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  1. And it’s all answers to the wrong questions. 90% of these new accessions are still going to bail ASAP for greener pastures.
  2. Posters on other forums really really like the G fund for their conservative holding. There’s nothing like it in the retail world so they say keep your TSP for that. I’d like to consolidate accounts but haven’t pulled the trigger for that reason.
  3. https://afreserve.com/downloads/AFRC_UFT_Guidebook.pdf Word search CPW.
  4. Well shit, there's your problem. You can't Ctrl+F the -1 if you misspell "tire."
  5. My APR was 2.266% with everything possible rolled in and 10% VA. You don't need 100%.
  6. With an Indiana girl on an Indiana night?
  7. CAE has had that on blast the past week or so. https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2020-11-09/cae-forecasts-need-260000-new-pilots-through-2029 Their motives are questionable.
  8. Props to Jon on another recent refi closing. Got the 2.25 he's talking about and Trident's portion of the closing went flawlessly. Serena the Processor has been awesome, too, especially when the other non-Trident parties have been frustrating.
  9. Student ID’d. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2020/10/25/coast-guard-member-among-crew-killed-in-navy-plane-crash-in-residential-neighborhood/ IP ID'd now, too. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2020/10/25/coast-guard-member-among-crew-killed-in-navy-plane-crash-in-residential-neighborhood/
  10. I haven’t done that but I’ve had good luck simply calling the appropriate ARTCC ops desk for other stuff. http://atccommunication.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ARTCCphone.pdf
  11. I can't help you with Brandman, but here's some unsolicited advice from a has-been finding himself in a potentially tough spot. Get a degree employers will recognize and one that will be useful to you if/when you need it. I did like everyone else and wasted my time and money on an ERAU/Touro/Phoenix masters. Now I'm in a position where I would love to show an employer I can do stuff and I don't have a degree worth putting on a resume. I'd love to go back and tell my Capt self to spend a little extra time and get an MBA from a school everyone's heard of. ASU, Nebraska, FSU, Oklahoma State, CSU all have online MBAs. So you can't get a brick and mortar Harvard MBA. At least get something from a school an employer won't have to google (because they won't).
  12. nunya

    Gun Talk

    Crossbreed SuperTuck at 4:00.
  13. I’ve got a few billion to spend to fight China? Cyber gets most of it.
  14. You can’t say aliens. Indigenous Venetians.
  15. Just be glad he didn't say air lines.
  16. It's not the last time you'll feel screwed. Just be glad you're RC not AD and dealing with the madness every 3 years.
  17. Unfortunately I think they're right. JTR is pretty clear on this. Your Guard (or Reserve -- RC, either way) base is almost certainly your PLEAD. Hopefully you can find a loophole, but I think you'll have to settle for your PCS entitlement minus the DLA. https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/JTR.pdf
  18. AUAB to Maxwell to staff. Man what an adventure. 😳
  19. Why? FedEx and UPS are hiring right now. So are the ACMIs. 3 years means 1 or 2 PCSs, more time downrange, and a whole lotta BS. Shoot your shot while you're current in an airplane (assuming you are) and go test the waters. I bet you'll be ok outside the cocoon especially with $57k a year and Tricare.
  20. None. There is no reset. Exemptions notwithstanding, it's 5 years in your entire employment with the same employer. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/38/4312
  21. Good to think about things, but you're overthinking. You won't be forced from part to full time without activation orders. NGB is very aware of USERRA and good commanders make sure orders are written to keep everyone in compliance. If you lose your military medical but keep your Class 1, your new Guard job will demand way less time than your pilot job did, so no worries there. If you want to go fly for the Guard, go apply and get after it. Your airline will be there when you get back - maybe.
  22. Get LinkedIn premium for a year (free for veterans, probably current mil, too) and do LinkedIn Learning. Earn your PMP, Green Belt, A+ and several other credentials for the cost of the test. Look at jobs and see what skills they want and find a certification that proves you have those skills. You’re probably more capable than most civilian applicants but good luck proving it with your resume. AF has an e-learning app on the portal with many of the same topics but LI Premium has better delivery.
  23. T-1 then palace chase to T-1 reservist until a major calls.
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