulations/Appendices/appQ.pdf Everything else and all AF specific stuff is in the posts SurelySerious linked you to.
  28. If only there was a function whereby you could query the website...http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/search/?q="Short tour"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=or And THEN, a whole discussion solely based on the topic you desire to learn about. http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/topic/15974-short-tour-info/
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