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  1. Since no one else has commented on this, it seems likely that things may have changed since I went through UPT 100 years ago; but.... When I went through, we were explicitly prohibited from outside flying, and it didn't matter if you had never flown before or commanded the last Space Shuttle mission, or anywhere in between. You probably want to know the status of that before putting any irrevocable planes in place. Yes, I realize any such prohibition is likely unenforceable if push comes to shove. Consider, however, the BS that the AF wraps around "high risk" activities (among which it lists GA flying), and which AETC enhances. As a student in a program that will determine the shape of your entire professional life yet to come and which will likely be the toughest undertaking you have yet experienced... do you really want to get in that fight? Again, my information may be woefully out of date, but, I'd check if I were you....
  2. Jughead

    VA Claims

    Common misconception. Hand-in-hand with the "you're on duty 24/7" philosophy, pretty much anything not resulting from something causing a negative line-of-duty determination is "service related": if you're on AD, and skiing "legally" (not contrary to lawful orders to the contrary, or AWOL, or whatever else could render it non-LOD), any injury resulting from that is "service related".... PS: Yes, I know this is an old(ish) post I'm replying to....
  3. No direct experience either way, because by my math, they don't make sense unless you will regularly hit the catastrophic cap ($3K / yr, last I looked) via ongoing issues driving co-pays & deductibles. That doesn't apply to my wife & me ("yet"?), so we've foregone any of the supplementals. Ultimately, you will have to make the call on what's best for you / your family; either way you go will be based on past history & future guessing, but only you can decide. Prime vs Standard: The only folks I know for whom Prime makes sense are those who live near a base and wish to use a military facility for PCM. Otherwise, Prime does little for you while costing premiums & limiting your options. Once again, you'll have to bounce your own particular situation and maybe craft a few likely scenarios to decide what's best for you.
  4. FIFY *750 hours w/ 50 hours multi; because this is the RPA thread, I'll add the sad caveat that RPA hours don't count....
  5. Not 100% clear on where you are right now--but is the combination of "currently assigned" and "at the time of the practical test" what's getting you? Are you still "currently assigned as a flight crew member"? Otherwise, I've no ideas....
  6. Well... that oughta just about cover the fly-by....
  7. Generally when drilling down from the main forums page to a sub-forum [say, from, http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/ to http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/forum/4-general-discussion/] or, when moving between sub-forums or "up" to a sub-forum from a specific thread. I can't reliably repeat it, since I don't control which ad(s) will be presented by any given refresh, but it happens pretty regularly and always with that same site & "waiting on..." message. FWIW, I can't recall seeing any actual eBay ads showing up....
  8. Routinely having my browser (Firefox 45.0.1) lock up with a particular "waiting for..." message when accessing BODN (and nowhere else). I assume it's an ad, and my caveman-level of ability to read what shows up when I navigate directly leads me to believe it's eBay.... Anyway, the specific site is: dco-cdn.w55c.net
  9. I think you may run afoul of the SAPR folks if you stay on this dirty path....
  10. Huggy, we talking about the airplane or about you...?
  11. 59 years ago today, the prototype for the mighty -135 flew its first transcon test. Check out the 10th picture for ol' Tex Johnston's briefing style...!
  12. Shit, I was in my mid-forties by the time I retired. What would your plan entail then--just leave the damn thing plugged in the whole time...?
  13. Piling on, I have the Citizen watch ("previous version") as well; it's my second one (I had the version before that, too); when it's time to replace it, I'll likely get the one that JeremiahWeed linked as its replacement....
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