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  2. Haha I'm not complaining. ATC seems particularly annoyed at times, though. I doubt they're aware, so they don't understand why the T-6s are suddenly "unable" when they were accepting the RNAV STARS 2 months ago. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
  3. He defiantly had some but he is actually brilliant. I spent some time around him in an official capacity and was blown away, he must have a camera on switch that brings about the gaffes. I have a good friend that worked directly for his for several years and said the same thing. Especially when it came to discussions on strategy and national policy.
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  5. I’m not talking about filling days with office productivity. This is the fucking Air Force, the pilots should be training to kill the enemy.
  6. It starts that way, but re-reading it, I took it as civilian life is different than military life, but has it's challenges as well. Also, there's bad assumptions he makes and owns, and some points that come across as whining as well that makes it a bit hard to read. The bolded titles are quotes from other articles that he's responding to (would've been helpful to label the source each time), not his headers for paragraphs. Basically, have a plan for what you want to do when you get out, but be flexible, and find what makes you happy/gives you purpose. Also, nobody on the outside cares that
  7. True. Reports about Biden's stutter aren't new so it's not like it was whipped up as an excuse for this election. https://www.c-span.org/video/?56567-1/life-career-joseph-biden Above in 1994. Discusses stutter at 14:07. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93914952 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/joe-biden-writes-essay-about-his-speech-impediment/ He's always been a verbal gaffe guy, similar to GWB.
  8. Man, that woman had some hella bad side effects. She became a man, an AF Col, ed up every decision she made after retiring, and is now lining for being the queen again. Lame.
  9. There was some other guy like that recently.
  10. The Air Force Wants to Outsource Some of Its Pilot Training to Private Companies https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/03/08/air-force-wants-outsource-some-of-its-pilot-training-private-companies.html
  11. I'd argue that we try too hard to be productive and fill our days with some sort of duties that is the problem Unscheduled time can be great, leads to conversations in the office that either help build comraderie, or passes on knowledge/learning opportunities. It also free up time to plan and evaluate what you're doing and how you're doing it (like the article mentioned, need deliberate thought on how to organize and communicate). There's also time to learn on your own, whether it's studying the dash 1, tactics, or just learning something new in general that could bring in new ideas or way
  12. The long term side effects of the vaccine (if any) are still unknown. The COVID risk to a 18-42yr old person in good health is fairly low. Given that the .gov will probably deny coverage for any longer term issues ("hey, you volunteered for a non-FDA approved treatment, that's on you"), is the hesitation that unfounded?
  13. Saw this sorta thing on MCAS Miramar, some dude (civilian) parked in the Sergeant Major spot. Said base SgtMaj decides to take his license plate and leave a note because dude wasn’t ‘authorized’ that spot. Same SgtMaj was singing a different tune when this dude got security forces to go visit the SgtMaj with an arrest warrant for stealing a license plate.
  14. Have you guys ever seen a pilot withdraw their approval for retirement?
  15. Women Report Worse Side Effects After a Covid Vaccine https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/08/health/vaccine-side-effects-women-men.html Link fixed...
  16. Pretty sure he's got a huge misunderstanding of what people mean when they say "live where I want" if he thinks it means "stay in one house forever".
  17. Shoulda asked for an AFI reference.
  18. I couldn't finish it bro. My bad. I stopped after he moved 4 times..
  19. Dude screwed up his own life and now thinks everyone should stay in the military forever? Pass.
  20. Isn't brain fog a symptom of coronavirus? That's what vaccines do, give you a taste of the virus. I won't be rolling up my sleep until it's mandatory. I'm with you brother.
  21. So people don't test drive anymore? Does he own an iPhone? Since when does techy equate to cars. Makes sense as to why he purchased a Tesla then.
  22. DON’T LEAVE THE MILITARY UNTIL “YOU” ARE THE REASON – A RETIRED AIR FORCE COLONEL https://mtntactical.com/knowledge/dont-leave-the-military-until-you-are-the-reason-a-retired-air-force-colonel/ Long read...
  23. Sir, your mask color isn't approved. Wearing an OCP top that looks like it's painted onto your body isn't approved either. Then you should have just kept walking to your office.
  24. On base this morning and realized when I parked the only mask I had in my car was a purple surgical mask and not one of the “approved” mask colors. Joked to myself that I’ll probably pass the wrong person and get lectured. Literally the FIRST person I pass is a Chief who stops me, “Sir, just so you know, a purple mask is not authorized.” “Yeah, understood but it was the only one I had in my car and I’ve gotta get to my desk.” He probably sensed my give a crap level was zero and followed it up with a “when you are in uniform Sir you’ve got to meet all of the standards.” Ah yes, y
  25. Thanks a ton, @mightymighty! I've got what I believe will be 1-2 to things that may put things in jeopardy with the FC1. Definitely gonna come prepared with paperwork, and quotes/highlights from the Medical Directory and Waiver Guide. I may need a bit of lady luck on my side, but hoping I can thread the needle here and come through clean!
  26. The AF does have a loss in productivity, they just don’t realize it. You’re arguing as if I’ve posted this article as the root cause of all AF problems; no, it’s just a contributing factor. And you kind of answered yourself there at the end...people are voting with their feet.
  27. That’s awesome, congrats! Do you have any information about the process for the ANG side? All information and contacts I have are Reserves. I can PM you
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