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  1. I know you don’t want the real answer but it’s because KCM is a pay to play private program. Like most things TSA, it has nothing to do with threat analysis. The airlines have a profit motive to get their crews to the gate on time and are willing to pay for extra staffing with TSA and the overhead to administer the program. I guess DOD could sign up with A4A and pay for your access, but that’s not going to happen.
  2. I agree. While it might be a distinction without a difference, I'm trying to separate the tactical question of whether a new civilian cadre can teach T-6s and the strategic question of why do we need to create a new civilian cadre to teach T-6s. I think the first answer is yes. I think the answer to the second question is this, this, and this.
  3. Unfortunately I think this is about giving the AF bodies for staff while staying under end strength, not keeping bodies in cockpits. But that policy problem is bigger and different than asking if a civilian CFI can teach T-6s. Exhibit A
  4. Right, I didn't mean "Contact only" by stalls and falls. I just mean it's all very basic stuff, especially after the CAIP goes through a multi-year training pipeline. If a tanker bubba can teach low level nav and a C-5 bubba can teach form (one of my best form instructors was a C-5 guy. Super chill), there's no reason to write these CFIs off. They're not teaching 4 ship tactics against SA-69s. If we're ok with FAIPs, I don't see any reason to worry about CAIPs.
  5. I’m not sure it will. 50 hours of instruction is more than a FAIP has when they’re “hired.” As much as we want to think mil aviation is special, it’s simply not at the T-6 level. It’s a Hershey bar wing with easy stall characteristics, forgiving landings, and no mission. As long as these CAIPs stay in their lane and teach stalls, falls, and landings and leave the Blue-ing to the MAF and CAF bros, they’ll be an asset. The airlines use instructors that have never flown an airliner. Certainly isn’t the same as a line pilot teaching you, but as long as they stay in their lane and teach the books, a wise student learns from them, too.
  6. Get trained by DAF as a T-6 CAIP (civilian augmentee instructor pilot - you can steal that one), teach for a while, earn some cred, get hired by the Guard, drop mil leave on DAF, profit.
  7. They’re targeting ink-still-wet CFIs. They’re competing with CFI and low end charter gigs. I think they’ll get takers as word spreads around ERAU, UND, MGA, AU, etc.
  8. Hang on to your hats. Civilian CFIIs in T-38s, er, T-7s, are next. Y'all just thought a heavy guy teaching 38s would signal the end of the world. 😆
  9. 3d year pay but you might go back on probation if you didn't finish that.
  10. https://flightaware.com/live/cancelled/today Big D leading the way in number and percentage! 😆
  11. Hell no. I say no. In FAR parlance, those were "progress checks."
  12. If you can't see how supporting slavery to supporting BLM is flipping I can't help you.
  13. Freak out much? The Democrats were the party of slavery because they were the party of the southern farm economy. Now the same party depends on the black vote.
  14. That's just one example of the parties flipping. Slavery and civil rights, South vs North, federalism, limited government... these ain't your granddaddy's political parties.
  15. Looks like RPGs under toy store drones. https://www.rferl.org/a/ukraine-cheap-grenades-expensive-tanks/31835434.html
  16. Why are you moving the wife and kids when they call? Maybe you want to move eventually, but changing airline jobs doesn't mandate a move right away and maybe not ever.
  17. Post the meme or it didn't happen. 😄
  18. To encourage guys to go away, some airlines didn’t count mil leave during COVID against USERRA. Was yours one of those?
  19. Not the answer you want, but call the specific FSDO you'll be asking for your type. I've found their understanding of the rules varies wildly and therefore so does their enforcement and application. i.e. Dallas FSDO didn't want to give me the CFII because the dude was ex-Army and didn't understand the scope of an AF IP Form 8.
  20. lol. So they're going to increase their Defense spending but still pass the bill to Uncle Sam.
  21. This is my chance to be an NFL corner!
  22. Didn’t read the whole thread, huh? Just a page or two then jumped right to the advertising?
  23. Was it a '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, '67, '68, '69, '70 automobile?
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